Tantra Comprehensive Retreat

Many Treasures in One Retreat

Tantra Comprehensive is a unique retreat offered only once a year. It combines the teaching of our two foundational Tantra courses into one comfortable sequence.

Part 1 of this retreat is dedicated to the Spiritual Tantra Sexuality and Part 2 to the Tantra of Relationships.

Instead of joining two courses of five days each, you have the opportunity to join one longer retreat where the comprehensive tantric knowledge and experiences will transform your love-life and relationship into true tantric union. Read more


10 to 12 days


For singles and couples

If you have already completed the Spiritual Tantra Sexuality course with us (the Part 1 in this retreat) and do not wish to repeat it, you can join the Tantra of Relationships segment only (Part 2). Joining only the Part 1 is not offered in this comprehensive retreat.

Repeating Part 1 of this retreat gives you a special repeater discount. Please contact out team for details!

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Part 1: Spiritual Tantra Sexuality

Part 2: Tantra of Relationships


For the purpose of creating a balanced and harmonious group, all our courses can be joined by application only.

After making your course payment, you will receive an email with a link to an online Application Form. Please fill out the form completely and submit it. In addition to the Application Form, we may ask you to have a video call with one of our head teachers before a final decision about your participation can be made. 

Once the application process is complete, an answer will be given to you within 5 working days. In the case of a negative answer, your payment will be fully refunded.


Dates and Tickets

This course is not scheduled at the moment. Join our newsletter and be the first to know when it will be offered again.

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Is this workshop only for couples?

This workshop is open to singles and couples. There is no necessity to come with a partner. Although, if you have one, it is recommended to have this experience together.

An effort will be made to accept an equal number of men and women. Participants will be encouraged to pair up with different partners during exercises in order to experience energetic exchange with a variety of individuals.

Does this course involve any nudity?

This course does not involve nudity, there are some erotic elements in certain tantric exercises and rituals. However, every participant will need to recognise their own limits of comfort and those limits will be respected.

What do I need to bring with me?

Every participant will receive an email on how to prepare for the course and what to bring with you. This email will be sent a few weeks before the course begins. For example, you will need to bring with you a Yoga mat, also some clothing items for the tantric rituals, etc.

Can I work only with my own partner?

Partners joining the course together may choose to work exclusively together; no one will be forced to change partners. That said, being open-minded about working with other partners, slightly outside of your comfort zone, is highly recommended for expanding your knowledge and practice of Tantra and for experiencing the most from your participation in the course.

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