7 Most Common Questions Women Ask Me About the Tantra Massage Therapist Training

10 August Aug 2021
Liisa Maimon
Founder and Senior Teacher

Tantra Massage is a great gift for women. First and foremost it is an energy-based, hands-on practice that is both therapeutic in nature and exceptionally healing. Powerful forms of energy are utilized to unearth anything that is contrary to your true nature and it transforms you from the inside out, giving you a new lease on life and a profound spiritual awakening.

If you are new to Tantra Massage I highly recommend you read the following two articles to familiarize yourself with the basis and purpose of this practice:


tantric massage - a woman's true liberation

Tantric Massage – Woman’s True Liberation?



For those women who are familiar with the benefits and power of Tantra Massage already and are keen to participate in our legendary 11-day Tantra Massage Therapist Training, read on.

Below I answer the 7 most common questions and concerns women have regarding Tantra Massage generally as well as specific questions about the Therapist Training.

Question 1. I Read that Nudity is Involved in the 11-day Training. Can You Explain to What Extent?

Tantra Massage for women
In our Tantra Massage courses, sarongs are used during all practice massage sessions.

As mentioned, Tantra Massage is a hands-on practice. We use oils and directly massage the physical body. It is for this reason alone that some elements of nudity are involved in the training.

I assure you, we approach nudity with care and respect. Covers are being used during the massage practice at all times to cover areas of the body that are not being massaged. You do not need to be fully naked in front of the group at all at any point during the practice. Only the part of the body that is being worked on will be uncovered.

In my experience, everyone usually relaxes about their physical bodies so much by day three or four that you will not care anymore if you are covered or not. Regardless, you will always have the option and can participate according to your level of comfort.

Question 2. I’m Nervous About the Yoni Massage. What Does it Involve?

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for vagina. Tantric yoni massage involves pressing and releasing specific internal pressure points for healing purposes. This art is done in a therapeutic way, not with a sexual or erotic goal in mind.

Yoni massage has been known to release blockages that women tend to store in their vagina that can be physical, emotional, energetic or sexual in nature.

Tantra Massage for women
The Tantra Massage protocol is broken up into parts, so that you can learn the practice in a step-by-step format. When learning the techniques for a new section of the body, a live demonstration will be given.

It also re-sensitizes key areas so that you can access deeper and more diverse forms of pleasure. Yoni massage makes a woman more orgasmic by awakening entire nerve bundles inside the vagina, which are often passive and latent.

If you suffer from past trauma or painful memories and have a difficult time letting go, this sacred practice is the answer. It can liberate you from the clutches of the past, plus so much more!

In our 11-day Tantra Massage Therapist Training, the yoni massage is only practiced from day three onwards. Leading up to that point we do many preparatory steps to ensure every woman is ready and feeling comfortable and confident in receiving yoni massage.


yoni massage

The Health Benefits of Tantric Yoni Massage


I also provide a live demo for everyone in the Training to observe. This guarantees the practice is done safely and harmoniously and with the right mindset and intentions.

All massage practice sessions are done in couples and supervised by myself and/or one of my skilled teachers. You will feel supported and secure at all times.

Question 3. How Many Partners Will I Work with During this 11-day Training?

Tantra Massage for women
Working with multiple partners during the training helps you to become more skillful as a therapist. 

There is no specific number, as it depends on the flow of that specific group. But in general, couples will exchange once per day.

To be a skillful therapist you must work with different people so that your range of expertise is broad and comprehensive. When and if you see your own clients in the real world, you will come across a variety of physical bodies, energy configurations, health problems/issues, blockages, personality traits and degrees of sensitivity.

The Tantra Massage Therapist Training trains you for the real world and ensures you are experienced and proficient and able to manage any and all client situations you may encounter.

Even if you plan on practicing Tantra Massage in a personal setting only, working with different partners in this training will make you a more powerful practitioner for your personal life as well.

Question 4. If I am Paired with a Partner that I Don’t Feel Connected to or Comfortable with, Will I Still Have to Receive a Yoni Massage?

Tantra Massage for women
Liisa photographed here giving a lecture on safe Tantra Massage practices to a group in Crete, Greece. 

No. You are never forced to receive a yoni massage. You will still need to work with the partner you are paired up with, but you can ask him to focus on massaging other areas of the body and skip the yoni.

With that said, we encourage all participants of this training to approach the subject of exchanging massage partners with maturity and respect always.

Also, keep in mind this training can only be joined by application only and after a video interview with one of our senior teachers. We do this so that the group is harmonious and fitting together nicely. Our pre-screening process ensures all who join are doing so with the right intentions and mindset.

