Tantra Lingam Massage: A Path to Spiritual Sexuality

11 August Aug 2020
lingam massage
Liisa Maimon
Founder and Senior Teacher

Nowadays, both men and women are openly looking to learn more about their sexuality, wishing to deepen and expand their orgasmic potential and level of intimacy. For men, exploring the Tantra Lingam Massage may be one option for gaining valuable answers, experiences, and insights.

tantra lingam massage shiva lingam
The shiva lingam, a symbolic representation of the sexual union between a man and a woman, is found frequently in Indian temples and other place of worship.

Lingam is the Sanskrit word for penis. It is a spiritual term denoting the male genitalia and it broadly represents fertility.

The lingam is worshipped in many esoteric cultures as the symbol of Shiva, the supreme being or ultimate God of Tantra and Yoga.

Tantra Lingam Massage is a practice which uses various techniques that activate the sexual energy and help a man to release blockages that may prohibit him from experiencing deep sexual pleasure, multiple orgasms, and the ability to channel and move his energy and that of his partner.

Through specific pressure points on the lingam, testicles, and perineum, a man can experience extraordinary spiritual and energetic effects.

A Path to Spiritual Sexuality and Awakening

Tantra Lingam Massage can also go MUCH deeper. With practice, it teaches a man how to harness and utilize his sexual energy in a wise and yet radical way outside the realms of sexuality, thereby transforming himself into a vira – a spiritual hero and warrior, one who heroically reclaims his innate masculinity and Shiva nature.

tantra lingam massage sexual energy
Tantra Lingam Massage educates a man on how to harness and utilize his sexual energy in a wise and yet radical way outside the realms of regular sexuality.

Although orgasm is not the end goal of this type of massage, it can be a pleasant result and secondary effect.

However, the orgasmic experience in Tantra Lingam Massage is atypical to a common ejaculatory experience. Instead the energy is channeled in a particular way and dispersed throughout the entire body, producing a whole-body energy orgasm.

In this type of tantric orgasm there is no loss of energy, and instead, a huge gain in a man’s pleasure and pleasure potential.


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Tantra Massage and Tantra Lingam Massage: What Is the Connection?

tantra lingam massage tantra massage
Tantra Massage is a whole-body experience that amplifies, controls and directs innate energies.

Tantra Lingam Massage is a part of the greater system or modality of Tantra Massage.

Tantra Massage is a modern creation (not stemming from the original tantric teachings), but very much rooted in the ancient fundamentals and laws of Tantra and energy control.

Tantra Massage is a hands-on, whole-body, holistic approach to massage that incorporates, uses, directs, and controls energy. It is extremely therapeutic and healing in nature and addresses all parts of the body, genitals included. Lingam massage is simply one of the many techniques that falls under the full-body protocol of a Tantra Massage session

In a typical Tantra Massage session the whole body is massaged, from head to toe, which is explained in more detail later in this article. Lingam massage can also be included in a session if a male client and therapist both agree it will be helpful and beneficial in successfully achieving specific goals such as healing, releasing blockages, removing traumas, remedying sexual dysfunctions, or others.

Tantra Lingam massage is not dirty or kinky, nor is it for sexual purposes. The truth is that the genitals, for both men and women, are powerful organs and storehouses of energy. They are also home to many blockages, stress, and unresolved emotions. To ignore the genitals in order to abide by outdated conservative mores and beliefs around sex and sexuality would be a great injustice.

So, in sum, lingam massage is not an erotic massage for men that culminates in an ejaculatory orgasm. It is not to satisfy an urge or a lewd sexual act or service. At least, according to the tradition, it shouldn’t be. Unfortunately, this is how it is oftentimes depicted and offered in modern times. In this article I hope to shed light on authentic Tantra Lingam Massage, its intended purpose and its wildly transformative power for men.

Types of Blockages in Different Parts of the Body

Both men and women experience blockages at various levels of their beings. Such blockages differ between the genders in terms of nature, locality, and quality, but nevertheless, they are present and common in both men and women.

tantra lingam massage release blockages
Many men accumulate blockages at the level of the heart chakra. Through a powerful channeling of energy, Tantra Massage can remedy these blockages.

Blockages can manifest physically, mentally, emotionally, and sexually in a man. However, their origin is always energetic. This means that the energy in a particular area or aspect of a man is disturbed long before it manifests as something more tangible and concrete in the physical body or as a psychosomatic imbalance.

Blockages can appear as common health problems, sexual dysfunctions such as premature ejaculation or impotence, depression, excessive emotions, mental instability, lack of confidence, fear of intimacy, a blockage at the heart, insensitivity or oversensitivity, addiction to masturbation or porn, and others.

Tantra Massage and Tantra Lingam Massage, because they are energetically based and focused, provide the perfect therapy and solution for releasing and removing blockages. After all energy is unlimited and so is its healing potential. It is this energetic aspect that empowers Tantra Massage to touch a man on all levels of his being – physically, energetically, emotionally, mentally, sexually, and spiritually.

