Metaphysics Module

Here the fundamental spiritual concepts are being studied and experienced. The mind and its mysteries are being explored and the nature of the universe unveiled. Welcome to metaphysics!

metaphysical module
shaktipat retreat
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The Shaktipat Retreat

Experience a Transmission of Spiritual Energy

According to Kashmiri Shaivism, Shaktipat is a transmission of energy from a spiritual teacher to a spiritual aspirant. In this extraordinary retreat offering, Somananda offers himself as a spiritual channel to depart divine love and grace to each individual participant. A disciple’s elevated consciousness and deepened level of spirituality are the intended effects. This retreat operates at the level of the soul. It is indescribable and simply must be experienced firsthand.
kashmiri shaivism
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The Highest Tantra: Kashmiri Shaivism Workshop and Retreat

Receive Rare Initiations

This workshop and retreat combo introduces you to the studies of the most highest and transcendental Tantra. Kashmiri Shaivism not only acts as a catalyst for deep transformation, but it also brings your current Yoga practice to a whole new dimension. It represents the pinnacle of teachings and practice within Tantra, yet remains approachable for experienced practitioners and beginners alike. This meditation system is perfect and complete and meant for reaching nothing less than spiritual enlightenment.
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The Art of Dying

Life’s Greatest Passage Explained

The spiritual preparation for death – one of life’s greatest passages yet a fundamentally neglected aspect of existence – is addressed frontally by these very rare teachings. Since death is inevitable for all of us, Yoga implores us to prepare for it rather than avoid it, to confront it and become ready to make the most of this moment.
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Mysteries of Shambhala

Establish a Genuine Connection with Shambhala

Shambhala is a mystical paradise spoken of in ancient texts, such as the Kalachakra Tantra. Some traditions claim it is the fountainhead of all spiritual wisdom, a place where love and wisdom reign and where great spiritual masters reside. In this workshop you will take a deep dive into the sacred mystery that is Shambhala and through the process of tantric Shaktipat put yourself in contact with the ultimate source of spiritual support and grace.
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Consciousness of Fire

The Spiritual Antidote to Chaos and Confusion

No other spiritual teaching has proven to be as crucial and urgent in modern times as the Consciousness of Fire. This workshop is an absolute-must for any serious spiritual aspirant wishing to quickly progress on the evolutionary path and discover and enhance the special consciousness of the soul’s fire. Liberate yourself from common and collective consciousness and step into a brave new world of Fire Consciousness!
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The Hidden Realms: Angels, Demons, Spirits and Magic

See Behind the Secret Curtain of the Universe

The structure of the universe is a complex hierarchical sphere that is both governed and occupied by unseen energies, entities, frequencies, spirits, hidden angel realms, and other worlds. This course is not for the faint of heart! It is an introduction into hidden, century-old knowledge and mystical power.
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The Art of Prayer

Learn a Magical Form of Interaction with the Divine

Discover the secret ingredient that transmutes prayer from ordinary lip service to an extraordinary living, breathing, and dynamic force capable of entirely changing how you live! The technology of tantric prayer will be revealed systematically and protocols and formulas will be shared for practicing the most advanced and powerful forms of prayer.
trika meditation
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Trika Meditation Retreat

Master Your Mind Now!

Trika Meditation is a comprehensive practice for those seeking structured and measurable spiritual development through the mind and meditation. Here Tantra Yoga, the Yoga of Energy, and Raja Yoga, the path of the third eye, are combined into one supportive system of development. Discover how to access the vast potential of your mind through authentic meditation.

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