Full Curriculum of Somananda Tantra School


The Four Modules of Our Curriculum

Our tantric curriculum is made of four modules, each made up of various courses with a distinct focus and teachings. 

Tantra Sexuality Module

10 courses


Teacher Trainings

4 courses


Metaphysics Module

13 courses


Tantra Yoga Module

24 levels of Tantra Yoga towards becoming a higher Yogi


Introductory Course

If you are new to Tantra, to spirituality, or to our school, we welcome you to join this 2-day online course which gives you a thorough introduction to the branches of Tantra, our teachers and our approach to classical and authentic Tantra. 

Taste of Tantra

Part of Taste of Tantra


Module 1: Tantra Yoga

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Tantra Yoga is the yoga of energy. It is a powerful spiritual tool for developing your mind, concentration and energy awareness.

The Tantra Yoga Module is one of the profound modules of our curriculum. It serves as a basis supporting all other modules. It consists of 24 levels which are sequential, requiring the completion of each Level before progressing to the next.

The first of these levels, the Tantra Yoga Level 1, is open to anyone, regardless of previous experience, age, or physical fitness.

Students who fulfil all course requirements and successfully complete their exams in this module will have become accomplished yogis and yoginis whose lives have been thoroughly transformed by Tantra.


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Module 2: Tantra Sexuality

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Tantra offers the most comprehensive knowledge on bliss, ecstasy and relationship sustainability.

The Tantra Sexuality Module contains a number of courses, all of which are related to sexual Tantra and include topics such as Tantra Massage, spiritual sexuality, true love, and relationships, remote healing, as well as trainings specific to becoming a true tantric man or woman.

Our legendary Tantra Massage Therapist Training has been attended by thousands of students from all over the world and serves as our most intensive training in energy mastery and the full-body energy orgasm experience. In addition, the Spiritual Tantra Sexuality course has helped both singles and couples to realize new tantric dimensions in their intimate lives.

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Module 3: Metaphysics

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Most profound questions like “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” will be answered in the Metaphysics Module.

Metaphysics is the physics of the Beyond. The unique courses that constitute this module round out the supreme understanding of existence. These teachings will open your mind to unexplored dimensions and impact your life profoundly.

Kashmiri Shaivism, for example – representing the most exclusive knowledge in Tantra and its highest practice – provides an extraordinary understanding of reality and the universe. The Art of Dying Workshop is a critical must for any human being alive today.

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Module 4: Teacher Trainings

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All of our teacher trainings are supported by our head teachers, Somananda and Liisa Maimon.

Becoming a spiritual teacher is a great privilege and honor, and these trainings will transform you personally, professionally, and spiritually. In fact, teaching spirituality is a great catalyst for your own personal evolution, giving you a spiritual purpose in life and the means to fulfill it.

Go beyond the ordinary gymnastics-style approach to Yoga and become a true ambassador for authentic spiritual Tantra Yoga in our five-week Tantra Yoga Teacher Training Course. Or change your vocation and destiny by becoming a Tantra Massage Teacher. This four-week intensive program gives you the tools to truly transform people’s lives and have a spiritual impact on the world. Our most prominent teacher training is the 5-week Tantra Teacher Training Course, where you can become a powerful teacher of sexual and relationship Tantra and help individuals and couples improve their lives for good.

See all courses in Module 4: Teacher Trainings


How to Start with Our School?

The above four modules make up Somananda Tantra School’s integral and classical system for spiritual evolution.

We have crafted the module structure to provide an approach that facilitates comprehensive study and the evolution of mind, body and spirit.

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Happy advanced students celebrating after completing the next level in their evolution through the Yogic Path.

There are a few ways you can start your journey with our Tantra curriculum.

Option 1

First, you may simply choose to begin where your interests pull you the most! You can join any of the modules or hand-pick a course from each one. After the first experience with us you will know where to go next.

Option 2

Second, our Taste of Tantra is a powerful introduction to all of the authentic tantric branches. This 2-day online course gives you an overview into our full curriculum, school and teachers. If you are unsure where to start, brand new to Tantra, or even someone who is seasoned in tantric knowledge but looking for a different approach, then this course is a great gateway for you.

Option 3

Third, you can contact us directly through the contact form below and we are happy to give you individual advice based on your own personal journey and needs. We can craft a personal learning journey for you, which best meets you current aspirations.


What Is the Purpose of Our Curriculum?

Our Tantra curriculum is a manifestation of the fire and love we feel for Tantra and tantric forms of Yoga and meditation. Our teachings lay out a comprehensive path of study and practice for spirituality and self-development.

Our curriculum was ingeniously designed by our founder, Somananda, to ignite spiritual aspiration in the hearts and minds of seekers worldwide and help guide them to self-mastery and the ultimate Truth of self-realization. Our curriculum is meant to inspire students to discover greater self-awareness and lucidity, as well as their own continually unfolding vast potential.

This step-by-step path, relevant for both beginners and advanced practitioners alike, serves as a beacon in the modern landscape of spiritual ambiguity. All courses begin with a solid foundation of authentic and simply presented teachings and techniques, which form the groundwork for practice.

We do not just offer feel-good experiences. Instead, we always make sure that when you leave one of our courses or retreats, you know exactly how to implement the precious, newly gained knowledge into your daily life for more balance, peace, health, and happiness.

What You Seek is Seeking You.


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