Tantra Sexuality Module

If profound energy mastery, spiritual intimacy and bliss, development of your femininity or masculinity are your passions, then this is the module for you. Here you learn tantric ecstasy!

tantra sexuality
tantra massage course
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Tantra Massage Therapist Training

Learn the Steps for Mastering Energy

This 11-day retreat is our master course for Tantra Massage, and the key to giving and receiving the full body energy orgasm. You will learn the fundamental principles that govern the sexual energy in-depth and how to practically apply them in the practice of Tantra Massage personally or professionally. This is a certificate course.
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Tantric Remote Energy Healing Therapist Training

Heal Others While Overcoming Limitations of Distance

Earn your Energy Healing Certification in this 12-day training. It is especially designed for those who wish to take their distance healing skills to the next level and/or become a professional therapist. You will learn more advanced healing protocols, understand vital tantric principles for healing others and have extensive virtual practice and healing sessions with your peers during this online intensive.
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Spiritual Tantra Sexuality

Learn the Divine Form of Love

Embark on an exciting journey into the world of tantric sexuality where you will learn the skills necessary to become a true tantric man or woman. This course will take you from the ABCs all the way to sophisticated tantric know-how. Uncover the secrets of real sexual ecstasy and transform your love making to a spiritual and liberating experience!
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Tantra of Relationships

Find the Key to Happiness Here

Transform your relationship into a tantric spiritual partnership. Learn the important principles of polarity, the energetic considerations in relationships according to Tantra, the meaning and development of true love and the roles of the masculine and feminine in partnerships. This course is open to both singles and couples.
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Ultimate Tantric Woman

Unveil the Spiritual Goddess

Liisa brings you this workshop with a no-nonsense approach to Tantra’s teachings for women only. The tantric path provides women with a practical approach to realizing your inner power and true Self as a balanced and harmonious woman. Gain clarity on the meaning of comprehensive and spiritual femininity and transform into a tantric Shakti!
tantra for men
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Tantra Masculinity: The Vira Training

A Powerful Training for Serious Men

For serious men only, the Vira Training is a powerful training for gradual yet comprehensive masculine development and the embodiment of the Vira-consciousness. This training instructs men on how to discover and manifest their inner Shiva – the ultimate masculine principle in Tantra.
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Tantra Comprehensive Retreat

Many Treasures in One Retreat

Tantra Comprehensive is a unique retreat offered only once a year. It combines the teachings of two of our foundational Tantra courses - Sexuality and Relationships - into one comfortable sequence. Instead of joining two courses for five days each, you have the opportunity to join one 11-day residential all-inclusive retreat in a picturesque location.
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Introduction to Tantric Remote Energy Healing

Expand Your Perception of What is Possible

This workshop serves as an introduction to Tantric Remote Energy Healing in which you will learn foundational principles for Remote Energy Healing, Self-Healing and Remote Tantric Sexuality. The mechanism for harnessing energy will be explored and introductory steps for telepathically sending energy in a powerful and intentional way will be learned, all while overcoming the limitations of space and distance.
tantra rituals
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Tantra Rituals: A Sensual Path to the Divine

Tantra presents a unique opportunity to discover the Divine through the use of ancient rituals. There are countless rituals in Tantra, however, in this workshop we will explore those that arouse and awaken the sensuality and eroticism that is innate in all of us. Embark on a breathtaking journey and experience divine revelations and cosmic consciousness manifesting before your very eyes!
tantra massage
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Tantra Massage Therapist Advanced Training

The Next Level in Your Mastery

In this advanced level of study we bring the practice of Tantra Massage and energy mastery to a whole new level of power and achievement. Elevate your skills and abilities while learning astral healing, prana control and the usage of the mind-energy-spirit connection. To join this course it is a prerequisite to first complete the 11-day Tantra Massage Therapist Training.

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