New Year’s Retreat

A powerful spiritual beginning

new years retreat

Throughout each year there are special privileged moments in which the planetary energy is heightened and the collective consciousness is synched. Utilizing such powerful energetic opportunity for reaching spiritual goals and high states of consciousness is what our New Year’s Retreat is about.

During the New Year’s day millions of people from around the world are gathering together and are united in mind and spirit. They are all focusing on a peak moment in time hoping, wishing and praying for a more prosperous future.

This retreat takes place at a time where cosmic forces are intensely aroused and the exceptional energetic environment becomes fertile soil for mystical effects and profound revelations, which the tantrics knew how to use.


6 days residential retreat


For anyone with a spiritually curious mind

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Pihali, Estonia

from: €790 – €990

from: €790 – €990

Hear it from our students

For whom is this retreat intended?

This retreat is for anyone who wishes to conclude the year in a meaningful way and cultivate personal spiritual energy for a positive and prosperous New Year.

What can I expect from the 12-hour New Year’s Eve meditation?

This meditation is conducted specially to utilize the unique energy and cosmic power of the day in a maximum way. There will be 12 meditations every full hour with a duration of 30 to 45 minutes, followed by a break. You can take more breaks if you need. Revitalizing natural herbs will be available to help you stay alert and focused.

You will notice how the energy will become more amplified the longer the group meditates together. Your mind will become more centered and expanded as a result. It is a very spiritually elevating experience.

Do I need to have any previous yoga or meditation experience?

No. This retreat is open to beginners and advanced practitioners alike. This retreat is designed in such a way that you will be able to focus on your own personal practice and inner experience, which applies to any level of proficiency.

You will receive instruction in authentic yoga and meditation from our teachers and practice rare and potent techniques from the tantric traditions. Beginners and more advanced practitioners will therefore easily practice together in one retreat.