Tantra Yoga Teacher Training Course

Become the Ambassador of Authentic Yoga

This in-depth program is both extensive and intensive, preparing you to become an authentic spiritual guide and to teach Hatha Yoga, a tantric form of Yoga, in its most original and unaltered form

This course will bring to you profound levels of personal growth. You will cultivate and unfold enhanced self-awareness and encounter your own extraordinary spiritual awakening.

You will move way beyond the very modernized and superficial approach to teaching Yoga – likened to an “art of stretching” found everywhere nowadays – and instead discover what it means to bring a complete system of transformation and spiritual evolution to others, while deepening your own personal practice and spiritual aspiration until it becomes your life. Read more


5 weeks residential course


340 hours of teachings, practices and study


Fluency in English language

In This Tantra Yoga TTC You Will

  • Learn to teach the comprehensive and full system of our Tantra Yoga Level 1 program
  • Master the secrets of 20 powerful Tantra Yoga techniques for physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being
  • Give important lectures about the essential principles of spiritual Yoga
  • Obtain the highest form of spiritual and practical wisdom in meditative and energy-based Yoga
  • Benefit from true yogic initiations given by a genuine yogic masters

The original and ancient doctrines of Yoga are rigorously upheld in this program and presented in their most unadulterated and purest form.

Students will obtain the highest form of spiritual wisdom in the realm of Yoga, as the ancient masters intended, as well as benefit from an empowerment from true yogic lineage.

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Benefits and Skills You Will Acquire

Curriculum Overview

Our unique Tantra Yoga TTC is divided into three essential parts, each one representing a fundamental aspect of a skilled and qualified Yoga teacher.

All parts will be taught simultaneously, however, the first three weeks of the course will be dedicated predominantly to Parts 1 and 2 of the curriculum. Part 3 along with practicum sessions will be focused on in weeks four and five.

In practicum sessions all participants are required to give lectures and lead practical Hatha Yoga sessions for their peers and supervising teachers. The session is then followed by feedback and comments on your performance and areas for improvement.

The Tantra Yoga TTC includes two theoretical exams – a midterm exam and a final exam. The course concludes with a spiritual graduation ceremony and empowerment meditation.

The Tantra Yoga TTC includes all the teachings of our Tantra Yoga Level 1. Upon completion of the TTC you are eligible to join the Tantra Yoga Level 2.

Curriculum of Study

What You Can Teach

After graduating from this Tantra Yoga TTC, you will be certified to teach the complete Tantra Yoga Level 1 program – a holistic meditative Tantra Yoga program – in the format of weekly classes, as well as Yoga retreats or workshops of up to seven (7) days in duration. Prototypical schedules will be provided for you during the YTTC.

Your Toolkit as a Teacher

  • Twenty (20) powerful Hatha Yoga techniques with the ability to give lectures on each
  • Thirty (30) longer lectures on the foundations of Yoga
  • Two (2) meditation techniques and the ability to teach them to your students
  • Tantric Surya Namaskar practice for the enhancement of yang energy

By becoming a teacher of Yoga you will obtain centuries-old secrets in achieving the ultimate balance of ha and tha, the goal of Hatha Yoga – unification with the Absolute.

Mystical India: Stories of Spiritual Awakening

Additional Details About This Course

Dates and Tickets

Residential with full board Rishikesh, India

from: 51705570

from: 51705570

Hear It From Our Students


For whom is this YTTC?

Our Yoga TTC is open to all individuals with a sincere interest to learn a genuine form of Yoga, become a teacher of spirituality in the highest sense, and transform personally in all aspects of their being. It is designed for everyone from the novice to advanced practitioner, with no previous experience required.

Do I need previous Yoga experience to join this course?

No, there is no prerequisite to join our YTTC. Our unique curriculum caters to all levels of students and, in fact, will help you progress spiritually and cultivate a balanced approach to life.

What can I teach upon the completion of the YTTC?

After graduating from this Yoga TTC, you will be licensed to teach a holistic 30-class meditative Hatha Yoga program in the format of weekly classes, as well as Hatha Yoga retreats or workshops of up to seven (7) days in duration. Prototypical schedules will be provided for you during the YTTC.

Do I need to be physically flexible to become a Yoga teacher?

No. Traditional Yoga is not defined by physical factors such as flexibility, strength, or endurance. If genuine aspiration to become a teacher of spirituality is present, then physical flexibility is inconsequential.

Will I be required to teach among my peers?

Yes. In weeks 4 and 5 teaching practicums will be an essential part of this course, aiding in the assimilation of the knowledge and techniques you have learned as well as the development of your teaching persona.

You will be leading Hatha Yoga classes and deliver lectures of varying lengths for your peers and trusted teachers. We find this practical portion of the program a vital component in molding and preparing you as a teacher.

What happens if I do not pass an exam?

If you do not pass the YTTC midterm exam, you will have the opportunity to retake it once in a few days’ time. If you do not pass it the second time, you will need to leave the YTTC and join it again the next time the course is offered.

If you do not pass the final exam of the YTTC you may retake the exam at a later date, dependent upon the availability of our head teachers. Until the successful completions of the exams the certificate will not be issued.

What should I bring with me to this course?

There are indeed some items you need to bring with you. A list will be sent to all participants some weeks prior to the beginning of the program. There are recommendations to the clothing and other items you will need during the course.

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