Tantra Yoga Level 1

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Guided Tantra Yoga class at a yoga retreat


Become a spiritual warrior and discover a unique path into a mystical world of Tantra Yoga.

Abundant with powerful teachings, you can expect to make a real shift in your consciousness during this course and you will be maturing into a true spiritual aspirant with unwavering motivation and inspiration to realise your True Self. Read more


3-week in-person retreat or 4 months twice a week online course


Everyone, regardless of prior experience in Yoga

The course combines the practical and theoretical teachings of authentic Hatha Yoga – an energy-based tantric form of Yoga – focusing on strengthening the mind.

Key teachings include purification techniques from Kriya Yoga, Laya Yoga initiations, the principles of yama and niyama, an introduction to Karma and Nidra Yoga, exploration of chakra science, practice of meditation techniques stemming from the ancient yogic tradition and examination of the various stages and branches of the Yoga system.

As a student you will develop a thorough understanding of yogic philosophy and spirituality.

Tantra Yoga is fundamental component in the curriculum of the Yogic Path. This Level 1 course constitutes the first step in this highly empowering program.

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Course Teachings and Content

What Did Tantra Yoga Do for My Life?

Dates and Tickets

Level 1 Rishikesh, India

from: 34703870

from: 34703870

Level 1 Online course, live via Zoom

from: 12751675

from: 12751675

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This is my first course with your school. Can I join this course regardless?

Yes! Tantra Yoga Level 1 is open for everyone regardless of age, physical ability, or previous experience with Yoga.

It serves as a fundamental component of our Yogic Path and it is the first step in this highly spiritual Yoga program. Completion of Level 1 makes it possible for you to continue with Level 2.

What types of Yoga will I be studying and practicing?

Our Tantra Yoga module include teachings from various tantric branches of Yoga such as Hatha Yoga, Laya Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and others. Additionally, teachings from other Yoga branches are also included such as Kriya Yoga, Nidra Yoga and Karma Yoga.

We are offering a comprehensive, energy-based Yoga study, which includes strengthening mental concentration and gaining abundant spiritual initiations.

How often will I be practicing Yoga and meditation?

In the 3-week residential format of Tantra Yoga Level 1, you will be having two Yoga sessions per day (morning and afternoon), each about 2 hours in duration. Meditation practice is also incorporated into those sessions and occasionally additional meditation sessions are offered during the week. 

In the online format of Tantra Yoga Level 1, where classes are held twice a week, you will have 1.5 to 2 hour Yoga and meditation session per each class. Classes also include lectures and Q&A sessions. Full class duration is up to 4 hours. 

We strongly recommend that students will adopt a regular (daily) spiritual practice of their own at home outside of any scheduled classes and begin integrating the learned techniques into their daily life. Doing so will help you to better assimilate the knowledge, make a real shift in your consciousness and mature into a true yogi or yogini. 

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