Sexual Transmutation and Sublimation: What Is Sexual Energy and How to Use It

2 October Oct 2022
Founder and Head Teacher

The concept of sexual energy in today’s world is limited to the sexual act alone for the most part. In Tantra, however, it is so much more.

You are probably here because you heard the term sexual energy and are curious to learn more. Maybe someone told you that you can do amazing things with your sexual energy far beyond sex and procreation. Or perhaps you are interested in becoming multi-orgasmic and taking your sexual experiences to whole new heights.

Regardless of your interests or motivations, you have come to the right place.

The truth is, you can in fact do extraordinary things with your sexual energy such as healing yourself, achieving great success in your life or business, amplifying your creativity, and even deepening your spiritual aspiration.

The key to using your sexual energy for a variety of purposes comes down to two very ancient and secret processes well defined in Tantra called sexual transmutation and sublimation.

Read on for a comprehensive guide to understanding your sexual energy better and how to use this ecstatic force for miraculous and mysterious purposes. The life of your dreams is at your very fingertips!

What is Energy Generally?

Energy is a universal force that is within us and all around us, and it is differentiated into many types such as pranic energy, emotional energy, mental energy, sexual energy, spiritual energy, frequencies, vibrations, the energy of colors and sounds, solar energy, lunar energy, and so on. The list is long.

Regardless of the type, there is one fundamental truth about all energy: It operates according to and is governed by specific laws. Uncover these laws and, in essence, you will acquire the universal key to controlling and mastering energy.

Take electricity for example. Electricity is a form of energy. Through scientific inquiry human beings were able to decode the laws which govern electricity. They discovered that when you put the plus aspect together with the minus aspect (together with a bulb and filament) an electrical charge is produced, resulting in the harnessing of energy to produce light. Once this discovery was made electricity was no longer just a theory or concept. It became a living and breathing reality and that was because the electricity “code” was cracked.

Everything is made up of energy from animate objects to inanimate objects – from furniture to cars, the sun, food and water, and yes, even and especially human beings.

We are energetic beings living in a reality made up of energy.

Energy - we are made of energy and energy is all around us
We are energetic beings living in a reality that is made up of energy. Whether we are conscious of it or not, energy is influencing us and our lives all the time.

Most people are unaware of these energetic forces mainly because they are invisible and more subtle in nature and not easy to see with the naked eye or touch and feel tangibly. However, as a tantric practitioner, you can learn how to see energy, feel energy, harness energy, interact with energy, and control energy consciously.

Here are a few everyday examples that show where energy is at play; it may evade you if you are new to the concept of energy or not a believer (yet)…

  • You think of someone and a few minutes later they call you on the phone
  • You feel someone’s presence before you can see them or hear them
  • You find yourself feeling depleted or exhausted after being in a group setting or being in someone’s company
  • You feel hyper emotional or experience heightened sexuality during the full moon
  • You feel a jolt of energy, a shiver up your spine, or a blissful wave takes over your body after an orgasmic experience

These are all examples of energy at play. You are constantly interacting with energy every minute of every day, whether you know it or not. In fact, your whole life (including your birth) and life circumstances are due to energetic forces acting upon you.

We are energetic beings living in a reality made up of energy.

What is Sexual Energy Specifically?

As mentioned above, there are many different types of energy and sexual energy is one of them.

Every living thing on the planet – including human beings, animals, plants, and micro-organisms – is here because of sex and sexual energy. It is the energy of life and the energy of creation.

Sexual energy at its most basic level is the driving force behind the sexual act itself. It is linked to both innate biological programs as well as our desires.

Sexual energy - your sexual energy is a life-giving energy
Your sexual energy is a life-giving energy which is sustaining and maintaining you all the time.

A deeper look into sexual energy also reveals that it is not just some survival instinct to propagate the species, but is in fact our life force energy and life creation energy. It is the energy that brings forth and creates life first and foremost but it also sustains life. 

Sexual energy is life-giving energy which animates all living creatures. Throughout your life, on a physical level, your sexual energy sustains you and nourishes you. In other words, it gives you life at birth but it doesn’t end there. This energy accompanies you throughout your entire life, regenerating your cells constantly.

Sexual energy is the energy of creation and creativity. All of us ultimately stem from sex. We are a creation of sex and it is our origin. Without sexual energy there would be no life because there would be no urge, motivation, or driving force to create life.

Sexual energy is life and life is sexual energy. The two are inseparable.

Beyond the creation of life, sexual energy can be used to create and give birth to other things too such as a business, a long-lasting relationship, a novel or piece of art, money, success, and so on.

