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Tantra Massage Therapist Advanced Training

The next level in your mastery


25 January – 1 February 2020
Tallinn, Estonia

Our popular Tantra Massage Therapist Training (TMT) has been a great attraction for many students around the world bringing the knowledge of tantric energy to so many grateful enthusiasts.

The TMT Advanced Training is a next level certified course for all our TMT graduates. In this second level training we bring the study and practice of Tantra Massage to a whole new level of power, in-depth realization and achievements.

Our focus in this 52-hours training cycle will be on deepening the knowledge of energy mastery through techniques of astral healing, prana control and the usage of mind-energy-spirit connection. All of this will bring your abilities to a higher level of success.

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You will learn and experience the following:

  • The revelation of the next level in Tantra massage: Astral healing
  • Healing from distance and  astral massage
  • Using the fundamental forces of the Universe (the gunas) in Tantra Massage
  • Upgrading the control over prana and learning direct transfer of life-force
  • Left Hand Tantra and astral sex from the perspective of Tantra Massage
  • Introduction to Kundalini energy and its application in Tantra Massage
  • Client diagnosis: How to see the unseen
  • Special meditation for advanced energy control
  • Body-to-body massage techniques for therapy
  • Advanced level of tantric Yoni and Lingam Puja (high level ritual)
  • Revisiting and refreshing essential Tantra Massage skills

This course will focus on all dimensions of experience – deepening the knowledge of energy and superior techniques for controlling and channeling it with various partners.

In addition, we will concentrate on the critical development of the mind as the director of energy in the success of truly masterful bodywork. You will learn to integrate the mind-energy-spirit connection.

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This course is led by head teachers Somananda and Liisa Maimon and is supported by other team members.

Student feedback

General schedule

The TMT Advanced Training involves a total of 52 hours of intense studies and practice with group activities.

Day 1 (25 January): Group welcome dinner, 19:00

Days 2 to 7 (26-31 January): Teachings and practice of Tantric Massage for approximately eight hours daily. Our regular teaching day starts at 9:30 and runs until 19:00 with several breaks. In terms of rhythm, more intense sessions follow more relaxed sessions, such that participants do not need to sustain their energy maximally and have intervals to revitalize.

09:30 Morning teachings with occasional Hatha Yoga practice for energizing and building up vitality
11:00 Teaching and practice sessions
13:30 Break for lunch
15:00 Teaching and practice sessions
19:00 Conclusion for the day

Day 8 (1 February): Final practice sessions, certification ceremony and conclusion of the program by 14:00.

Prerequisites and notes

The TMT Advanced Training is open to our TMT graduates only. You may apply to join the advanced training if you have previously completed a Tantra Massage Therapist Training with us.

The Tantra Massage Therapist Advanced Training does not license you to teach Tantra Massage – not in the form of courses, nor individually. This course is designed to give you the next level knowledge and skills as a therapist. To become a teacher of Tantra Massage and to gain all the paramount knowledge in order to teach Tantra Massage safely you need to complete the Tantra Massage Teacher Training Course with us.

Course fee

  • Early-early bird fee: 1550€, available if full payment done by 25 November 2019
  • Early-bird fee: 1650€, available if full payment done by 25 December 2019
  • Regular fee: 1750€, starting from 26 December 2019

To apply for the course a minimum of 450€ deposit payment (Payment 1) is required for your application to be reviewed (this amount is included in the prices above). After you receive an acceptance confirmation, you can make the remainder payment (Payment 2). You can make all payments with a debit or credit card below. Upon a cancellation from you side, the deposit payment is NON-REFUNDABLE.

Course fee includes:

  • The full 52-hour program of teachings and practice
  • Personal consultations with the teachers
  • Massage oils and other supplies for the full duration of the training
  • Group welcome reception and dinner

Course fee DOES NOT include:

  • Accommodation during the course (an Orientation Guide with suggestions will be sent to all registered participants)
  • Meals, with the exception of the group welcome dinner
  • Transportation or flights


Is this a certification course?

Yes it is. The TMT Advanced Training is the next level of achievement in our Tantra Massage curriculum and this course can be attended if you have successfully completed the Tantra Massage Therapist Training (TMT). All graduates will receive a Level 2 Tantra Massage Therapist Certificate upon completion.

For whom is this training for?

The Tantra Massage Therapist Advanced Training is open to graduates of our Tantra Massage Therapist Training (TMT) who wish to advance their expertise in the areas of energy mastery and hands-on technicalities. Participants can expect to learn a higher level of effective and exciting techniques for their Tantra Massage protocol in personal and/or professional practice. In this 8-day intensive you will be submerged in the mystical and magical world of the spiritual art of touch while in the company of like-minded people.  

What will I learn in this course?

The TMT Advanced course is meant to take your skills, knowledge and experience to the next level and to further develop your ability to control energy. In addition to new teachings we will be enhancing the practices and protocols you learned in the TMT course.

What will the course group be like?

As with all our courses you can expect a very diverse group of like-minded people coming together from several different international destinations around the world. The group size will be between 16-28 people. What makes this training unique is that all participants are previous or seasoned students of Somananda Tantra School who have a background in Tantra Massage. Sharing tips and personal experiences, connecting with fellow spiritual aspirants and creating a network for referrals and support are just a few of the beneficial and beautiful aspects of this course.


Will massage tables be provided in the course?

We do not use massage tables in our courses and work solely on the floor. This method is most efficient for the control of energy and the execution of our massage techniques. Using the supplies and items that each student is instructed to bring for this course, comfortable massage spaces will be set up for each couple.

Working from the floor initially can be challenging for modern people, however, we do find that this generally eases as the course unravels and progresses. Nonetheless, we ask you to please assess your own current physical state to determine if you are able to fully participate in this course.


This course is open only to our Tantra Massage Therapist (TMT) graduates. For the purpose of creating a balanced and harmonious group,  the TMT Advanced course can be joined by application only. Please complete your payment online and you will receive a link to a short Application Form to your email. Upon completing the form your application will be processed and an answer will be given within 5 working days. In case of a negative answer your payment will be refunded.

This course includes nudity and intimate personal touch. It is essential that those wishing to join are ready to open up and approach this subject with maturity, sincerity, and respect. Please realistically evaluate yourself before applying. There is no explicit sexuality in this training and no explicit sexual activity is part of the curriculum.

Important note

Our Tantra massage courses provide valuable life-changing experiences and teachings in tantric energy and spiritual knowledge. However, despite that many participants experience energy-based orgasmic sensations in the course, it is important to clarify that our massage courses do not guarantee feeling energy, having energy-based experiences, or experiencing orgasms of any kind during the days of the massage course itself. These experiences depend on individual levels of purity, whether or not blockages exist, and karma, among other things – and therefore cannot be guaranteed. In some cases more time and individual practice are needed. Please keep this in mind before you register for any of our Tantra massage courses.


TAO Center
Rotermanni 2
Tallinn, 10111 Estonia
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[email protected]


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