Somananda Siddha Clinic Project

Extending our heartfelt love and gratitude for your donations, which support the research and development of powerful remedies so that all who seek may have sovereignty over their health, body, and soul.

A unique project has been brought to life by Somananda! We are currently building the Somananda Siddha Clinic in South India, Tamil Nadu, under Soma’s guidance and blessing.

siddha medicine
A lot has been achieved from May to September 2020, but there is still a lot to do.

This project is intent on reviving the ancient Siddha Medicine, a system of traditional medicine using a very holistic and comprehensive approach to health. The body is considered to reflect cosmic oneness, and even diet and lifestyle are deemed to be not only ways of restoring the innate harmony of the individual but also methods for curing disease.


The system incorporates spiritual regimens, potent miracle herbs, Yoga and many indigenous therapies used for millennia. Siddhas believe that only by caring for our mortal inheritance do we arrive at the realization of our highest potentialities.

If you also feel passionate about preserving the ancient wisdom of healing and well-being, as well as supporting a local rural community in Tamil Nadu and the spiritual growth of humanity, then please consider making a donation toward our project. We need your support!


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The beginning of the passion

siddha medicine
Soma photographed here in May 2020 breaking ground before the construction begins.

For as long as he can remember Somananda was attracted to ancient healing remedies and natural medicine. During his late 20s, he spent time in India seriously and passionately pursuing his spiritual studies and committing to an intense daily sadhana, or spiritual practice. This extended period in India also served as his first introduction to the science and history of Ayurveda and the South Indian Siddha Medicine.

Siddha means perfection in Sanskrit and the Siddha System of Medicine emerged from the traditional Tamil region of India, where it is largely concentrated even today. It is considered to be India’s oldest system of healing and is based on a combination of ancient medicinal practices and spiritual disciplines as well as alchemy and mysticism. Some say the knowledge of this system emanates directly from the Divine, or God himself.

A spiritual quest

Soma was enchanted by the great lore about Siddha Medicine and its promise of supernatural phenomena, absolute health and paranormal effects. He spent the next 15 years in passionate pursuit of genuine texts and scriptures, direct knowledge, and bona fide gurus that still possessed this secret and ancient wisdom. To his dismay, much of the true knowledge was lost and what was left was a watered down version void of any real potential or divine roots – a tragic result of Kali Yuga, the times in which we currently live.

This is how the foundation construction started – all from scratch and with a lot of manual work.

He met many charlatans along the way with empty promises. Soma’s faith in the Divine and his relentless and tenacious determination, coupled with God’s grace, eventually helped him to realize his dream. Through divine intervention and an accurate astrological prediction, he was led to a direct descendent and disciple of the ancient Siddha Medicine in Tamil Nadu in March of 2020.

He has now spent an extended period of time living with a true Siddha healer and his family serving as an understudy. Soma’s intuition about the incredible healing power of this ancient remedy was proven and verified. His decision to fund the construction of a local Siddha Medicine clinic seemed like a natural, logical, and spiritually sanctified decision. In gratitude and appreciation, the local village people insisted it be called “Somananda Siddha Clinic.” Soma was honored.

clinic construction
Finishing the foundation in July 2020 was a big milestone.

Spiritual mission of the Somananda Siddha Clinic

At a time when current world events are paving the way to a dark and dismal future of government-decreed health mandates and screenings, and the individual is threatened with a loss of sovereignty over his or her health and body, Soma felt his discovery and the answer to his prayers came with impeccable timing.

His decision to invest time, energy, and finances in the creation of a local Siddha Medicine clinic was predicated on the following strong vision and mission:

  • The resurrection and restoration of lost Siddha Medicine remedies and formulas and making them available for modern humans.
  • Research and development of secret alchemical formulas known to enhance a person’s spiritual evolution potential and amplify success on the tantric and yogic paths exponentially.

    siddha medicine
    The roof of the clinic will be specifically prepared to host groups for Tantra and Yoga workshops, outdoors lectures and meditations.
  • The creation of potent and natural remedies which are needed now more than ever to neutralize the toxic assaults modern human beings are faced with every day. Boosting the regeneration of our health and longevity, and becoming spiritually armed and prepared for the potential lethal sanctions that maybe imposed upon humankind in the not-so-distant future.
  • To provide affordable and effective natural remedies for the various diseases and health conditions that afflict the poor local population at a drastically reduced cost or fully subsidized, when needed.
  • To have a natural healing center approved, endorsed, and managed by Somananda personally which, in time, would also be open to Somananda Tantra School students and friends who seek ancient nature-derived remedies for modern-day health conditions.

    siddha medicine clinic
    Floor-plan of the clinic. There is a dedicated space for every important aspect of the Siddha clinic project.

You can make a difference

In recent satsangs and other online teachings Somananda began sharing what was previously his private journey and quest more openly with students. He was deeply moved by the outpouring of interest, excitement, questions, and offers to donate to the project, and he was thus guided to shift the clinic dream from a private endeavor to a public cause and charity.

siddha medicine
One meter of wall height done, July 2020.

If you feel inspired by the spiritual intent and objectives of the building, creation, and ongoing day-to-day operation of the Somananda Siddha Clinic, your donation would be welcomed and received with the utmost gratitude.

Your donation will go towards the following for the clinic:

  • Completing the exterior and interior construction
  • Buying all needed furniture, equipment and supplies
  • Creating Siddha Medicine pharmacy and continuing with research and study of this ancient knowledge
  • Employing the needed staff to oversee the day-to-day operations of the clinic
  • Paying for the ongoing monthly running costs
  • Providing free or subsidised healthcare for the local Indian community when needed

It is Somananda’s sincerest hope, given the urgency and acceleration of global circumstances, that with your financial contribution the clinic will be operational sooner rather than later, and most importantly, in time and before this knowledge is permanently lost.

siddha clinic
This is how the clinic looks like as of September 2020. We still need to finish many external and internal jobs, buy all supplies, furniture and research materials.

Updated overview of the project

The initial building and operational costs of the Somananda Siddha Clinic for the first year are estimated at about €50,000. So far Somananda Tantra School has contributed €15,000 and our students have donated €8,750 (as of 1 October 2020). We are still in need of a substantial amount to meet the estimated budget.

siddha medicine
A worker installing rain water pipes in September 2020.

The construction of the clinic started in May 2020 and is ongoing. The foundation, walls and roof of this new building are almost complete, but there is more constructional work to be done.

It is a new building with dedicated spaces for various activities for the Siddha Medicine development such as: research, pharmacy, herbs management, medicine cooking space, treatment rooms, temple and more. All of these rooms will eventually need furniture, equipment and supplies.

We hope to open the clinic to local village people by the end of 2020, and for western visitors and our students some time in 2021, if world circumstances will allow it. Timely updates will be included in our newsletters and posted to our social media channels regarding the progress of the construction and opening of the clinic.

If you believe in Somananda’s vision and are drawn to make a contribution, please use the button below. You can make your donation as a debit or credit card payment. Any amount, large or small, will be received with the utmost gratitude and appreciation.

Future plans and developments of the clinic project will continue to unravel and unfold. We hope to be able to run spiritual retreats in the area and take our students and project benefactors to the clinic physically one day.


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