Tantra Massage Teacher Training Course

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Our Tantra Massage Teacher Training Course is created to provide a unique opportunity for spiritually oriented students to become highly skilled in the transformative knowledge of Tantra Massage as conceived by Somananda.

In this course you will become an accomplished Tantra Massage teacher able to lead groups with various dynamics anywhere in the world and to guide individuals to a deep understanding of energy work.

Upon the successful completion of the course a Tantra Massage Teacher’s Certificate will be issued to you by the Somananda Tantra School. Read more


This is a 200-hour training course conducted over 4 weeks


Anyone with passion towards energy work and teaching can join.

Here is what you will gain:

  • Essential knowledge on the mysterious potential of the sexual and pranic energy
  • Proficiency related to the principles governing energy
  • Understand the fundamentals of energy orgasms and how to remove blockages that impede such orgasmic states
  • Realize the essential laws of karma and energetic purity needed to teach Tantra Massage safely and successfully
  • Gain practical skills and confidence in teaching Tantra Massage and energy healing to others
  • Receive a formal certificate and spiritual empowerment to teach Tantra Massage
Tantra Massage Teacher Training Course
Tantra Massage Teacher Training Course – students in lecture
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Curriculum of study

Our transformative Tantra Massage TTC consists of three essential parts, each one representing a fundamental aspect of a skilled and qualified Tantra Massage teacher.

All parts will be taught simultaneously, however, the first weeks will be dedicated predominantly to part 1 and 2 of the curriculum.

Practicum sessions are held on week four and five where all participants will give lectures and lead practical Tantra Massage sessions for their peers and supervising teachers. Each practicum is followed by feedback on your performance and areas for improvement.

The Tantra Massage TTC will conclude with a final exam, graduation ceremony and empowerment meditation.

The Tantra Massage TTC includes the teachings of our Tantra Massage Therapist Training. Upon completion of this course you will also be certified as a Tantra Massage Therapist.

What you can teach

After graduating from this Tantra Massage TTC, you will be certified to teach a holistic program of energy-based Tantra Massage workshops up to five days in duration. Prototypical schedule will be provided for you during the TTC.

Your toolkit as a teacher

  • Comprehensive step-by-step Tantra massage protocol for awakening energies in the whole body
  • Clear steps for teaching sacred yoni and lingam massage
  • Five fundamental Tantra Massage lectures
  • Sun Salutations practice for purification and energy balancing
  • Skills to identify energy blockages in your students and tools to help them

Dates and tickets

This course is not scheduled at the moment. Join our newsletter and be the first to know when it will be offered again.

Hear it from our students


For whom is the Tantra Massage TTC intended?

The Tantra Massage TTC aims to reach open-minded individuals who would like to embark on a tantric journey with an authentic spiritual focus.

If you feel a genuine wish to learn about the mystical properties of energy as taught by Tantra and its use and benefits for personal and spiritual evolution and you have a respectful, humble attitude toward passing this knowledge on to others, you are a good candidate for becoming a Tantra Massage teacher.

What is the difference between the Tantra Massage Teacher Training Course (TMTTC) and Tantra Massage Therapist Training (TMT)?

The 10-day Tantra Massage Therapist Training certifies you to only work as a therapist in one-on-one massage sessions and DOES NOT license you or prepare you to teach Tantra massage either in group courses or individually.

The Tantra Massage TTC, however, makes you into a Tantra Massage teacher as well as a Tantra Massage Therapist. As a graduate of the Tantra Massage TTC you can choose to do one-on-one sessions (work as a therapist) or to give individual or group workshops of Tantra massage (work as a teacher).

Will I learn how to give full-body energy orgasms in this TMTTC?

Tantric science is all about energy and in the Tantra Massage teachings we will focus a lot on learning to master energy in a way that brings about whole-body blissful and orgasmic experiences. We will also focus on this knowledge in the TMTTC.

However, although our Tantra Massage courses provide valuable life-changing experiences and teachings in tantric energy and spiritual knowledge, it is important to clarify that we cannot guarantee feeling energy, having energy-based experiences, or experiencing orgasms during the TTC’s duration.

These experiences depend on individual levels of purity, whether or not blockages exist, and karma, among other things – and therefore cannot be guaranteed. In some cases more time and individual practice may be needed. Please consider this before applying for the TMTTC.

Do I need to join as part of a couple?

No. Both singles and couples can join this course. All participants will be practicing (i.e. giving and receiving massages) with many partners throughout the course duration. We strive for gender balance in the course numbers.

Will I learn both yoni and lingam massage and if so, how?

In this training the practical exercises will be conducted mainly with men and women in pairs. Women will have the opportunity to receive yoni massage and to practice giving lingam massage to men and additionally to practice giving yoni massage to women (provided that enough women show interest).

Men will have the opportunity to receive lingam massage from women and to practice giving yoni massage to women. Additionally men will practice guiding lingam massage without physical touch.

What happens if I do not pass the final exam?

Successful completion of the Midterm Exam after the first 10 days of the course is a prerequisite to continue with the rest of the course.

In the unlikely event that you will not pass this exam, you will have the opportunity to retake it during the course. In case of a second unsuccessful attempt the participant can no longer continue with the program and will be asked to leave.

Not passing your practicums and/or the Final Exam at the required level means that you will need to join the next Tantra Massage TTC and complete the program with a new group (a discount will be offered for taking the course for the second time).

Until that time, a certificate will not be issued to you.

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