Tantra Teacher Training Course

Become a Teacher of Authentic Sexual Tantra

Become a Teacher of Authentic Sexual Tantra!

To become an authentic and true Tantra teacher, one must intimately know the deep-rooted practices and philosophy of genuine Tantra.

Studying these mysteries intellectually and theoretically is not enough. More important is the embodiment of these principles until they are integrated into every fiber of your being and Tantra becomes your life.

Becoming a Tantra Teacher is not just about attending a course but about genuine self-transformation and refinement of your ego and personality. That’s what our program will bring about for you!

This is a formidable training unlike any other Tantra program out there. It is specifically engineered by Somananda to bring about a tangible and profound personal and spiritual transformation within you. Read more


5 weeks in-person course


340 hours of teachings, practices and study


Fluency in English language

In this course you will experience a deep refinement on your mental, emotional and sexual levels. By the end of the program you will emerge as a new person with…

  • An experiential understanding of original Tantra without modern shortcuts or deviations
  • A personal transformation into a true and authentic Tantrik or Tantrika
  • Confidence stepping into the role of a capable, proficient and powerful Tantra Teacher 

Upon completion of this Tantra Teacher Training Course, you will receive a professional diploma and be spiritually empowered to share authentic spiritual and sexual Tantra with students of your own. Additionally, you will have the protection and guidance of a tantric lineage and feel supported, guided and protected throughout your teaching career.

This TTC will transform your emotions, mind, thoughts, energy, sexuality and consciousness into that of a serious tantric practitioner.

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Curriculum Overview

Our transformative Tantra Teacher Training Course consists of three essential parts, each one representing a fundamental aspect of a skilled and qualified Tantra teacher.

All parts will be taught simultaneously, however, the first three weeks will be dedicated predominantly to Part 1 and Part 2 of the curriculum. The last two weeks are dedicated mostly to Part 3 of the curriculum.

Practicum sessions begin in the second week of this TTC where all participants are required to give lectures and lead Tantra practices for their peers and supervising teachers. Each practicum is followed by feedback on your performance and areas for improvement.

The Tantra TTC will conclude with a final exam, graduation ceremony and empowerment meditation.

Curriculum of Study

What You Can Teach

After graduating from this Tantra TTC, you will be certified to teach up to 5-day retreats on the combined topics of tantric sexuality, tantric relationships and tantric rituals. You will also be licensed to teach private couples’ retreats and 2-day weekend workshops. Prototypical schedules will be provided for you during the TTC.

Your Toolkit as a Tantra Teacher

  • A teaching manual with bullet point lectures on the relevant topics of tantric sexuality and tantric relationships
  • Guidelines for performing specified tantric rituals with your groups
  • Tantric pranayama for energy awakening and prana control
  • Tantric meditations to lead your groups into elevated states of consciousness
  • Tantric Surya Namaskar practice for energization and supported purification

Additional Details About this Course

Dates and Tickets

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Is this course residential?

This TTC is a 5-week in-person experience. You will need to be present for all five weeks.

The first three weeks of the TTC will be non-residential which means participants will need to secure their own accommodations and arrange their own meals.

The final two weeks of this TTC will be residential. All participants will be transported by bus to a retreat center and accommodation and meals are provided during this time.

Exact travel details, recommendations, and resources will be shared with registered participants.

I have familial and work responsibilities. What happens if I miss more classes than is allowed?

With the exception of emergency situations, full attendance will be expected of all Tantra TTC students during all 5 weeks.

As a condition of receiving your teaching certificate, 95% attendance is required which includes all lectures, practicum teaching sessions for yourself and your peers, yoga classes, Q&A’s as well as teacher skill building and development. Should absences become excessive, students are at risk of not meeting the criteria for completion of the course and graduation.

Our administrative staff will be keeping tabs on all attendance. If a student looks to be at risk of not completing the TTC or graduating due to lack of attendance, the head teachers will be informed and students will be approached about the situation. Steps will be taken to try to rectify the problem and get the student back on track.

What happens if I do not pass all elements of the final exam?

If you do not pass all elements of the Tantra TTC exam (this includes the practicums, written exam and/or the spiritual assessment) at the required and necessary level, you may retake the exam at a later date after more personal practice and studying has been done.

Please note that participation in the Tantra TTC alone DOES NOT guarantee certification. You will need to acquire and display all the necessary skills (personally, professionally, and spiritually) in order to be eligible for and earn your teaching certificate.

What kind of personal transformation can I expect?

In order to become a proficient and influential teacher, the ego and all of its many faces and facets will need to be confronted. This is accomplished through various tantric exercises and rituals where you will gain insight into your own barriers and limitations that exist within. Only from this seat of self-awareness can you truly become a powerful, influential and humble teacher of Tantra.

This TTC will be a test of perseverance and dedication to the path. Only those who prove themselves a true tantric capable and deserving of the Tantra Teaching Certificate will graduate and receive the blessing of the guru.

Please consider this before applying to join.

What will I be able to teach upon completing this TTC and receiving my teaching certificate?

After graduating from this Tantra TTC, you will be certified to teach up to 5-day retreats on the combined topics of tantric sexuality, tantric relationships, and tantric rituals. You will also be licensed to teach private couples’ retreats and 2-day weekend workshops.

Prototypical retreat and workshop schedules will be provided for you during the TTC.

Are there any course or experience prerequisites for joining this TTC?

No. The application for this course is open to all who wish to join. However, you do need to be fluent in the English language to participate in this 5-week training.

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