Guided Tantra Yoga Class Vol 2

2 May May 2024
Liisa Maimon
Founder and Senior Teacher

In today’s era, we are witnessing the emergence of what we can call “modern variations of Yoga” – from Vinyasa to Acroyoga, Ashtanga to “Beer Yoga” (yes, the latter actually exists and combines Yoga with drinking beer).

Personal evolution and real self-knowledge are not discovered at the bottom of a beer bottle but rather through deep internal contemplation, development of your mind, and faithful commitment to a proven spiritual path.

Tantra Yoga is one of such paths that has stood the test of time.

I invite you to join me in a meditative and energy-based Tantra Yoga experience. Get your yoga mat, find a quiet spot, and follow my guidance.



Committing yourself to Tantra Yoga enables you to unlock hidden potential within your mind and body. Rewarding changes that occur as a result of regular Tantra Yoga practice are the following:

  • Your mind will start expanding – all sensations and understanding will grow
  • You will begin perceiving energy not only within yourself but also in your surroundings
  • You will learn to control energy and use it for your spiritual benefit
  • Your body will become more healthy – you will overcome disruptions in energy within your body, which means you will also overcome illness
  • You will become aware of a higher aspect within yourself – the soul
  • You will get to know your true Self on a spiritual dimension

I invite you to join this class with me, practice with it repeatedly (at least 3 times a week) and you too will start to sense positive changes and transformation within yourself.

Enjoy the class!

Liisa Maimon

Founder and Senior Teacher

An inspiring tantric yogini, Liisa is a strong driving force of the school – both as a senior teacher and general manager.

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Guided Tantra Yoga class at a yoga retreat
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