Doesn’t it make sense to use an energetic treatment to heal energetic disturbances and energetic deficiencies? Energy heals energy.

This remarkable and spiritual approach to massage has become a necessity in modern times, helping today’s men achieve spiritual, emotional, and sexual evolution and revolution. The aim of Tantra Lingam Massage is to heal blockages, awaken inherent energy channels, channel the sexual energy in a particular way, and transform pleasure to a spiritual level in order to use it for a divine purpose.


The Lingam: A Pillar of Power

The lingam is not only a physical organ for pleasure or procreation. It is a pillar – physically, energetically, and symbolically – of power as well as a storehouse of exceptional energy.

tantra lingam massage pillar of power
In Tantra the lingam is considered a pillar of power and an important organ with great energetic potential.

Tantra Lingam Massage serves a great purpose, primarily to reconnect men to their true Self, their true nature, and to reclaim their legacy and birthright as men. This far surpasses the common assumption and misconception that Tantra Lingam Massage is an erotic massage that culminates with a release and ejaculation. We assure you it goes much deeper than that IF the practice is rooted in true tantric principles and foundational knowledge.

Most men have either lost this sense of self and purpose or, due to a lack of proper education, are led to believe their power and masculinity are unwelcome and even offensive. Tantra rejects this view entirely.

Through precise and specific techniques, Tantra Lingam Massage helps a man to learn how to reconnect to this inherent, but oftentimes hidden, aspect of himself, to befriend and embrace his masculinity, and to develop the ability to control the lingam energy.

With time and regular practice of Tantra Lingam Massage, he can rebuild himself from the ground up and transform from the inside out. Eventually he comes to understand the core of who he really is and realizes that his true nature is interconnected with cosmic consciousness. He develops a genuine masculine spirit by unleashing latent qualities that already exist inside of him but were suppressed and perhaps cloaked in shame or embarrassment.

Contemporary and Superficial Masculinity

It is important to note that in Tantra the understanding and explanation of femininity and masculinity goes very deep into the esoteric and metaphysical realms. It far surpasses and exceeds our basic understanding of the genders, or typical superficial masculine and feminine qualities.

tantra lingam massage tantric masculinity vira
In Tantra authentic masculinity is the embodiment of the yang energy and is represented by principles such as stability, honor, emissivity, control and solidarity.

In Tantra masculinity and femininity are universal principles that exist in all of nature. Without the masculine AND the feminine, the yin AND the yang, the plus AND the minus, this reality would cease to exist. Both are essential to life.

All living matter reflects a combination of both feminine and masculine principles. A woman embodies both the feminine aspect and the masculine aspect and the same goes for a man, who also embodies both masculine and feminine – as difficult as it may be to conceptualize.

Equally important to qualify is that when we say masculinity or the masculine potential, we are not referring to the contemporary view of masculinity that is depicted today. Aggressiveness, war-like attitudes, and signs of the “alpha male” typology – machismo, toughness, and emotional aloofness – are, in fact, not true signs of masculinity, but rather superficial imposters clouded by egotistical and self-indulgent tendencies.

In the tantric tradition, authentic masculinity is the embodiment of the yang energy, the energy of control and emissive force. Practically it manifests as focus, centeredness, solidity, decisiveness, detachment, and objectivity as well as the ability to internalize and interiorize at will and on command.

Additionally, a man sincerely rooted in veritable masculinity will act from a place of selflessness, spiritual responsibility, compassion, and altruism. Actions will be carried out for a noble greater good, not for any promise of fame, fortune, or ego gratification.

According to Tantra, true masculinity can only be reached by transcending the ego, not through inflation, and finding meaning and purpose in something greater than themselves.

What Does an Authentic Tantra Lingam Massage Look Like?

Remember, Tantra Lingam Massage is just one part of a whole-body experience. A Tantra Massage session may include lingam massage as part of the healing experience but is not exclusively this. It is vital that a trained therapist prepares a man physically and energetically before massaging the lingam itself.

tantra lingam massage - tantra massage demonstration
Advanced teacher, Liisa Maimon, takes the initial steps in preparing our male model for a Tantra Lingam Massage while students of our Tantra Massage Therapist Training observe.

A Tantra Massage session can be anywhere from 1.5-2.5 hours in length, providing ample time to bring a state of calmness to a man’s mind, body, and spirit. When a man is relaxed, he is more open to receive, trust is established between him and the therapist, and he is primed and prepared to release unwanted blockages, stress, and/or suppressed emotions. Relaxation also activates the parasympathetic nervous system, the only system that can trigger a cascade of healing mechanisms and effects.

