Tantra Yoga Levels 2 and 3

Become a True Aspirant


Tantra Yoga Levels 2 and 3 expands upon and magnifies the knowledge and practices gained in Level 1. This is the next step in your spiritual evolution through the tantric treasures. Here, the teachings of Hatha, Laya and Kriya yogas advance. Additionally, you will begin the preparation for pranayama, get intimately acquainted with deeper yogic philosophy and familiarize yourself with the laws of the mind.

These teachings will strengthen your spiritual aspiration, sharpen your concentration and provide you with spiritual empowerment through your Yoga and meditation practices. Prepare to be inspired by profound lectures, energetically charged guided Yoga sessions and satsangs with our advanced teachers. 

Within our comprehensive Yogic Path the Tantra Yoga module is like the trunk of the tree – the most important pillar, which your evolution stands on. Levels 2 and 3 are the continuation of your spiritual journey.


Levels 2 and 3 contain 12 classes, each 4 hours in duration


Tantra Yoga Level 1

Course Teachings and Content

Red Sash Exam

Completing Level 3 designates the end of the first major step in your evolution through the Tantra Yoga module.

At the end of this program you will take the Red Sash Exam, or otherwise named the “Aspirant’s Examination”, which tests your proficiency in the yogic practice, science and knowledge gained so far in the first three levels.

The exam includes theoretical multiple-choice questions on all of the material covered in Levels 1-3, as well as practical assignments – such as accurate performance of any of the techniques learned in these levels, prolonged execution of certain techniques, and other assessments.

The details of the Red Sash Exam will be disclosed at the beginning of Level 3. Personal practice of the teachings and techniques of all the prior levels is needed to pass the Red Sash Exam successfully and to continue on to the subsequent level. 

We recommend that you review and study all of your notes and booklets from all prior levels to prepare for the Red Sash Exam.

Dates and Tickets

Level 3 Online course, live via Zoom

from: 475883

from: 475883

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This is my first course with your school. Can I join this course regardless?

Our Tantra Yoga Module requires the completion of the preceding level prior to joining the subsequent one. In this case, completion of Level 1 is required before joining Level 2 and completion of Level 2 is required before joining Level 3. Completion means having attended a minimum of 80% of the teachings.

What if I do not pass the Red Sash Exam at the end of Level 3?

In the unlikely event that you do not pass the exam, you will have the opportunity to retake the exam at a later time. Our teachers will inform you about the various assessments that will be included in the exam (written and practical) in advance so that you can study and prepare yourself. 

Successful passing of this exam is needed to enroll in Tantra Yoga Level 4 and subsequent levels that follow.

How often will I be practicing Yoga and meditation?

This online Yoga retreat meets once per week for 4 hours. Classes will include lectures, guided Tantra Yoga practices and/or Q&A sessions with our advanced teachers. 

However, it is expected that student’s will adopt a regular (daily) spiritual practice of their own at home outside of the scheduled online classes and begin integrating the learned techniques into their daily life. Doing so will help you to better assimilate the knowledge, make a real shift in your consciousness and mature into a true yogi or yogini. 

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