At the end of the day, sexual energy is a neutral energy, like all other energies. Its utility is not limited, confined, or narrowly defined. To understand its potential, it is necessary to broaden the concept beyond a correlation with just sex. It is an energy of force with a lot of power behind it and with the right intention, it can be channeled to any purpose, passion, goal or direction.

Bottom line, sex, sexuality, and sexual energy are fundamental to who you truly are. You are a sexual being and in spiritual Tantra that is revered and celebrated, not abhorred and rejected.

It is your superpower IF you understand it properly and know how to use it.

Sexual energy is life and life is sexual energy. The two are inseparable.

You Are Made up of Energy

Sexual energy - you are made up of energy
Beyond the physical body, you are a sophisticated infrastructure of energy.

It may be hard to fathom that you are more than just your gross, physical body. Our whole lives we are told just that – that there is nothing beyond what we can see and feel. If it is invisible then it doesn’t exist.

However, the more you study Tantra and do tantric practices such as Tantra Yoga, meditation, and pranayama, the more you will develop your energetic senses. Your perception can extend beyond the physical body and you will start to perceive your more ethereal structure. In the meantime, I will try to provide a more theoretical explanation of the energetic substructures that make you you.

Beyond your material body and physical manifestation, you are a sophisticated infrastructure of energy.

First of all, you have five koshas or subtle bodies that surround the physical body and extend beyond it, kind of like the layers of an onion. The only difference here, however, is that in the case of the onion the layers are independent. In the case of the five bodies, the layers are interconnected, overlapping, and interdependent.

Additionally, you have seven energy centers known as the seven chakras which are positioned just outside the physical body in key points or areas, each of which corresponds with an energetic plane in the Universe.

And finally, each of the seven chakras is connected to the physical body via a nadi or energy channel, which is part of a super-network of more than 72,000 energy channels. Nadis are similar to the meridians of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. These channels are there to transfer, circulate, and conduct energy throughout your entire body.

This complex energetic system and framework is what allows you to interact with universal forces such as energy. Your five bodies, seven chakras, and 72,000 nadis act like antennas or broadcasting stations that can both receive and emit energy. It is an extremely sophisticated system and a divinely intelligent design all contained inside of you.

Studying Energy Through the Lens of Tantra

The connection between energy and Tantra is often overlooked. The truth is Tantra is the science and study of energy fundamentally speaking. It is also a very vast and comprehensive spiritual tradition that uses energy to reach spiritual accomplishments such as high states of consciousness and enlightenment.

Sexual energy is best studied through the lens of Tantra
Tantra is the science and study of energy so it makes sense to look deeper into the topic of sexual energy through the lens of Tantra.

Tantra is a huge topic in and of itself. If you are a beginner to Tantra or want to understand authentic Tantra more, I highly recommend that you read this comprehensive guide.

The tantric masters studied energy extensively. They studied all types of energy and learned how to crack the code of each so that they could ultimately master energy. Of course, they realized they could use energy for material gain and worldly pleasures such as success and money. However, being spiritually inclined they had only one interest and that was to use energy for reaching God and realizing their true divine nature.


Tantra - How to master energy

Steps to Mastering Energy


They discovered very quickly that while all energy has power, one energy in particular was especially formidable and had a potentiality that far exceeded any other type of energy, and that was sexual energy.

This dynamic force known as sexual energy is the most potent energy available to you as a human being. If it can be used to create life, imagine what else it could do if it was redirected elsewhere.

It is for that reason that the tantric masters studied sexual energy extensively… not because they were sex-obsessed but because they were “God-obsessed.” They knew sexual energy, if repurposed, was their one-way express ticket to the ultimate spiritual accomplishment!

Tantra is the only spiritual tradition that both truly defines sexual energy almost like an engineer would and also has devised methodical techniques for feeling it, controlling it, and transmuting it (more on that shortly).

How to Use Sexual Energy

Sexual energy is utilized in a fairly unconscious way these days, due to no fault of our own. Unfortunately, we are taught from a very young age that sex is for two things and two things only: momentary pleasure or procreation.

Sex education in schools teaches teenagers the mechanical or technical aspects of intercourse, how to apply a condom properly, and what are the risks of sex (pregnancy and STIs). The “education” doesn’t extend much beyond that.

Question: Why don’t they teach us how to retain our sexual energy, how to circulate sexual energy, how to become multi-orgasmic, or how to transmute sexual energy to create the life of our dreams?

