Lucila Croce


Up until the age of 25, Lucila lived a conventional lifestyle in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She attended university, obtaining a degree in Food Processing and Engineering, and before putting her knowledge in practice, she went for the first time on a trip that would change the course of her life forever.

She lived in several countries learning different cultures, but a feeling of incompleteness and emptiness was lurking in the back of her mind.

A serious health condition led her to pursue alternative and natural means for healing. She soon stumbled on the path of Tantra Yoga. After completing the intensive Tantra Yoga Level 1 program, Lucila noticed a tremendous improvement in her health. She was hooked! From that point onwards she decided to dedicate her life to the yogic path. She continued to progress in the Yoga levels and soon became a teacher, transmitting the ancient knowledge to others. 

Lucila is happy to share that her health was able to make a full recovery as a result of Tantra Yoga. She is a serious and passionate practitioner of the yogic arts and feels profoundly blessed Yoga is not only her life but her career as well.