Introduction to Remote Astral Healing

Expand your perception of what is possible

In this workshop you will be introduced to the foundational principles of remote astral healing, the mechanism for harnessing energy, and introductory steps for telepathically sending energy in a powerful and intentional way, all while overcoming the limitations of space and distance. 

Energy abides by certain laws and rules. Crack the code and you can control energy, and even transmit it from afar; all from the prism of the Yoga and Tantra traditions and teachings. 

Current world events have created a collateral pandemic of isolation, loneliness, fear of hands-on healing and treatment modalities, and a craving for intimacy in romantic and non-romantic dynamics and relationships. Read more


3 days online course


For everyone, no prior Tantra Massage knowledge is required

Empathizing with the current plight of human souls who wish for love and connection, Somananda, our founder, has applied the core teachings of our legendary hands-on Tantra Massage program to distance and remote energy healing in this unique online workshop.

The hierarchical structure of the universe will be revealed as well as the various types of energy that we, as human beings, interact with and have access to.

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Online course, live via Zoom

from: €415 – €455

from: €415 – €455

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Who is this course for?

These teachings are intended for anyone who has a sincere interest in learning the art of astral healing and remote Tantra Massage. It is open to both beginners and advanced practitioners alike and is formatted in such a way that all will benefit and learn rare knowledge that you will not find in any other course.

Will I be able to experience an astral healing or energy orgasm in this course?

While such experiences are entirely possible and do occur, they cannot be guaranteed. This is dependent on many factors such as your level of sensitivity to energy, blockages, karma, the skill level of the sender/giver, and other considerations.

The course aims to give you the needed knowledge and techniques to become masterful in astral healing. Your personal practice is still very much needed after the course.

Can I work as a distant astral healer after finishing this course?

No. These teachings are meant to be utilized on a personal level with friends, family members, and loved ones only, and not in any professional capacity.

As you will discover in this course, there are many important spiritual aspects and karmic considerations for healing. Doing healing as a profession, without proper preparation and knowledge, is dangerous and not recommended. You need to be patient and study energy work in a more elaborate way before you can safely offer it as a public service.

Does this course overlap with teachings from the Somananda TMT Advanced Course?

No. The remote healing teachings of the TMT Advanced Course focus on moving energy in situations where the giver and receiver are both physically together in the same space.

In this course, however, you will solely learn astral healing with no limitations to space or distance. The focus and intent of these two courses, as well as the techniques learned in each, differ greatly.

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Have a question about this teaching?
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