Tantra Yoga Levels 9 to 14

The Practitioner Program


Welcome to the Practitioner Program – the next cycle within our Tantra Yoga curriculum comprising Levels 9-14. These teachings will prepare your mind, body and spirit for the Kundalini Yoga program and conclude with the Yellow Sash Exam.

The next two Mahavidya Yoga initiations for Tara and Tripura Sundari are given. Together with Kali, this triad of cosmic powers are considered to be the “headliners” of all of the 10 fundamental forces and emblematic of the three gunas that make up all of creation.

Twenty-one additional and final asanas will be introduced, completing the compilation of Tantra Yoga asanas. Pranayama techniques will continue to advance, culminating with the most advanced pranayama in all of Yoga, Anuloma Viloma. This will be a key technique for preparing your energetic structure for the cultivation and rising of Kundalini energy.

The next of the subtle colors of Laya Yoga will be taught and the final bija mantras of the chakras will be transmitted.


Each level contains 8 classes, 4 hours in duration


Tantra Yoga Level 4 to 8

Course Teachings and Content

Yellow Sash Exam

Completing Level 14 designates the end of the third major step in your evolution through the Tantra Yoga module.

At the end of this program, the student will take the Yellow Sash Exam, or otherwise known as the “Practitioner examination”, which tests his/her proficiency in the yogic practice and science gained in Levels 1 to 14.

The exam includes theoretical multiple-choice questions on all of the material covered in Levels 1 to 14, as well as practical assessments – such as accurate performance of any of the techniques learned (randomly chosen by the examiner), prolonged execution of certain asanas, correct identification of a piece of music and the chakra in which is resonates on, and other evaluations.

The exact details of the Yellow Sash Exam will be disclosed in the beginning of Level 14. Personal practice of the teachings and techniques of all the prior levels is needed to pass this exam successfully.

Dates and Tickets

Level 9 Online course, live via Zoom

from: 475495

from: 475495

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