Laila Al-Ayoubi


Laila was raised in a mixed Islamic and Christian household in London, England. She recalls experiencing spiritual phenomena such as having visions and hearing voices as a child but was too young to make sense of it. She often wondered if they were genuine spiritual experiences or a result of imagination and fantasy.

As a young adult, Laila decided to do her own research and discover the truth for herself. Whilst maintaining creative hobbies, she earned university degrees in both psychology and neuroscience which opened her eyes to the inner workings of the mind, brain and human psychology.

Still though, her traditional studies left a void in her heart – she didn’t yet have all the answers she was looking for.

Laila felt a strong urge to explore spirituality and alternative healing modalities. This pursuit led to a lot of travelling and exciting adventures. She soon found Reiki and became both a
therapist and teacher of the modality. Not long after she found her way to Somananda Tantra School which brought about a profound spiritual and energetic awakening.

She became an avid student of the school. Finally, Laila got the answers she was looking for about her childhood experiences and so much more. She experienced deep healing, adopted a healthier lifestyle and became committed to the spiritual path.

Today Laila is a Tantra Yoga and Tantra Massage Teacher as well as a practising Therapist of Tantric Remote Energy Healing and Tantra Massage. When Laila is not teaching or offering healing sessions, she is soaking up spiritual knowledge, taking courses through Somananda Tantra School and spending time with her beautiful daughter.