Guided Tantra Yoga Class Vol 1

1 January Jan 2024
Siegbert Büschel

Tantra Yoga is a very special and unique type of Yoga that is both ancient and rare. It is the Yoga of ENERGY and can transform you into an antenna for absorbing and interacting with powerful forces in the universe.

Prepare your Yoga mat, choose a quiet space, and immerse yourself in this guided Tantra Yoga class with me.

How Does Tantra Yoga Work?

We are energetic beings first and foremost and, therefore, interact with energy every minute of every day. The only problem is that for most, this interaction is primarily unconscious.

Wouldn’t it be nice to interact consciously and at will?

If you can achieve this, then you will harness various types of energy from the universe and use it to…

  • Heal yourself
  • Cultivate certain characteristics within yourself, such as courage, willpower, compassion, forgiveness, creativity, sensuality, and many others
  • Manifest an ideal partner
  • Get that dream job you’ve always aspired to
  • Become an exceptional healer and/or
  • Spiritualize yourself

The options are really endless and unlimited.

Becoming the master of your life happens when you become a master of energy. That includes energy inside yourself as well as outside of yourself.

At the end of the day, you are energy, and the reality in which you live is all energy as well. EVERYTHING is energy. And that is precisely what Tantra Yoga can do for you – it gives you tools and techniques to control, harness, and ultimately master energy.

Read more about Tantra Yoga here.

Siegbert Büschel


Siegbert’s initial Christian upbringing prompted him to explore the purpose of life, which ironically led him to Yoga.

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Guided Tantra Yoga class at a yoga retreat
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Tantra Yoga Level 1

True Tantra Starts Here

Level 1 of the Tantra Yoga Module is a powerful initiation into our energy-based meditative Yoga. In retreat you will learn and practice profound fundamentals of the Hatha Yoga system, Laya Yoga, Karma Yoga, Nidra Yoga, Kriya Yoga (the yoga of purification), and much more. Level 1 serves as an irreplaceable stepping stone and foundation to one’s spiritual growth.
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