Question 5. Is Sex Involved in this Training?

No. Explicit sex and sexuality are not a part of the Tantra Massage Therapist Training.

Many people assume because genital massage is included in the Tantra Massage protocol then it must be sexual. It is difficult in modern times to view the genitals as anything but sexual vessels.

In Tantra, however, the genitals are powerful organs of stored energy, first and foremost. More often than not, that stored energy is stuck and needs to be awakened, dispersed and re-educated so that it can flow properly and fluidly throughout the entire body. This is the basis of Tantra Massage.

When this stuck energy becomes unstuck, that is when and where the magic happens. The body begins to purify and purge things that are unhealthy and unwanted, the emotions begin to harmonize and balance, the mind begins to calm, and the full body energy orgasm can blossom and take root.

Question 6. Is it Safe to Join a Massage Retreat During Covid?

The Tantra Massage Therapist Training can be joined by application only. We take precautionary steps to ensure that the course group is harmonious, fitting together nicely and everyone is there with sincere intentions to learn and grow.

Tantra Massage for women
Loving and healing touch and the sense of community are essential to human beings.

With that said, if you decide to join then you will need to evaluate yourself and your level of comfort amidst Covid times. Group participants will be in close contact with each other every day and there is intimate touch involved, so this needs to be taken into consideration.

At the time this article was written, our school successfully held and completed two Tantra Massage Therapist Trainings during Covid times and all unraveled beautifully with no issues. In fact, I found the experience to be even more meaningful during Covid because of the extreme isolation and lack of touch we have all been exposed to.

This course is always divinely supported in many ways. There is something to say about community coming together, loving and healing touch and relating with others at the level of the heart.

These are not trivial desires but essential needs that fuel and feed the soul and give life meaning and purpose. If you come to this training with this mindset then only beautiful things will sprout.

Question 7: What if I Don’t Want to Be a Therapist?

I find that 40-50% of participants of this 11-day training do not have plans or intentions of being a Tantra Massage Therapist in their professional lives.

Many women join nevertheless because it is our most intensive and comprehensive retreat for Tantra Massage and covers in detail giving and receiving the full-body energy orgasm.

This Training will benefit you if you want to…

  • Work with Tantra Massage in a professional capacity and build a clientele base
  • Alleviate energetic, emotional and/or sexual blockages from your being
  • Heal and transform from the inside out
  • Go deeper with your partner and learn the Tantra Massage practice for personal use
  • Become an energy Jedi and unleash your own innate energetic potential and that of others


tantra massage course

Tantra Massage Therapist Training

Part of Tantra Sexuality Module

But Wait, There’s More…

Our 11-day Tantra Massage Therapist Training is for those with a sincere interest to take a deep dive into the magical and mysterious world of Tantra Massage and learn the real deal.

There are many imposter types of Tantra Massage out there – some of which are nothing more than just erotic massages with zero tantric basis. In order for Tantra Massage to be as fruitful, healing and life-changing it needs to stem from an authentic and bonafide tradition and maintain tantric fundamentals.

This training is MUCH more than just a massage course too! It is a spiritual journey into yourself and helps you to discover your energetic basis and potential as a human being.

In addition to the massage demonstrations and practices, you will receive theoretical teachings as well which define authentic Tantra, explain the fundamental basis of energy (the different types of energy, how energy moves, how to feel and control energy and eventually master it), prescribe key principles related to healing and unpack the full body energy orgasm phenomenon step-by-step.

Giving and receiving Tantra Massage in a back-to-back format for an extended duration of time, such as in an intensive retreat, will help the energy to drive deeper and deeper with each practice massage session. Subsequently, you will begin to purify layer by layer and the transformation and changes that take place will happen at a harmonious and gradual rate. There will be plenty of time for assimilation and integration too.

Tantra Massage for women
Tantra Massage Therapist graduates from a retreat I lead in May 2021 on the beautiful island of Crete, Greece.

I’m Happy to Support You

Needless to say, doing a Tantra Massage retreat of this kind is an investment of time, energy and resources. It also requires a certain degree of open-mindedness and maturity towards topics that may contradict conventional social mores. You definitely want to be sure it is the right next step for you.

I hope you found my answers to these 7 most common questions helpful and easing any concerns or hesitancies you may have. If you still have any outstanding questions please feel free to email me at and I will happily support you.

P.S. The question comes up from time to time if we offer payment plans. In some situations, this can be arranged. Be sure to and find out what is available.

Liisa Maimon

Founder and Senior Teacher

An inspiring tantric yogini, Liisa is a strong driving force of the school – both as a senior teacher and general manager.

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