Taste of Tantra


Experience Authentic Tantra Live
from the Comfort of Your Home


LIVE: 2-Day Online Tantra Workshop

  • For beginners as well as advanced tantrics
  • For couples and solo practitioners

Your odyssey into spiritual and physical bliss starts here. The Taste of Tantra workshop guides you beyond the conventional – and into ALL the diverse branches of Tantra.

Led by renowned masters, you will explore the serene energy of spiritual Tantra directly from the comfort of your home – the place where you can be most open.

In this Tantra workshop, you will easily enjoy the introspective tranquillity of meditation, delve into the liberating power of sexuality, and learn about sustainable health for your body and soul.

Through this well-balanced synthesis of theory and experience, we aim to demystify Tantra and to shine a new light on its powerful message for today’s world, while focusing on its pure essence and magnificent meaning. Read more

Duration and Format:

2 days live online course


Get to know all branched of Tantra and get to know us

This intensive weekend workshop is designed to instil in you the capacity to discern genuine Tantra from the superficial. It provides you with the insights about tantric metaphysics, practices, and tools you need to explore the ancient truths of Tantra in its purest and most fascinating form.

An invigorating journey awaits you. Become part of an enduring tradition that holds the potential to illuminate your path towards self-discovery, physical and spiritual fulfilment. 

Taste of Tantra workshop is the easiest and most powerful introduction to Tantra. Start now and activate your mind, body, and soul like never before – without even leaving your home!

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Workshop Content

Deepen Your Tantra Journey

Dive into the profound wisdom of true Tantra. This 2-day online workshop provides a comprehensive overview of various Tantra topics, offering a tantalizing taste of each branch. To delve deeper and gain proficiency join our full-length courses, where you will receive complete teachings, techniques, and sacred initiations from our expert guides.

Our Taste of Tantra workshop offers a unique opportunity to identify the branch of Tantra that resonates with your spiritual aspirations, guiding you toward the most fulfilling path. Start your immersive journey with us today!

Dates and Tickets

Online course, live via Zoom

from: 95115

from: 95115

Online course, live via Zoom

from: 95115

from: 95115

Hear It From Our Students


Does this course include nudity or any sensual practices?

No, this course does not include nudity or sexual/sensual practices. 

What do I need to bring with me to the workshop?

All registered participants will receive an email approximately one week prior to the course start date which will explicitly state all relevant details and items to bring.

Is this course about sex or sexuality?

It is a common misconception that Tantra is only about sex. Sexuality encompasses only 5 to 10% of the tantric teachings. Tantra is, in fact, a comprehensive spiritual path with many branches and practices such as Yoga, meditation, powers of the mind, energy harnessing, and much more. All of the different authentic branches of Tantra will be explored and explained in this workshop. 

Please note, this course contains no sexual practices or nudity of any kind.

Is this workshop only for beginners?

This workshop appeals predominantly to beginners. However, more experienced students have joined the course and acquired a lot of information they have never come across before in their studies. 

Regardless of your level of understanding of Tantra, you will gain tremendous insight and practical tantric know-how that you can start integrating into your life today!

Will I receive the full teachings of your Tantra Massage and/or Spiritual Tantra Sexuality courses in this 2-day course?

No. This 2-day workshop is designed to give you a taste and sample of the many branches and elements of authentic Tantra. It does not replace the full-duration courses, where you will receive extensive theoretical knowledge, techniques, and practices.

Many of the topics that will be explored in the Taste of Tantra will be given in an introductory format which will dispel many misconceptions, provide clarity on what real Tantra is as a whole, and explain how each of the branches serves as a powerful tool for a happy, harmonious, and fully integrated life.

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