Awakening the Spiritual Heart

Explore the Bliss of the Heart Chakra

Awakening of the Spiritual Heart is an extraordinary online experience that will provide you with ample opportunities, both theoretically and practically, to attune yourself to a deep state of devotion and divine state of love through Tantra.

The Spiritual Heart can and should be consistently cultured in order to amplify its intrinsic virtue and increase your capacity to love and be loved. You will cultivate witness-consciousness and surrender to the mystery of union between a human being and the Divine.

This course gives strong experiences and activation of Anahata, the Heart chakra, and teaches you several methods on how to stay in the bliss and the consciousness of the Heart for extended durations of time. Read more


2 days online course


Everyone, regardless of prior experience in Yoga

The Heart is the spiritual epicentre of a human being. It is the birthplace of direct knowledge, spiritual perception and divine intuition, as well as a means for unveiling your deepest and truest self.

The spiritual Heart opens up a powerful pathway to the highest levels of human spiritual achievement. In modern times, the consciousness of the Heart is painfully lacking. Yet, it is an unparalleled component and impetus for your evolution – especially in the time of turmoil.

In this course, the revelations of the Spiritual Heart permeates your entire being and illuminates you from the inside out with its irradiance!

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Spiritual Heart - student's meditating on the heart chakra

Course Teachings and Content

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Can I do this retreat in silence?

Yes, absolutely, if you so wish. However, it is not a must in this retreat. If your individual circumstances allow you to withdraw from the sensory and social world entirely for these days and to observe complete silence then it is highly recommended.

Mauna, or sacred silence, in the yogic tradition means complete withdrawal from all types of communication, including talking, texting, entertainment of any kind.

My home environment does not allow for a full retreat experience due to family or work responsibilities. Should I still join?

Most important is a sincere desire for self-discovery and an earnest dedication to grow spiritually. Whilst it is recommended to foster a space of serenity, peace and quietude for the duration of the online retreat, you will still benefit even if your circumstances are not perfect.

Just be as present as possible given your personal situation and try to avoid any low-importance activities or responsibilities.

I can’t join all the teachings in real time. Is it still worth joining?

We encourage everyone to participate in all the sessions sincerely and wholeheartedly. If you need to miss one or two sessions, it is not a big deal.

However, if you are unable to join a session or series of sessions it is important to note that recorded material will not be available for viewing at a later time or date.

It is a retreat after all, meaning that for those days you should focus on yourself and your evolution the best you can.

Who is this retreat for?

This retreat is designed for every true spiritual aspirant. Whether you are a novice or advanced practitioner of Tantra and Tantra Yoga, or brand new to spirituality you will gain valuable insight, knowledge and experiences about the true spiritual Heart and how to develop it.

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