Siegbert Büschel


Growing up in a Christian family, Siegbert turned to religious studies in his youth to answer the essential questions in life. Ironically, his search eventually led him to the teachings of Yoga, which he discovered answered the questions that his religion left ambiguous.

In 2015 Siegbert began his studies and spiritual journey with Somananda Tantra School and his life changed dramatically after this first encounter with authentic Tantra and the ancient teachings. The  tantric wisdom Siegbert gained became relevant and useful in all areas of his daily life – which was a pleasant surprise. Whether in a partnership, interacting with people in a personal or professional setting, or in self-development, Tantra was imminently practical everywhere and in every which way. This helped to broaden Siegbert’s narrow perspective and improve the quality of his life.

What touched him most was experiencing of the meaning of true love firsthand. The feeling of being unconditionally loved and wholly accepted, as well as the gift of forgiveness – both on the giving and receiving end. This touched his soul and changed his outlook on life, love and happiness forever. It was a wonderful feeling.

Siegbert was also truly astonished to discover that the Christian teachings of his youth and the teachings of Yoga were not as paradoxical as he was originally lead to believe. In fact, they merged seamlessly and powerfully together, creating a whole and complete representation and blueprint for all of life. Suddenly everything made sense and his spiritual search had a clearly defined goal.

In this significant phase of Siegbert’s life, he recognized the true potential of Tantra under ordinary and extraordinary circumstances. He made a decision to embark fully on the tantric path and resign from his steady and secure job in order to work as a freelancer. This important change offers him more freedom and flexibility so that he can continue his spiritual studies and spend a devotional amount of time on his sadhana, or spiritual practice, while teaching under the guidance and support of the school.

Siegbert finds great joy in sharing the tantric teachings with others, which have enriched his life in countless ways.