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Sacred Geometry art

The World’s First Online Shop for Authentic Sacred Geometry & Spiritual Art

Welcome to Sacred Shapes! The world’s first online shop for authentic Sacred Geometry and Spiritual Art brought to you by Somananda Tantra School’s founders, Somananda and Liisa Maimon.

We provide tantric art designs printed on high-quality fabric, blending together ancient wisdom and contemporary artistry. Those stunning pieces of tantric art are available to the public in our online shop.


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Our prints can be used to simply adorn a space or enhance and support your tantric and yogic practices as a spiritual practitioner. Every print, featuring a specific sacred symbol, brings a unique energy and resonance. Whether you are looking for good health and healing, protection from dark forces, enhanced sexuality and intimacy with your beloved, mental and emotional balance, the cultivation of certain chakras, or general spiritual support, there is a special Sacred Shape for YOU!

Are you ready to transform an ordinary room into an extraordinary room? Browse our designs now and choose your tantric art piece. Every design has two sizes to choose from (small and regular) and a wide array of colors.

Why We Created the Sacred Shapes

Sacred Shapes makes sacred geometry available to EVERYONE and not just a small inner circle of spiritual practitioners who understand the hidden nature and secret power of these sacred symbols.

We guarantee that every color, shape, and line of our designs is meaningful and rooted deeply in the far-eastern tradition of authentic Tantra. All sacred symbols and design combinations are verified by our school’s accomplished teachers. It’s not just art, but a physical representation of divinity, sacredness, and energy. It is a living breathing force that can change the environment by just being displayed.

Sacred geometry symbols support the energy during Tantra teaching session
Somananda and Liisa teaching with one of the Sacred Shapes yantras supporting the energy in the hall.

Recognizing genuine sacred geometry is not as easy as it may sound. One can easily end up finding only altered and modified geometry, which is not any more carrying the original power. Sacred Shapes removes the guessing and confusion from the equation and delivers authentic, genuine, and unadulterated sacred geometry stemming from the ancient tradition. That is our promise and guarantee to you.

Sacred Geometry is no longer reserved for the select few. Sacred Shapes bring these spiritual tools out of obscurity and into the light of knowledge.

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Let’s Clarify the Terms

You may have heard Sacred Geometry called by different names – divine art, mandalas, yantras, sacred geometric shapes, or the architecture of the universe. Essentially, these terms are all referring to the same concept and are used interchangeably throughout this article.

In Tantra, we refer to these sacred shapes as the yantras. In simple terms, a yantra can be described as a holy instrument that holds the supreme energies of the universe or God. There are different types of yantras, and each one is associated with a specific deity, cosmic power, celestial body, or energy. All yantras are made up of signs and symbols, each one holding deep meaning and purpose.


A yantra comes into existence and manifestation via spiritual masters who enter high states of consciousness. It is not the creation of that spiritual master, but rather a “download” from the universal consciousness.

For the tantrics, yantras are a highly efficient tool for contemplation, concentration, and meditation practices. They provide a focal point that is a window into the absolute, the macrocosm, and God. A Yantra is essentially a microcosmic picture of the macrocosm.

The Deeper Significance of Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry is the underlying principle of all our designs. It is a mystical concept that explores the inherent patterns and shapes found in the fabric of the universe and connects the physical and metaphysical realms.

This timeless knowledge has been prevalent across various ancient civilizations and is believed to hold profound spiritual and energetic properties. These sacred symbols make the unseen seen and the intangible tangible to those who seek to know the truth.  

Tripura Sundari yantra is divine femininity geometry that brings about the energy of supreme beauty in every space
Tripura Sundari yantra brings powerful feminine support to every space.

By incorporating Sacred Shapes into your space, you’re not only enhancing the aesthetics but also creating an atmosphere that promotes spiritual growth, if that is your path.

The presence of these sacred symbols in your home can serve as a reminder of the interconnectedness of all things and inspire a deeper understanding of the cosmic order. They support you in getting in touch with and revealing your true nature.

It may be interesting to know that in Tantra colors also hold a deep significance and meaning. That is why every color and pattern used in our designs is done deliberately, intentionally, and for specific esoteric reasons that enhance the unique energy of the yantra.

Who Can Benefit from Sacred Geometry

Very simply, EVERYONE can benefit from Sacred Geometry. whether you are on a spiritual path or not, a student of our school or not, consider yourself a tantric or yogi or not, meditate or not. Our designs are meant to appeal to people from all walks of life who simply appreciate authentic spiritual art.

