The Art of Prayer

Learn a Magical Form of Interaction with the Divine

Discover the secret ingredient that transmutes prayer from ordinary lip service to an extraordinary living, breathing, and dynamic force capable of entirely changing how you live!

The way prayer is portrayed today is a true spiritual travesty. Hollywood has simplistically, superficially, and ignorantly depicted prayer in movies and television, and it has commonly been understood as more of an intention or wish than active practice. Devoid of any artful execution, holy intent, and heartfelt surrender, prayer is not only highly misunderstood and undervalued, but it is also fruitless.

The misconceptions stop with this extraordinary workshop, in which Somananda will shatter the walls of silence and remove the veils of ignorance, resurrecting prayer to its honorable and noble position as a magical interaction with the Divine. Read more


3 days online course


For anyone with a spiritual calling

In this workshop, you will learn that prayer – which is erroneously correlated only with religion – has two forms: the ascetic form and the tantric form. We will be exploring the latter.

The technology of tantric prayer will be revealed systematically and protocols and formulas will be shared for practicing the most advanced forms of prayer. Participants will begin to know prayer as a predictable and effective practice for transformation and evolution.

In addition, you will learn the tools of prayer for specific purposes in order to help yourself and others, as well as emergency prayer in critical times of sudden crisis.

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Art of Prayer - student's participating in a prayer ritual

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Who is this course for?

These teachings are designed for any curious spiritual seeker or religious devotee who wishes to discover the lost art of prayer. The teachings will include practical, accessible, and applicable tools and tips for transforming prayer into a potent and sacred form of spiritual practice.

Do I have to believe in God to attend this workshop?

No. This workshop is open to anyone, regardless of beliefs and religious or spiritual affiliations. The tantric way of prayer is all-encompassing and all-embracing and is not based on dogmatic principles.

That said, the teachings will no doubt expand and deepen your current views on God, the universe, religion, and your true purpose as a human being. Joining with an open mind and heart will amplify the results for you.

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