The Hidden Realms: Angels, Demons, Spirits and Magic

See Behind the Secret Curtain of the Universe

What is happening behind the scenes in the world, as well as in our reality and lives? Are there forces being purposefully hidden from you, yet affecting your life (and all of humanity) in massive ways?

The structure of the universe, or the matrix in which we live, is a complex hierarchical sphere that is both governed and occupied by unseen energies, entities, frequencies, spirits, hidden angel realms, and other worlds.

In the authentic tantric spiritual teachings of Indian Tantra and western mysticism, this knowledge has been known for hundreds and even thousands of years. Spiritual masters were able to dominate these energies and change reality – many called it magic.

In this workshop we will take a practical approach to these teachings and learn the yogic and tantric way to understand, control and use this hidden knowledge for our spiritual evolution and world success. Read more


3 days online course


Fitting for everyone who has the courage to look beyond the obvious

While people from all cultures and civilizations on this planet, and from all backgrounds, have held beliefs in spirits or entities of various kinds, those of a more materialistic or rationally minded disposition have often dismissed these ideas as primitive, ignorant, or as a desperate attempt of our primitive ancestors to explain the world without science.

However, the truth is much more incredible than what you know, and these invisible forces – which often interface between the hidden realms, the divine will and human reality – can influence and even dominate our lives.

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Who is this course for?

These teachings are designed for anyone with an interest in the invisible realms and spirits that make up our reality and the broader universe. Whether you are just a curious seeker or an advanced metaphysician, you will gain valuable insight, knowledge, and experience in this unique retreat.

Is interacting with spirits and entities dangerous?

We interact with spirits and entities all the time, often unknowingly. This workshop will cultivate our understanding of these forces and provide participants with the insights and tools to interact skillfully with them and shape their influence in our lives rather than being unwittingly controlled by them.

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