The Highest Tantra: Kashmiri Shaivism Workshop

The Highest Tantra: Kashmiri Shaivism Workshop

Receive rare initiations

Kashmiri Shaivism is considered the highest and most transcendent Yoga, wherein the first steps are already advanced. It represents the pinnacle of teachings and practice within Tantra, yet remains approachable for experienced practitioners and beginners on the path.

Kashmiri Shaivism not only acts as a catalyst for deep transformation, but it also brings your current Yoga practice into a whole new dimension.

In this workshop Somananda provides extensive theoretical explanation and initiation in a rare and accessible presentation of Kashmiri Shaivism – core teachings which actually form the foundation of all the teachings in our school.

You will learn the following:

  • Why Kashmiri Shaivism is so powerful
  • The true origins of Tantra and the tantric schools of India and Kashmir
  • The land of Kashmir and its masters of metaphysics
  • Fundamental principles of higher Tantra and enlightenment
  • Study and practice of the four paths of Kashmiri Shaivism – the upayas
  • The effects of Kashmiri Shaivism on the mind and consciousness
  • The legacy of Abhinavagupta, the greatest Kashmiri tantric of India
  • Pratyabhijñā techniques of meditation and sudden self-realization
  • Techniques for enlightenment from the Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra
  • The nature of reality according to Kashmiri Shaivism – a practical approach

Join our Kashmiri Shaivism Retreats

To have a complete experience, we strongly recommend also joining The Highest Tantra: Kashmiri Shaivism Retreat, which is a unique opportunity to put the theoretical workshop teachings into coherent practice.

Having participated in the workshop at least once, either with our school or in Agama Yoga, is a necessary prerequisite to join the Kashmiri Shaivism Retreats.

kashmiri shaivism tantra
kashmiri shaivism tantra


How can this workshop help me spiritually?

Kashmiri Shaivism is known to be one of the world’s vanishing spiritual treasures. For centuries these teachings remained hidden and inaccessible. This is how this elite spiritual science managed to remain the most potent and powerful path toward evolution today.

Because of its obscure nature, the original teachings have remained intact. To receive such esoteric teachings in modern times is indeed a great privilege and can serve as a catalyst for deep transformation. You will leave mesmerized, full of aspiration, and equipped with practical tools.

Do I need to have any prior experience with Tantra or other spiritual teachings to join this course?

Although it may help your understanding if you have experience with other authentic spiritual and yogic teachings, there are no prerequisites for joining this course. You will still benefit greatly from this knowledge.

Is this course only theoretical or will there also be some practice?

This course includes lectures and some practical aspects. However, this course serves as a necessary theoretical introduction and preparation for beginning your path with Shaivism, and therefore, the majority of this course is about passing on the foundational knowledge in the form of lectures and Q&A.

For the fully practical application of the teachings, we recommend joining The Highest Tantra: Kashmiri Shaivism Retreat. Note that the retreat can only be joined if you have participated at least once in the Kashmiri Shaivism workshop either with us or in Agama Yoga school.

More about these unique teachings

Kashmiri Shaivism represents the most esoteric and exclusive knowledge in Tantra. Masters of this great spiritual path developed high metaphysical teachings reflecting a profound understanding of reality and the universe.

At the same time, Kashmiri Shaivism encompasses a very practical system of tantric teachings that propels students to the highest states of consciousness. As a secret yogic science, it surpasses all spiritual teachings on this planet, bar none. It creates a strong field of spiritual resonance with the crown chakra, sahasrara, the seat of lucidity, detachment, and transcendent higher consciousness.

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This course is coming up in the following locations:

Lentas, Crete Island, Greece

17 May – 29 May 2020