This serene state is induced through a series of massage techniques and applying pressure to key energy points. Oil is applied and the entire body is massaged from head to toe. A typical session begins with first addressing the less intimate parts of the body, such as the upper back, legs, and chest. Once the man is brought to a state of relaxation, the energy channels are sufficiently awakened, and the energy itself is correctly controlled and moving in the right direction, then and only then might a trained therapist move toward lingam massage.

The lingam massage itself is not sexual or erotic in nature. You can wipe any visions or fantasies out of your mind that involve hand stimulation or oral stimulation of the lingam, for the purposes of arousal and fated ejaculation. In fact, very rarely is the lingam erect during the lingam massage. An erection will actually prohibit all of the techniques from being applied and is an indication that a man has not been fully prepared, energetically speaking, to receive lingam massage.

Additionally, a man is not brought to an ejaculatory orgasm in an authentic lingam massage. This would be contrary to ancient tantric principles. Instead, the sexual energy is contained and maintained. This is what makes the full-body energy orgasm possible for a man and the key for becoming a true tantric man.

I know this may sound disappointing to many men as most assume the only form of pleasure that can be achieved is through ejaculation. This is inaccurate, however. Men have been programmed to believe that their orgasmic potential is minimal, and the pinnacle of their pleasure is experienced in a five- to ten-second orgasm, followed by a loss of precious fluid and energy. Tantra says otherwise and the Tantra Lingam Massage is the means for men to access indescribable forms of deep, fulfilling, long-lasting, and sustained pleasure as well as multiple orgasms.

A Step-by-step Guide to a Tantra Lingam Massage


There are many things a man could and should do before receiving a Tantra Massage session, inclusive of Tantra Lingam Massage, in order to prepare himself and provide an optimal landscape for the powerful effects to take place.

tantra lingam massage detox
A detox or cleanse is one of the many ways a man can prepare for a Tantra Massage session.

Here are a few recommendations for how you can get the most out of your session:

  • Avoid coffee or alcohol for 48 hours minimally (longer is better) prior to a session.
  • A cleanse or detox that is three to seven days in duration beforehand can prove to be very beneficial. Check with your doctor before beginning a cleanse.
  • Avoid any drugs or toxic substances for at least seven days prior to your session. In the case of pharmaceutical drugs or medications, continue taking them as prescribed by your doctor, but do share your regimen with your therapist.
  • Eat lightly on the day of your session. Ideally you should arrive on an empty stomach to the appointment.


Prior to your first appointment, it is recommended to have a discussion with your therapist. Be as open, candid, and honest as you can be about your health history, past traumas, perceived blockages, sexual dysfunctions, goals for a session, and any other pertinent information. The more details you can provide to your therapist the better he or she will be able to discern whether Tantra Lingam Massage is a good fit for you. In some cases, more time and preparation are needed before a session is scheduled.

A short discussion on the day of your scheduled appointment is also helpful. This is to help create a connection point between yourself and your therapist, and also to share what you hope to achieve in that particular session, as this can change from session to session.

Setting Intentions

It is helpful for the subconscious mind if you take a moment to reflect on why you were originally drawn to Tantra Lingam Massage. What sort of outcome do you hope for? Are there specific issues you wish to alleviate from your mind, body, and spirit? Are there blockages you are aware of that you would like to focus on? Being clear and setting intentions is a powerful way to manifest the results you desire.

tantra lingam massage goals and intentions
It is wise to share your intentions and goals before a Tantra Massage session so that your therapist can customize and individualize the session appropriately.

You can also share these intentions with your therapist and he or she can partner with you in helping you to achieve a desired outcome by customizing and individualizing your sessions appropriately.

Equally important in the intention-setting process, however, is letting go of expectations. Grasping onto expectations, timelines, and anticipated results can hinder the effects from taking root and can become a blockage in and of itself. So, while setting intentions is a powerful tool once you are clear on your goals and wishes, surrender these intentions to something higher than yourself and trust that everything that unfolds is divinely guided.


Prior to receiving a lingam massage your therapist should have provided a full-body massage experience to help you relax and to prepare you physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually. The serene atmosphere and the massage itself should lull you into a more calm, detached, and liberated place.

As the receiver you can also take simple steps to induce deeper relaxation as well, such as:

  • Focusing on your breath and how you feel as each technique is applied and perceiving the sensations brought about by each massage stroke. This will keep your mind from running amok and keep you focused on the experience itself and the present moment.
  • Visualizing and imagining energy moving up from the lower parts of your body to the higher parts.
  • Speaking up and providing feedback to your therapist in the event something is painful or uncomfortable or if you need more or less pressure.
  • Saying the word “relax” silently, in your mind, over and over again, as though you are trying to hypnotize yourself and convince your mind and body to relax more and more.

Exploration of the Lingam

It is recommended to ask your therapist to let you know when she is coming close to giving the lingam massage. In that moment honestly evaluate yourself and discern whether you feel comfortable, relaxed, and truly open to receive. If the answer is yes, ask your therapist to proceed.

