The Art of Dying

Life’s Greatest Passage Explained

The spiritual preparation for death – one of life’s greatest passages yet a fundamentally neglected aspect of existence – is addressed frontally by this very rare teaching.

The Art of Dying synthesizes modern insights into death as a biological phenomenon with the study of consciousness and great metaphysical teachings that highlight the evolutionary significance of death. In spiritual traditions death is considered as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for spiritual liberation. Read more


4 days online course


Fitting for everyone with a spiritual interest

Recommended book:

"The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying" by Sogyal Rinpoche

The moment of death is extraordinarily valuable from a spiritual standpoint. In short, this finale of human experience actually provides us with a chance at enlightenment.

Since death is inevitable (and sometimes a surprise) for all of us, Yoga implores us to prepare for it rather than avoid it, to confront it and become ready to make the most of this moment instead of finding ourselves helplessly caught off-guard.

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from: 515615

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Will the teachings conflict with my religious background?

The workshop is meant to give clarity and direction about the topic of death according to the Tibetan and yogic teachings.

On the surface, if you have a traditional religious background, you may perceive conflicts in the terminology or beliefs presented. However, you will also learn that in fact many spiritual and religious traditions have similar, if not the same, teachings about the process of death; it is often the case that simply different words are applied for the same concepts.

We would invite you to keep an open mind and take from the teachings what is useful for you.

Does this have anything to do with assisted suicide?

No. This workshop is entirely focused on a spiritual approach to the natural occurrence of death.

Is this workshop suited for a total beginner in spirituality?

Absolutely. Both beginners and experienced spiritual practitioners alike will gain a tremendous understanding of death and the confidence to deal with this subject in practical dimensions.

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