Taste of Tantra

Taste of Tantra

This workshop is meant to bring you through the gates of authentic Tantra, and far beyond! By getting an introduction into each of the tantric branches – tantric yoga, meditation, sexuality and metaphysics – you will be taken on an exhilarating journey of tantric bliss.

Through rare theoretical knowledge and lectures as well as practical and experiential exercises designed to infuse your mind, body and spirit the true Tantra will be revealed to you.

After completing this intensive weekend experience you will be able to unequivocally discern and distinguish genuine Tantra and choose your direction on this vast spiritual path.

You will learn about and practice the following:

Theoretical Teachings

  • Demystifying Tantra
  • Tantra Yoga as an energy based yogic practice
  • Tantric Meditation
  • An introduction to tantric sexuality
  • Tantric Relationships
  • Tantra Massage
  • Metaphysical Tantra
  • Famous Tantric texts
  • Kashmiri Shaivism introduction and the science of enlightenment
  • Kundalini Yoga: Setting the record straight
  • Authentic Tantra vs. Neo Tantra
  • Tantra as a spiritual path

Practical experiences

  • Sacred tantric ritual of Transfiguration
  • Mystical use of tantric sexual energy and full body orgasm without touch!
  • Energy work for healing and changing your reality
  • Guided Tantra Yoga classes
  • Experiential enlightenment meditation

NOTE: This is a comprehensive list of the various topics that will be touched upon in this sampler workshop. For further study and proficiency in these branches of Tantra it is necessary to enrol in the appropriate full duration course where you will receive the teachings and techniques in full with the necessary initiations by an advanced teacher. 

This course will unveil Tantra as a unique, life-embracing path for evolution with the power and capacity to transform practitioners into masters of their own lives. A Taste of Tantra will leave you inspired and aspiring for much, much more! This course contains no sexual practices or nudity of any kind.


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Join us!

This course is coming up in the following locations:

Stuttgart, Germany

9 March – 10 March 2019

New York, United States

9 March – 10 March 2019

Los Angeles, United States

16 March – 17 March 2019

London, United Kingdom

6 April – 7 April 2019