In some cases, more time and preparation may be needed, or you may choose to focus on whole-body work and energy movement instead. Do not be shy about expressing yourself and let your therapist know exactly what you need. Additional sessions may be required before you are ready for Tantra Lingam Massage.

tantra lingam massage techniques
Tantra Lingam Massage is a series of precise techniques that serve to cleanse the area of stagnant energy, disperse the energy throughout the entire body and clear away blockages.

The lingam massage is executed in a series of steps:

Step 1: Important energetic points in the groin and pelvic area are activated.

Step 2: Nine precise techniques are applied to the perineum, testicles, and lingam. These techniques serve to cleanse the area of stagnant energy, remove blockages, and activate latent energy points.

Step 3: The released energy is then sublimated in an upward direction. At this stage, the experience is one-of-a-kind for every man. He may be drawn into a state of full-body energy orgasm. He could experience a euphoric and blissful state of mind. It is also possible he may have an emotional release or the release of a blockage. All outcomes are equally weighted on the healing spectrum and will be exactly what that particular man needed in this session. Regardless of what arises, your therapist will guide you through the process harmoniously, navigating all aspects from start to finish, ensuring a unique and profound experience.

Recovery and Integration

The therapeutic session concludes with a final relaxation exercise, a guided circulation of energy, and concentration in the area of the heart. The man is left feeling energized and harmonized, celebrated and honored for his true Shiva nature and an overall sense of well-being.

The Effects and Benefits of Tantra Lingam Massage

With its focus on awakening and sublimating powerful energy through specialized touch, Tantra Lingam Massage – when practiced with skillful care and attention – can bring a plethora of significant results and effects for a man.

The following effects and benefits can be experienced:

  • Rejuvenation of the whole body
  • Healing of chronic ailments
  • Dispersion of powerful energy throughout the entire being
  • An increase in sexual awareness and orgasmic potential
  • Alleviation of blockages
  • Liberation of potent stored and stuck sexual energy
  • Awakening of the heart
  • Balancing of hypersensitivity and hyposensitivity issues
  • Reminding the man of his true masculine nature
  • Potential ignition of the full-body energy orgasm experience
  • Plus, much more!

Experiencing this wondrous and inspiring bodywork is a rare opportunity for all men to reach deep and satisfying fulfillment in love and life. Tantra Lingam Massage teaches a man how to refine his animalistic tendencies, become a more skillful lover, and use his masculine energy in a powerful and divine way.

FAQ Regarding Tantra Lingam Massage

Where can I get a Tantra Lingam Massage?

Start by doing an online search for a Tantra Massage therapist in your area. Screen candidates thoroughly before agreeing to book a session. Read their website and pay attention to the verbiage they use when describing their treatment and their depictions of Tantra Massage or Tantra Lingam Massage. Ideally, they are promoting the health and healing effects of this modality. If there is a strong emphasis on the sexual benefits, orgasms, or happy endings, and no mention of the use of energy, then chances are they are not well-trained therapists who can provide you with the benefits and results that have thus far been detailed in this article.

What is the female version of a lingam massage?

The female version of the lingam massage is yoni massage. Yoni is the Sanskrit word for the vagina. You can learn more about the wondrous and inspiring benefits in the featured article below. 


yoni massage

The Health Benefits of Tantric Yoni Massage


Will lingam massage help with erectile dysfunction?

tantra lingam massage erectile dysfunction ED
Tantra Massage is an exceptional therapy for treating and healing ED. It gets to the root of the issue without the need for harmful drugs.

Tantra Lingam Massage is one of the most powerful healing modalities available to modern men who are experiencing erectile dysfunction, or ED. ED is often minimized as a medical condition, the result of stress, or as part of the aging process. According to Tantra, ED comes from a much deeper issue related to the conservation of the sexual energy as well as energetic and emotional blockages. Lingam massage is a wonderful holistic therapy and a treatment that gets to the root of the issue instead of masking and exacerbating the problem with harmful pharmaceutical drugs or remedies.

Will lingam massage help with premature ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation can be an indication that the sexual energy has accumulated in excess in the lower energy centers within a man’s structure and marks a weakened capacity to retain and disperse the sexual energy properly. Lingam massage can help a man to develop the ability to expand his own energetic awareness of arousal while at the same time becoming capable of staying active in a highly aroused state, without the loss of energy or fluids. Ejaculation is not only postponed but fully bypassed. What can follow is an injaculation, of sorts, and super-sensory waves of ecstatic bliss and prolonged states of orgasm. This is how far Tantra Lingam Massage can go, with practice and determination.

Liisa Maimon

Founder and Senior Teacher

An inspiring tantric yogini, Liisa is a strong driving force of the school – both as a senior teacher and general manager.

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