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Becoming a teacher of spirituality is a great blessing and great responsibility. We will prepare you for this exciting and rewarding path in the most comprehensive way.

Tantra Yoga Teacher Training Course - head teacher Somananda congratulating students
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Tantra Yoga Teacher Training Course

Become the Ambassador of Authentic Yoga

This 5-week, 340-hour in-depth program is both extensive and intensive, preparing you to become a spiritual guide and to teach Tantra Yoga in its most powerful and authentic form.
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Tantra Teacher Training Course

Become a Teacher of Authentic Sexual Tantra

To become an authentic and true Tantra teacher, one must intimately know the deep-rooted practices and philosophy of genuine Tantra. But studying these mysteries intellectually and theoretically is not enough. More important is the embodiment of these principles until they are integrated into every fiber of your being and Tantra becomes your life. Becoming a Tantra Teacher is not just about attending a course but about genuine self-transformation and refinement of your ego and personality. That is what our program will bring about for you!
Final ceremony for Tantra retreat
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Tantra Massage Teacher Training Course

Lead Retreats Around the World

Receive a formal certificate and the spiritual empowerment to teach Tantra Massage with integrity and harmony. You will become knowledgeable and adept in tantric energy work and learn how to spiritually guide others. Becoming a Tantra Massage teacher gives you tools to truly change people’s lives and have a profound impact on the world. Transform your life’s purpose and destiny today.
meditation teacher training
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Meditation Teacher Training Course

Become a Spiritual Pillar

Our Meditation Teacher Training Course is designed for the spiritually oriented student who is keen to uncover the mysteries of his or her own mind while developing a dynamic, engaging and confident teaching persona. This is a certificate course where you will gain experience and knowledge that allows you to lead groups and foster deep transformation in others.

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