Tantric Blessing with Somananda

What Is a Tantric Blessing?

A Tantric Blessing session with Somananda is a high caliber spiritual initiation. It can open the door to the Infinite and provide the receiver with a divine lift and gift. It can be the catalyst that helps a man or woman rise above the limitations of their karma and destiny, and put him or her in touch with the realm of divine guidance, support, and counsel. 
The modern view of blessing is superficial and often described as a giving of good energy, an approval from God, or some kind of spiritual acknowledgment. In the tantric tradition, however, a blessing is much more. A Tantric Blessing has the potential to put you in favor with the Divine and the angelic realms, and in tune with the Divine Will. Receiving a Tantric Blessing can bring with it a supernatural force that can deliver for you an unstoppable growth, progress, and spiritual greatness.

What Happens During the Session?

The Tantric Blessing session is a one-on-one online experience with Somananda through a video call and is about 25-30 minutes in duration. It begins with a short discussion to become clear on your goals and intention for the session and to chat about any challenges you may be facing in life or on your spiritual path at the moment. During the blessing transmission itself, Somananda will act as a channel on your behalf and knock on the doors of the Divine. He will speak to the ocean of Consciousness, connect to the angelic realms, and harness Divine Grace. 

Additionally, a kabbalistic technique will be used to identify your unique and personal Guardian Angel which was assigned to you at the moment of birth. During the session, Soma humbly requests for your Guardian Angel to interact and intervene in your life in a more active and tangible way.


Tantric Blessing Explained


How to Book a Session?



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Tantric Blessing with Somananda
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