Tantra Yoga Levels 4 to 8

Tantra Yoga Levels 4 to 8

Become a true disciple

Welcome to the powerful Disciple Program – the next cycle within our Tantra Yoga module comprised of Levels 4 through 8.

The discovery of the Mahavidya Yoga – the 10 fundamental forces and building blocks of the universe – begins here. The chakra science is elaborated and the sub-levels of each chakra are unveiled, along with the transmittance of Laya Yoga bija mantras, from muladhara to anahata. The chakras will become more and more a supreme and tangible tool for your evolution in these levels. Your control over the universal life force will increase substantially as you are awarded with advanced pranayama techniques, and much more.

In Levels 4 to 8 you will explore deeper levels of your consciousness, enrich your tantric yogic practice, use powerful methods for developing energy intelligence and maturity, and arouse your healing magnetism and mental aptitude.

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Teachings of Levels 4 to 8

  • Introduction and initiation into Mahavidya Yoga – tantric form of yoga working with powerful cosmic energies
  • The Kali initiation
  • Deepening of your understanding of the 7 chakras through the famous Chakra Debate
  • Laya Yoga mantra initiations for muladhara, svadhisthana, manipura and anahata chakras
  • Teaching and practice of the next 5 profound pranayamas including nadi shodana, sukha purvak, sitali and others
  • Initation of jalandhara bandha and mula bandha
  • Perfecting your Hatha Yoga with 10 new asanas
  • Initiation into Laya Yoga with the subtle colors, starting with red and orange streams of force
  • Continuation of the teachings of the Shat Karma Kriyas including four techniques of Trataka and much more
  • Two additional yogic protection techniques

The above is a summarised overview of Level 4 to 8 teachings. More detailed overview will be provided on a page of a particular scheduled retreat.

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Course Prerequisite

To begin with the Level 4 course in the Disciple Program you need to have completed our Tantra Yoga Level 3 and successfully passed the Red Sash Exam thereafter.

Orange Sash Exam

Completing Level 8 designates the end of the second major step in your evolution through the Tantra Yoga module.

At the end of this program the student takes the Orange Sash Exam or otherwise known as the “disciple examination”, which tests his/her proficiency in the yogic practice, science and knowledge gained in Levels 1 to 8.

The exam includes theoretical multiple-choice questions on all of the material covered in Levels 1 to 8, as well as practical assignments – such as accurate performance of any of the techniques learned, prolonged execution of certain techniques and other exercises.

The details of the Orange Sash Exam will be disclosed at the respective Level 8 retreat. Personal practice of the teachings and techniques of all the prior levels is needed to pass the Orange Sash Exam successfully.

We recommend that you take with you all your notes and booklets from the Levels 1 to 8 to revise for the Orange Sash Exam.

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Course Schedule

This here is an example. Exact schedule depends on the location and duration of the exact retreat and on the Level offered.

First day: Arrival and welcome
At 16:00 the group transport bus departs from a designated location. The exact departure location will be communicated to all participants. We recommend that you arrive to the designated location at least a couple of hours before this departure time (or why not a day before!). At 19:00 welcome dinner begins at the venue followed by the retreat introduction at 20:00.

Retreat days: Teachings and practice
On the 2nd day the teachings commence. You will be studying and practicing Yoga for approximately seven hours daily. Our teaching day starts at 7:30 and runs until 20:00, with several breaks organized throughout the day.

Disciple program yoga retreats include two Yoga sessions each day, as well as meditation practices, lectures and other teachings. Depending on the retreat duration Sundays maybe be allocated for rest and rejuvenation and are generally days off.

Example of daily schedule:

07:30 Session I: Morning practice
09:00 Breakfast
10:00 Session II: Teachings
13:00 Lunch and break
16:30 Session III: Afternoon teaching and practice
20:00 Dinner
21:00 Satsang, spiritual movie, special meditations or sauna
23:00 Lights out!

Last day: Final ceremony and conclusion
Conclusion of the retreat and departure after lunch. Group bus transport back to the designated location will depart latest 15:00. Do not plan your flights out earlier than 19:00.

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This course is conducted in English. To gain the most from your experience, before applying please be sure that your language proficiency is good enough to follow lectures and that you are more of less fluent in English.


This is my first course with your school. Can I join these levels regardless?

Successful completion of previous yogic levels and exams are required before joining any subsequent levels.

What do I need to bring with me to this retreat?

The specific items you are required to bring with you depend on the particular country and venue where we are holding this retreat. You will receive an email with detailed instructions well before the retreat begins.

It is helpful and recommended to bring with you the course notes and booklets of the previous levels to revise as and when needed.

Is there an exam for this cycle?

Yes, at the end of Level 8 you will be required to complete the Orange Sash exam in order to continue with Level 9.

What if I do not pass the Orange Sash exam?

In the unlikely event of you not passing the exam, you will have the opportunity to retake the exam at a later time.

How many hours of yoga and meditation will be practiced daily?

This can vary. On average, a full day will be between 7-8 hours of teachings and practice, with breaks organized throughout the day for rest and revitalization.

Each day consists of 3-4 hours of asana or Hatha Yoga practice, 1-2 hours of meditation and 1-3 hours of theoretical teachings. Occasional supplemental satsangs, or spiritual discourses, will be offered in the evenings.

Retreat Guidelines

  • Have an open mind to spiritual teachings and a willingness to learn and explore authentic knowledge
  • Arrive on time to each class and teaching
  • No smoking, alcohol or recreational drugs are allowed during the retreat
  • We recommend avoiding phone and Internet usage completely during the retreat. However, the maximum usage time is restricted to 1 hour per day during the lunch break.

Join us!

This course is coming up in the following locations:

Level 4 Enxara do Bispo, Portugal

18 April – 26 April 2020

Level 5 Enxara do Bispo, Portugal

6 September – 13 September 2020