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Tantra Yoga Level 2 Retreat

Become a true aspirant


18 – 26 April 2020
Enxara do Bispo, Portugal

Tantra Yoga Level 2 expands upon and magnifies the knowledge and practice gained in Level 1. This is the next step in your spiritual evolution through the tantric treasures. Here the teachings of Hatha, Laya and Kriya yogas advance; you will begin the preparation for pranayama and get intimately acquainted with deeper yogic philosophy and the laws of the mind.

These teachings will strengthen your spiritual aspiration, sharpen your concentration, give spiritual empowerment through daily Yoga and meditation practice with your peers. You can expect to be inspired by profound lectures and satsangs.

Within our comprehensive Yogic Path the Tantra Yoga Module is like the trunk of the tree – the most important pillar, which your evolution stands on. Level 2 is the continuation of your spiritual journey.

Tantra yoga course

Teachings of Level 2:

  • Foundational teachings of the laws of the mind
  • Introduction to Prana and pranayama
  • Preparation for the Complete Yogic Breath
  • Four new Hatha Yoga techniques
  • Teaching and practice of powerful agnisara dhauti and ashvini mudra
  • Teaching and practice of pranayama with vowels
  • Philosophical bases of Yoga
  • Damaru Tantra
  • The Yoga of Sight
  • What is meditation, and more

Course Prerequisite

To join this next level retreat within our Tantra Yoga Module you have to have previously completed the Tantra Yoga Level 1.

Teachers of this retreat

This retreat is led by our senior teachers Liisa Maimon, Dharmananda and assisted by other team members. The retreat language is English.

Retreat Schedule

Day 1 (18 April 2020): Arrival and welcome
At 16:00 the group transport bus departs from Lisbon. The exact departure location will be communicated to all participants. We recommend that you arrive to Lisbon at least a couple of hours before this departure time (or why not a day before!). The drive to the venue is estimated to last about one hour. At 19:00 welcome dinner begins at the venue followed by the retreat introduction at 20:00.

Days 2-8 (19-25 April 2020): Teachings and practice
On the 2nd day the teachings commence. You will be studying and practicing Yoga for approximately seven hours daily. Our teaching day starts at 7:30 and runs until 20:00, with several breaks organized throughout the day.

This Yoga retreat includes two Yoga sessions each day, as well as meditation practices, lectures and other teachings.

Example of daily schedule:

07:30 Session I: Morning practice
09:00 Breakfast
10:00 Session II: Teachings
13:00 Lunch and break
16:30 Session III: Afternoon teachings and practice
20:00 Dinner
21:00 Satsang, spiritual movie, special meditations or sauna
23:00 Lights out!

Day 9 (26 April 2020): Final ceremony and conclusion
Conclusion of the retreat and departure after lunch. Group bus transport back to Lisbon will depart latest 15:00. Do not plan your flights out of Lisbon earlier than 19:00.

Student feedback


This is my first course with your school. Can I join this course regardless?

All of the Tantra Yoga levels require the completion of the preceding level prior to joining the subsequent level. In this case, completion of Level 1 is required before joining Level 2 and completion of Level 2 is required before joining Level 3.

What do I need to bring with me for this retreat?

The specific items you are required to bring with you depend on the particular country and venue where we are holding the Level 2 and Level 3 retreat. You will receive an email with detailed instructions well before the retreat begins.

It is recommended to bring with you all your Tantra Yoga Level 1 notes and booklets to Level 2 and Level 3. These are helpful to review during Level 2 and will help prepare you for the Red Sash Exam at the end of the Level 3 retreat.

What if I do not pass the Red Sash Exam?

At the end of Level 3 your competency of the teachings up to this point will be evaluated in the Red Sash Exam. In the unlikely event of you not passing the exam, you will have the opportunity to retake the exam at a later time. You do need to successfully pass this exam in order to enroll in Tantra Yoga Level 4 and 5 retreat.

How many hours of Yoga and meditation will be practiced daily?

This can vary. On average, a full day will be between 7-8 hours of teaching and practice, with breaks organized throughout the day for rest and revitalization.

Each day consists of 3-4 hours of asana or Yoga practice, 1-2 hours of meditation and 1-3 hours of theoretical teachings. Occasional supplemental satsangs or spiritual discourses will be offered in the evenings.

Retreat Guidelines

  • Have an open mind to spiritual teachings and a willingness to learn and explore authentic knowledge
  • Arrive on time to each class and teaching
  • No smoking, alcohol or recreational drugs are allowed during the retreat
  • We recommend avoiding phone and Internet usage completely during the retreat. However, the maximum usage time is restricted to 1 hour per day during the lunch break.

Course Fee

Early-early bird fee: €1150, available if full payment is completed by 18 January 2020
Early bird fee: €1250, available if full payment is completed by 18 February 2020
Regular fee: €1350, in effect beginning 19 February 2020 

The course fee includes: All course teachings and various supplies, course materials, accommodation on a shared occupancy basis, rejuvenating meals three times a day, chartered bus transport from Lisbon to course venue and return, unlimited drinking water and tea. 

The course fee does not include: Flights and other transportation to Portugal or Lisbon, the cost of personal supplies for each participant (e.g. Yoga mat, Yoga clothes, and other items – a list will be sent prior to the course start date).

To book your place at this retreat a minimum deposit of €450 (Payment 1) is required. This amount is included in the prices listed under Course Fees. You may make the remaining tuition payment (Payment 2) according to the course fee timings shown above.

Please read and affirm that you fully understand our Terms of Service and Liability Waiver and Course Participation Agreement before making your payments as other payment and cancellation policies also apply.

Course Venue

This retreat is taking place in a beautiful countryside location just an hour drive from Lisbon city and Lisbon airport. Quinta da Enxara is a peaceful paradise in the hills close to natural beauty and stunning views. This makes it a perfect getaway place for your spiritual Yoga immersion.

The venue offers a natural swimming pool and wood-heated sauna. Nourishing meals are made of local farm produce.

Accommodation is in lovely comfortable yurts or rooms and in shared occupancy with 2 to 5 people. There is also one dormitory with up to 10 people. Bathrooms are shared (no en suite). Accommodation will generally be allocated based on your sign up date. Couples will have their own private yurt or room. Personal laundry can be done on site free of charge.


Quinta da Enxara
Estrada Nacional 9-2
Enxara do Bispo, 2665-053 Portugal
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[email protected]
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