Modern sexology definitely doesn’t make the connection between sexuality and spirituality either. In fact, we are told these are paradoxical concepts. If you want to be spiritual you have to be ascetic and if you want to be sexual you cannot be spiritual.


Sex and Spirituality Aren't so Different

Read article


Luckily Tantra debunks those myths and embraces both sexuality and spirituality. Tantra also teaches you how to practically use sex and sexual energy to reach spiritual illumination and how to cultivate spiritual sexuality.

My point is you have likely been misled about the power and potential of your sexual energy.

Here are 7 extraordinary ways sexual energy can be used inside and outside of the bedroom…

1. Healing

Sexual energy is very healing in nature. I would say it is the most powerful healing energy on the planet, in fact. There are known cases where diseases such as cancer were eliminated by the simple act of retaining, recirculating, and repurposing this precious life-giving and life-promoting energy towards health and healing.

2. Spirituality

Tantric masters – both ancient and modern – use the sexual energy to spiritualize their body, mind, emotions, and consciousness. When repurposed in this way, sexual energy can act like a rocket ship, propelling you forward in your evolution exponentially fast.

3. Increased Sexual Potential

Normal and ordinary sexuality is a far cry from tantric sex. Not only is the pleasure short-lived but the sexual act tends to be more animalistic in nature and less of a divine, otherworldly experience.

Through the study of spiritual tantric sexuality you can learn how to have deeply intimate, mind-blowing, super-sensory sexual experiences that are fulfilling, divine, and highly pleasurable in nature.

If you desire to leave sexual mediocrity behind and to transform into an extraordinary lover,  you will need to learn how to conserve and transmute your sexual energy and tantric sexuality needs to be thoroughly studied.

Sexual energy - tantric sex is a sophisticated form of love making
Tantric sex is the gateway to a sophisticated form of love-making that can take both the man and the woman to extraordinary heights, orgasmically speaking and spiritually speaking.

4. Full-Body Energy Orgasm

Sexual energy is a key player in being able to achieve the full-body energy orgasm. For this the sexual energy needs to be re-educated, the energy channels opened and purified, and the energy needs to be dispersed throughout your entire being. This is all accomplished through Tantra Massage – a spiritual form of massage where Ayurveda meets Tantra.

A full-body energy orgasm experience feels like every cell in your body is having its own mini orgasm. Waves of bliss and pleasure take over your whole body. And it is not just for the sake of pleasure either. It may surprise you to learn that full-body energy orgasm is extremely healing in nature and feels very divine and sublime.

5. Manifesting

Sexual energy - you can use your sexual energy to manifest the life of your dreams
Through sexual alchemy you can manifest the life of your dreams!

Some might call this sex magic but I refer to it as sexual alchemy. Here you use the sexual energy and even your orgasmic experiences to achieve certain goals or aspirations in your daily life.

You can use your sexual energy to call in an ideal partner, for financial abundance, to resolve a longstanding problem or issue, or to get that perfect job, for example.

6. Relationship Transformation

I know many couples who used sexual energy to heal problems that existed in their relationship and to elevate their relationship dynamic to the next level. They did this by channeling their own sexual energy in a specific way and also by practicing tantric sexuality for the greater good of their partnership.

7. Self-Development

Sexual energy can be used for development of the self as well. Whether you wish to cultivate certain qualities and characteristics – such as self-confidence, charisma, courage, willpower, and bravery – increase your intelligence, improve your memory, eliminate fears and anxiety, or develop your masculinity or femininity, sexual energy is the key.

Now all this might sound phantasmagoric and out of reach, but I assure you it is very real and very reachable. It cannot be achieved through wishful thinking alone though! This is where sexual transmutation and sublimation come into play, providing the means to accessing your internal power and best self. 

Sexual Transmutation Definition

Transmutation is defined as the process of being changed into another form. Sexual transmutation is therefore when the sexual energy specifically is changed into another form.

You see, the sexual energy is a very raw and dense form of energy that is produced and contained in the sex center of your being. In more esoteric terms, this is known as the sacral or second chakra.

In this crude form, sexual energy tends to be heavy and to wreak more havoc then good. When there is an excess or imbalance of sexual energy it can cause things such as overwhelming and chaotic emotions, strong sexual urges, irresponsible behavior, aggression, agitation, overthinking, disproportionate reactions, hysteria, diseases of the sexual organs, sexual dysfunctions, and other unpleasant phenomena.

You could liken sexual energy to crude oil that was just extracted from the earth. Crude oil is heavy, thick, dense, and isn’t worth much. Only when it is transported to the processing plant and subjected to extreme heat does it undergo change and refinement. Then it becomes a commodity that is both useful and beneficial.

