Steps to Mastering Energy

3 February Feb 2016
Tantra - How to master energy
Liisa Maimon
Founder and Senior Teacher

If I would have to define Tantra in one sentence, it would be the following: Tantra is a spiritual science of energy. In other words, Tantra recognised thousands of years ago something that modern science only now starts to tap into – everything around us and in our creation, when you look deep enough, is energy.

We at Somananda Tantra School are a spiritual tantric school. What does this mean? We teach through Tantra Yoga how to recognise, feel, use and master different forms of energy in order to gain spiritual and life-improving effects.

Sexual energy is just one form of energy Tantra looked into. It is an extremely potent and powerful energy, and this is why about 5-10% of tantric teachings deal with this specific form of energy.


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Full Body Energy Orgasm Videos

Full-body energy orgasm videos that we have posted to our Youtube channel (Video 1 and Video 2) have been accumulating well over 7 million views, a lot of comments, enquiries and also many doubtful notes (as was expected). Today we also posted a video where a woman, myself, is performing the full-body energy orgasm on a man (Video 3).

For many of you it was a long awaited video to offer perhaps some “balance” to the videos where Somananda, my teacher, has been showing the potential that exists in mastering sexual energy. So yes, DEFINITELY mastery of energy is available for both men and women – as receivers and as givers. If you have access to the right knowledge and if you have the stamina to practice, the results will come.

Many Aspects in Controlling Energy

There are several aspects that one needs to look into to become skilled with controlling energy. Once this ability of control has been acquired, you can choose to use this skill with the sexual energy, or pretty much with any other type of energy as well (Kundalini energy, pranic energy, etc).

If I would have to define Tantra in one sentence, it would be the following: Tantra is a spiritual science of energy.

Key Factors in Mastering Energy

Tantra - the study and control of energy
The mastery of energy requires a strong mind and a powerful ability to focus.

1. Building up the ability to concentrate and focus the mind fully. Authentic yogic techniques are the best tools here. The average person’s ability to truly be focused is unfortunately rather poor. The mind is constantly jumping around and is very distracted. However, in energy work your mind is your main tool and it needs to be sharp like a razor.

The yogis say that “where the mind goes, energy flows”. This means, if your mind is constantly distracted and full of random thoughts, then doing anything wise with the energy will be close to impossible. Tantric meditation and Yoga practices are the best tools to train the mind.

Tantra - purification is key in Tantra
Pictured here is a neti pot. This is one of the cleansing techniques of the Shatkarma Kriya system of Yoga.

2. Purifying the body, and therefore also the mind, with yogic purification techniques and Hatha Yoga. Energy does not move harmoniously in a system which is clogged and impure. Therefore, yogis made it their business to regularly purify their physical, emotional and mental bodies. There is a whole system of yogic purification called Shatkarma Kriya, which addresses exactly this. These teachings are included in our Tantra Yoga Level 1 Retreat.

3. Understanding the principles of sexual energy and how it works. All energy, including the sexual energy, follows certain rules of how it operates. It is almost like an exact science. The tantrics were very clear on these rules and knowing them gave them the ability to use that energy to for high purposes. The same way we understand and use electricity, radio waves or mobile networks (all types of energy), we can also harness and use sexual energy. 



Liisa Maimon

Founder and Senior Teacher

An inspiring tantric yogini, Liisa is a strong driving force of the school – both as a senior teacher and general manager.

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