My Return to Self Through Tantra

My Return to Self Through Tantra

In 2000, I had a universal experience with energy as a result of deep practices I was pursuing at the time. However, I would not know this experience was a tantric one for another nearly two years. Despite being solidly grounded since I was a child, despite trusting in God and in my guides, the tantric path had eluded me.

For almost 18 years, I sought out a place to practice authentic Tantra – talking to various practitioners, checking out different schools – and I came up empty. In January 2018, however, I discovered the Somananda Tantra School. Finally I felt that I had met knowledgeable teachers with integrity who were offering genuine teachings.


The ultimate homecoming

At the time I found Somananda Tantra School, my spouse of 12 years had died suddenly and unexpectedly only six months earlier and I was still incredibly fragile and I was unsure how to heal my broken heart. The grief in my body, mind, and soul was devastating.

I remember seeing that the school was coming to New York City and I signed up immediately for the Spiritual Tantric Sexuality course, hoping to find real teachings and techniques to help alleviate my suffering.

The topics of spirituality and sexuality had always been separate for me, and I could not bring them into wholeness. Just before the course began, I was beginning to regain my spirit and joie de vie, and I told to a wise elder and friend that I knew this course would be a life-changing experience, that I would meet another aspect of myself and it would be a “homecoming.”

Indeed it was.


Spirituality and sexuality aligned

After the course, and for the first time in my life, my spirituality and sexuality were in alignment – the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of me had joined into oneness. I had never felt this before. It felt as if my breath was drawing from a place I had never known existed, buried deep in the depths of my being.

The curriculum and teachers represented the integrity I had been searching for all those years. I learned sacred and reliable pillars of practice that I could depend on to bring spiritual results and implement into my life immediately. I am truly grateful that my higher guides honored me by leading me to this gateway of my deepest purpose.


A bright future

In the year following since my first course I have become a licensed Tantra Massage Therapist and attended a 5-week intensive Tantra Yoga Teacher Training Course in India.

I have begun to realize the treasure in my own breath, body, and life-force from these authentic teachings. I will continue to study with Somananda Tantra School, as it holds high all the values and ethics I admire. It is a place to “come home” to, a place to do my karmic clearing and cleansing, as well as my life’s work. Each day, with these teachings, is a gift and I am continually blooming and blossoming more than I ever dreamed possible.

Thank you to this school – a true spiritual gem and beacon of light for those that seek it!

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As the founder of Healing the Global Village, LLC, Ann is an initiated elder, Tantra Massage Therapist, Level 1 Tantra Yoga Teacher, minister, shamanic practitioner, life coach, and an International Certified Firewalk Trainer/Instructor. She also holds a degree in Mental Health and Science.
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