Shiva Trident yantra supports Yoga teachers
The Shiva Trident is one of the most powerful geometries for connecting directly with the Divine.

You do not need to do anything to activate your yantra, although certain tantric practices can charge it even more. A yantra’s energy has the power to simply penetrate your aura and bring about beneficial effects in you and in the space it is displayed. You can transform an ordinary space into a sacred space just by incorporating a yantra into it. It is that easy!


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How Sacred Geometry Will Impact You

Because yantras are believed to emanate not from man but from the Divine directly, they will inevitably carry a spiritual resonance, arouse certain energies, and bring about beneficial effects. Here are some of the most notable and common effects you can expect from the designs in our Sacred Shapes collection:

  1. Refine the energy of a space and give divine energetic protection: Some yantras specialize in purifying and refining the energy of a physical space. By placing them strategically in your environment, you can create an energetically harmonious atmosphere that promotes positivity, balance, and spiritual growth. Additionally, these Yantras offer divine energetic protection, shielding the space from negative energies and providing a sense of safety and security. See this collection…
  2. Enhance sexuality and expand sexual potential: In tantric philosophy, sexual energy is considered a sacred and transformative force. Sacred geometry can support individuals in exploring their sexual potential while maintaining a deep connection to the divine. By incorporating yantras into your space, for example, into your bedroom, you can create an atmosphere that cultivates intimacy, sensuality, and a harmonious balance between physical pleasure and spiritual exploration. This is where spirituality and sexuality unite and become one. See this collection…
  3. Support physical healing and promote health: Yantras emit specific vibrational frequencies that can positively influence the energetic body, leading to physical healing and overall well-being. By surrounding oneself with specific Yantras, individuals may experience enhanced vitality, increased energy levels, and a strengthened immune system. The sacred geometry and color combinations used in Sacred Shapes create an energetic field that promotes holistic health and supports the body’s natural healing processes. See this collection…
  4. Support mental concentration and emotional balance: The intricate patterns and geometric precision of yantras have a profound effect on the mind. By focusing on the yantra’s design, you can cultivate mental clarity, improve concentration, and reduce mental distractions. Special Sacred Shapes prints create a soothing environment that fosters emotional balance and deep inner peace. See this collection…
  5. Balance feminine and masculine energies within yourself: In sacred geometry, various symbols and shapes, such as the famous yin and yang, are often used to represent the interplay between feminine and masculine energies. They embody the concept of duality and the complementary nature of opposites. Engaging with these symbols can activate and align the subtle energies within the body, promoting a sense of equilibrium between the feminine and masculine aspects that are inherent in all human beings regardless of gender. See Divine Femininity and Divine Masculinity collections…
  6. Enrich and boost spiritual and tantric practices: As visual representations of divine energies, yantras serve as dynamic tools for spiritual and tantric practices. They can help to focus the mind and deepen concentration during meditation. By connecting with these special sacred symbols, individuals can access higher states of consciousness, explore perhaps hidden or obscure inner and outer realms, and strengthen their spirituality. See collection here…

The Danger of an “Empty Yantra”

Sacred Geometry is an exact science. There is no room for improvisations, modifications, or alterations to this cosmic art. Doing so will result in a total loss of energetic power and influence. You will be essentially left with an empty yantra that offers no spiritual impact or support.

However, you don’t have to worry about that when purchasing your spiritual art from Sacred Shapes. Our goal is to bring to our student community as well as the world, the opportunity to benefit from genuine, bona fide, and accurate tantric yantras that do bring results.

Crown Chakra yantra creates a protective field of sacred spaceShiva Yantra represents the Divine Masculine energy in the tantric tradition

Sacred geometry Atman - brings deep states of spiritual self-love.

We KNOW that the yantras we are offering are working.

We KNOW that their power is intact and that they indeed are powerful instruments of energy.

How do we KNOW without a shadow of a doubt? Because of the wisdom of our tantric lineage and the personal practice of our teachers who have verified the effects through advanced meditation practices and high states of consciousness.

With Sacred Shapes, your living space becomes a canvas for the divine to manifest, a true testament to the union of sacred geometry and contemporary design.

Transform Your Space with Spiritual Art

Adorning your interior with our designs and spiritual art is an excellent way to infuse sacredness into your physical spaces and places and absorb spiritual energy through osmosis. Yantras add an element of beauty, spirituality, and intentionality, cultivating an environment that supports growth and transformation.

Are you ready to create a Sacred Space with our Sacred Shapes?

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Sacred geometry art: the Shambala yantra brings protection and spiritual aspiration.
The Shambhala yantra brings protection and spiritual aspiration.