Yoga for Men

Yoga for Men

If we view Yoga through a conventional lens of perception, it is understood as a form of physical fitness, a stretching program, or a system for toning the body. It is often considered to be a feminine approach to health and well-being, lodged in many people’s minds as a pursuit reserved for women, and indeed women primarily are the participants in Western classes and courses. Keeping this in mind, for a man to disregard the subtle conditioning in society that tells him Yoga is “for girls” and to participate in a predominantly women’s activity is a bit of a stretch – pun intended.

Common misconceptions

The modern approach we see taught in Yoga studios, schools, and retreats around the world today leads people to believe this ancient system is simply a set of physical postures, or asanas, combined with some breathing techniques. The goal seems to be one that is focused on physically oriented fitness alone.

Unfortunately, this simplified adaptation is not for the better. The essence of authentic Yoga has been lost, and so have many of its powerful, energetic results and renowned effects. Many devoted followers are led astray and away from its true heritage and complex nature nowadays. A whole and complete spiritual system, with thousands of years in lineage and history, has become just another trendy way to stay fit and keep in shape.

In truth, Yoga – and specifically the tantric form of Yoga which focuses on energy – is in fact a comprehensive system with the spiritual evolution of human beings as the main objective. When a genuine lineage and bona fide teachings are involved, it is a guaranteed path toward growth and development. Surprisingly, Yoga has a strong masculine heritage with a history of hardcore, devoted yogis who engaged in austere and rigorous practices – not for the faint of heart. Tantra Yoga for men is an ideal approach for a modern man to define and refine himself into a vira, a true spiritual hero.

Masculinity redefined

yoga for men

Masculinity these days is equated with having an aggressive, war-like attitude and displaying signs of the “alpha male” typology – machismo, toughness, and emotional aloofness. Manliness is considered the quality of a world leader, military commander, or successful, savvy businessman. However, these are very limited or superficial forms of masculinity and are often clouded by ego and self-indulgent tendencies.

In Yoga, authentic masculinity, among other qualities, is the embodiment of yang energy, the energy of control and emissivity. Practically it manifests as focus, centeredness, solidity, decisiveness, detachment, and objectivity as well as the ability to internalize and interiorize at will. Additionally, a man sincerely rooted in veritable masculinity will act from a place of selflessness, spiritual responsibility, and altruism – actions carried out for a noble greater good, not any promise of fame, fortune, or ego gratification. In sum, it is a path for transcending the ego and finding meaning and purpose in something much greater than himself.

True masculinity, according to the tantric yogis, is panoramic, extensive, and far-reaching, touching every aspect of a man. Through Tantra Yoga he learns how to rebuild himself from the ground up or, in this case, from inside out. A man develops a genuine masculine spirit by unleashing the inherent qualities that already exist inside of him. He comes to realize the core of who he really is.

Yoga for men

Tantra Yoga’s approach in developing a man spiritually is systematic and precise. There are definitive and verified practices and techniques that help to shape and mold the male construct, which cultivates a full-ranging masculine approach to life. Somananda Tantra School calls this “Global Masculinity.”

Through the discovery and practice of Yoga, especially the tantric style, a man experiences a complete transformation – physically, emotionally, energetically, sexually, mentally, and spiritually. Yoga for men can produce the following benefits and effects:

yoga for men

  • The discovery of true masculinity while exposing common misconceptions
  • Greater emissive powers
  • A high propensity for spiritual advancement
  • Improved concentration and mental abilities
  • Methods for developing harmonious and balanced relationships as a man
  • Cultivation of vira consciousness and the Shiva principle
  • Knowledge about the tantric approach to masculine sexuality
  • An enhanced capacity for true, unconditional love
  • Plus much more!

Much more than just stretching

Once we move past our convoluted archetypes surrounding Yoga, Tantra, and masculinity, we come to realize what Yoga for men truly represents – a gateway to a new paradigm, a pathway toward authentic living, and an antidote for the common struggles of modern men. It forms a bridge toward spiritual awareness and development and bestows on the practitioner a treasure chest of knowledge and practices for understanding the deeper meaning of life and the universe.

Learn more about our unique Tantra Masculinity: The Vira Training – an exclusive training for serious men only!

Somananda is the founder and head teacher of Somananda Tantra School - a spiritual school of Meditation, Yoga and Tantra. He has been practicing and teaching these ancient treasures across the globe for two decades.
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