Tantra: Sex for the Soul

Following prompting by participants in his courses, in 2014 Somananda wrote the Tantra exposé, Tantra: Sex for the Soul, to act as a guide for students new to Tantra. The book explores a wide variety of subjects essential to a complete understanding of sexual teachings in Tantra:

  • Why energy is key
  • What is tantric lovemaking?
  • Beginners’ issues and practice
  • Individual guidance for women and for men
  • Women and the healing effects of orgasm
  • Men and becoming centered in masculine power
  • Modern sexuality and tantric relationships
  • Tantric massage
  • Tantra and spirituality and much more
Somananda sex for the soul book

Book details:

Author: Somananda Moses Maimon
Paperback: 222 pages
Publisher: Bhairava Yoga, First edition (January, 2014)
Language: English

Here is a short extract from the book:

“If only you could stop during an orgasm to understand what you are feeling…. But most people are so blown away in that state that they cannot even describe it. The tantrics, on the other hand, meditated on that state and found that in the state of orgasm the human being forgets its ego, forgets its name, and forgets the feeling of being separate – he or she reaches the state of oneness, union. Sometimes we describe our most powerful orgasmic experiences as those during which our own body and our lover’s cannot be told apart. That is why the orgasmic state is a spiritual state. That is why Tantra says it has value.”

“When great masters of Tantra reached the state of enlightenment and then resumed a normal waking state, their disciples and students asked what it felt like. Surprisingly, the masters said it felt like having an orgasm within every cell of the body. Tantra says that zero in Sanskrit is shunyata, or void, which is the same way Buddha described the state of enlightenment. Orgasm in Tantra means surfing very gently on the edge of enlightenment and that is why people are interested in experiencing it. It is an opening, a door to something higher. The tantrics understood that sexuality is powerful and can take us to very high spheres.” – Tantra: Sex for the Soul