Learn to give Full Body Orgasms with Tantra Massage

Whole-body orgasm is not a myth!

Our Tantra Massage is a unique practice combining the secret tantric teachings of energy with powerful body-work. It brings deep emotional and physical healing, enhanced intimacy and opens up a whole new level in your orgasmic potential!

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By watching this video you will:

  • Learn what authentic Tantra has to offer;
  • Understand the potential and role of your sexual energy;
  • Learn how to control sexual energy for powerful orgasmic results.

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About the teachers and the school

Somananda and Liisa are spiritual yogis, lecturers, teachers, and the founders of Somananda Tantra School – an international organisation devised to offer personal spiritual development through the ancient science of Tantra.

As a school we are holding over 30 courses and retreats yearly in many countries around the globe as well as online. Tens of thousands of students have attended and benefitted from our various tantric teachings.

We desire to boldly meet the demands of seekers from around the globe by delivering ancient knowledge in Tantra, Yoga, and meditation in a clear and accessible way. Tantra is one of the post powerful paths for personal and spiritual development and for finding your way back to the real nature – the True Self.