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Welcome to our most complete and comprehensive Tantra Massage Training!

It is designed for anyone who wishes to become a tantric healer in personal or professional life. The full-body energy orgasm is taught wholly in this 11-day intensive as well as other vital elements relating to offering Tantra Massage as a healing therapy.

You will receive higher level teachings from our advanced teachers regarding energy control and mastery, karma and karmic implications, protection techniques for the giver and receiver, how to safely and harmonious detect and remove energy blockages, the importance of purity and purification, how to screen appropriate candidates for a Tantra Massage healing session, and much more. Read more


11 days


For singles and couples who are passionate about healing with energy


Good physical health and stamina to perform upto 3-hour massage sessions on the floor (healthy knees and hips)

In the tantric tradition, the human body is regarded as a temple, worthy of worship, sacred admiration, and intense pleasure beyond imagination.

In this course you will discover the liberating art of Tantra Massage, heal your own blockages, purify on a deep level, harness your own energetic healing potential and overcome fears of intimacy while tapping into your True Nature.

This course will bring miraculous change and transformation into your life.

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Tallinn, Estonia

from: 22302630

from: 22302630

Tallinn, Estonia

from: 22302630

from: 22302630

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Whom is this training meant for?

This training is meant for open-minded individuals who would like to embark on a tantric journey with authentic spiritual focus.

If you are attracted to sexual healing and would like to integrate it into your personal or professional life by becoming a tantric healer, this training is for you. The course teaches about the nurturing ability of touch as well as the glorious potential of tantric sexuality in general.

Will I learn in this training how to give full body energy orgasms?

Yes, this is the goal. Tantric science is all about energy and in Tantra Massage teachings we will focus a lot on learning to master energy in a way that brings about whole body blissful and orgasmic experiences. Teachings on achieving full body energy orgasms will be one of the focal points of the training.

Please be aware, however, that different individuals need different amount of time to reach deep effects. This depends on various personal qualities. In some cases more time and individual practice are needed. Please keep this in mind when you register for any of our Tantra massage courses.

Will I be paired up with people of the same sex?

In this training the practical exercises will be conducted with men and women in pairs. Women will have the opportunity to receive yoni massage and to practice giving lingam massage. Men will have the opportunity to receive lingam massage and to practice giving yoni massage.

What happens if I do not pass the final exam?

In an unlikely event of you not passing the exam, you can take it again on the last morning of the course. If you fail twice, you will need to repeat the course at a later time and attempt to graduate again. You will be offered a discount to repeat the course.

How big will the group be?

This can vary depending on dates and location, but usual group size is between 20 to 50 people. Groups are normally very international with people from several continents and from over 15 different countries.

If I join as a couple, can we only practice together and not exchange partners?

No. In this training exchange of partners for the sake of learning and accumulating experience is essential and cannot be avoided. Being open-minded about working with other partners (in both giving and receiving massage, including yoni and lingam massage) is an absolute prerequisite for joining this training.

Will massage tables be provided in the course?

We do not use massage tables in our courses and work solely on the floor. This method is most efficient for the control of energy and the execution of our massage techniques.

Using the supplies and items that each student is instructed to bring for this course, comfortable massage spaces will be set up for each couple.

Working from the floor initially can be challenging for modern people, however, we do find that this generally eases as the course unravels and progresses. Nonetheless, we ask you to please assess your own current physical state to determine if you are able to fully participate in this course.

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