Sexual Energy – Awakening Your Inner Muse

Sexual Energy – Awakening Your Inner Muse

Sexual energy, being only one of several energies that Tantra examines, is the one most often talked about. Learning to harness it can indeed heighten the experience of lovemaking, yet there are many more areas of life that can benefit from the right management of sexual energy.

One such area is creativity and artistic pursuit. Studying sexual energy and making it more potent and powerful can shoot your next creative work to the stars.

The nature of sexual energysexual energy

Sexual energy or ojas shakti (‘life power’ in Sanskrit), as it is observed within Tantra, is something that generally exists within our being in a raw form. You may compare it to crude oil – it comes from the depths and is unrefined and has the potential to do a lot, both to create and to destroy.

According to the tantric and yogic teachings, there are seven energy centers or chakras within our being. Each of them give us access to various elements of life. Sexual energy originates from the root chakra in its crudest form. With in-depth tantric study, one can learn to bring it harmoniously towards the second chakra, which will then fuel the artistic mind with fantasy, inspiration and creativity.

The effect of a muse

You are probably familiar with the concept of the muse originating from the Antiquity. The figure is most often associated with a woman who inspires, usually a male artist (a writer, a poet, a painter, etc.), to create his masterpiece. No muse, no art! Many movies have been made about this.

This spark of creativity that the muse awakens in an artist is actually sexual energy being moved from the first chakra to the second chakra. At this new level the energy becomes more inflated and dynamic. Since creativity and the artistic mind are also located in the second chakra, energetically speaking, these phenomena become more powerful as well. The muse stimulates sexual energy within the artist in a specific way who then, in turn, gets inspired to create great work.

Now, if you are a person who:sexual energy
1. works in a creative industry,
2. who wants to break through with a novel or a song,
3. is just looking for inspiration in day-to-day activities or work,

what seems like a more sensible way for you? To just wait for an outer muse to possibly stop by activate that artistic spark within you OR to find a permanent, powerful and much more reliable inner muse via your sexual energy through studying Tantra?

Imagine a life with such capabilities! Inspiring yourself and taking your fantasies to an artistic level of mastery with the help of governing your own sexual energy at will, gives you creative freedom beyond belief. Would you like to be the Michelangelo, Mozart or J.K. Rowling of your era? Become the master of your sexual energy and, in effect, your greatness!

Learn how to master your sexual energy here: Spiritual Tantra Sexuality

Liisa Maimon
Liisa Maimon
Liisa is an experienced Tantra and Yoga teacher of Somananda Tantra School. She is inspired by the life changing power of these spiritual teachings and passes them on with great enthusiasm and love.
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