Sexual energy - you can liken sexual energy to crude oil extracted from the earth
You can liken sexual energy to crude oil extracted from the earth. It needs to undergo refinement before it becomes a useful form of energy.

It is the same with sexual energy.

Sexual energy needs to change form and be refined in order to be useful and beneficial to you. It cannot be used for anything other than momentary pleasure or procreation until it is purified into a more rarefied and potent energy, at which point it becomes an inner force you can direct at will to any purpose.

You have likely been misled about the power and potential of your sexual energy.

How Sexual Transmutation is Performed

Sexual energy needs to be subjected to an alchemical agent such as heat and fire in order to change form, just as in our example with crude oil. This is accomplished inside your own body through the practice of Tantra.

As I mentioned before, crude oil has to be extracted and transported to a factory to be processed. Your sexual energy also needs to be extracted and taken to a factory to be processed and refined so it can transform into a more usable form.

Lucky for you, you have your very own built-in processing plant inside of you. One aspect of your structure produces heat through a subtle form of fire, thereby acting as an internal factory. There are specific tantric practices (asanas, mudras, and bandhas) which are designed to extract your sexual energy just like an oil drill would extract crude oil from the earth. Once extracted, the sexual energy is transported upward to your innate heat factory where it is processed, purified, and refined. When this happens, sexual energy does not lose its potency. On the contrary, it becomes even more mighty and potent compared to its original nature.

This is what we call the biological transmutation process, or sexual transmutation.

How to Use Sexual Energy to Manifest

Simply transmuting the sexual energy is not the final goal in itself. The last piece of this esoteric and mysterious process is sublimating the energy, or in other words, continuing to channel it upward along your energetic network to the superior levels of your being (aka the higher chakras).

This is where the magic really unfolds, your life becomes extraordinary, and you actually hold the key to changing your destiny.

Sexual transmutation + sublimation = transformation.

Sexual energy - in addition to transmutation the sexual energy needs to be sublimed upwards
Sexual transmutation is just one step in this process. The sexual energy also needs to be sublimed upwards along the spine to the higher levels of your being.

As I mentioned above, just because your sexual energy wasn’t used to create life doesn’t mean its life-creating properties, potential, and essence were lost. In fact, because of the transmutation and sublimation process, it has been amplified and is more forceful and dynamic than ever before.

Plus, it has become a more universal energy in nature and can be used to create, birth, and give life to other things – an artistic masterpiece, a scientific discovery that will save humanity, an epic relationship, a legendary sex life, the job of your dreams, a new business, spiritual evolution, healing a broken heart, or reaching enlightenment.

Tantra teaches you how to use your sexual energy to create and manifest the life you have always imagined!

Sexual transmutation + sublimation = transformation.

How to Learn Sexual Transmutation and Sublimation

To achieve the transmutation and sublimation of sexual energy authentically and to reap the fruits of this process that I have described thus far, genuine knowledge must be learned. There is a lot more to discover!

Most of the information freely available on the internet regarding sexual transmutation and sublimation and referred to as “free step-by-step guides” are very superficial in nature. Do not be duped. Make sure you are studying from a school and/or a teacher that are transmitting the traditional knowledge with authentic teachings.

Sexual energy - be sure to study sublimation and transmutation from a trusted source
Lecturing to student’s about the magical and mysterious properties of the sexual energy and how it can be used in every day life.

If sexual transmutation is presented as a method of breathing or meditation, for example, chances are this is not the real deal.

In real Tantra, sexual transmutation and sublimation are precise and clear. They require specific yogic methods such as asanas, bandhas, and mudras and, most importantly, it takes time, practice, and diligence to reach success. I don’t say this to deter you but rather to set realistic expectations and to keep you from being led astray.

Sexual transmutation and sublimation are two of the most beneficial practices a human being could ever learn in his or her lifetime and they are foundational principles for all of Tantra. If you take them seriously and study them properly, the effects are life-changing. You could become a master of your sexual energy and in turn a master of your life.

That is no small feat. It is what all tantrics aspire for and you should too!

If you wish to further study sexual energy, sexual transmutation, sublimation, tantric sexuality and energy mastery, I recommend to further your studies in: Spiritual Tantra Sexuality, Tantra Yoga Level 1 Program, and Tantra Massage Therapist Training.


Founder and Head Teacher

Spiritual yogi, lecturer, teacher and author, Somananda is the founder and head teacher of Somananda Tantra School.

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