The Shaktipat Retreat

The Shaktipat Retreat

Experience a transmission of spiritual energy

In the tradition of Kashmiri Shaivism shaktipat refers to the transmission of energy from a spiritual teacher to a spiritual aspirant. It is an event that not only takes place in the consciousness but also refers to subtle beneficial forces taking root within the disciple, according to the will of the Divine. A disciple’s elevated consciousness and deepened level of spirituality are the intended effects.

According to Tantra, shaktipat from a great soul helps tantric devotees in their evolution and changes patterns in their lives by cleaning up areas of the subconscious mind that they could not potentially have done for themselves.

During our Shaktipat Retreat, Somananda offers himself as a spiritual channel to impart divine love and energy to each individual. This energetic transfer, which may possibly elevate one’s resonance and increase inner peace, may also act as a catalyst for profound spiritual awakening.

This retreat operates at the level of the soul. It is indescribable and simply must be experienced firsthand.

Shaktipat meditation

Benefits include:

  • The rare opportunity to experience a natural spiritual awakening, blissful stillness, and true contentment
  • Possible insights into higher levels of self-perception and self-refinement
  • Powerful permanent shifts, inner transformation, and life realizations
  • A lifting of the veils of delusion from the darker areas of the mind which allow the practitioner to soar within
  • Receiving divine grace with the potential of untying the knots of personal karma, both known and unknown
  • Being in the presence of a spiritual teacher who is entering elevated states of mind and offering himself as a conduit for manifestations of the Divine
Shaktipat meditation


Below is an example schedule of Shaktipat retreat. Details may change due to location and time of the retreat.

First day: Arrival to the retreat venue, group dinner and retreat introduction

Retreat days: Full teaching and practice days. Silence or mauna is practiced every day from 21:00 until lunch break of the next day.

06:00 Morning meditation and yoga in a group
09:00 Breakfast
10:00 Self-study or svadhyaya with spiritual books
12:00 Individual practice
14:00 Lunch and rest
17:00 Meditation and satsang with Somananda
20:00 Dinner
21:00 Lights out

Depending on specific retreat duration free days with no official schedule may be included.

Last day: Conclusion of the retreat and departure after lunch

Unique format

The Shaktipat Retreat will assume a unique format, unlike any of our other offerings.

In this retreat you will customize your own experience in terms of your daily sadhana, or spiritual practice. You will choose the framework of your practice and techniques, and the level or degree of your introspection and contemplation.

There will be introductory teachings for beginners who do not yet have a spiritual practice, optional daily Hatha Yoga and self-study (svadhyaya) sessions, designated hours of meditation with Somananda every day, and scheduled evening satsangs. Silence, or manua, will be practiced every day until lunch break.

Shaktipat meditation


Will I experience kundalini rising in this retreat?

Shaktipat is mistakenly understood to be a spontaneous kundalini awakening or rising by way of initiation from a master or teacher. In fact, shaktipat is, according to the authentic traditions, a transmission of spiritual energy of varying degrees and manifestations that is determined by and according to the grace of the Divine. Commonly, shaktipat is transferred through a medium or channel, such as a spiritual teacher who has reached certain levels of spiritual achievement.

During this retreat, Somananda will access elevated states of consciousness and offer himself as a conduit of manifestation for divine grace and action. During the process of shaktipat, each individual participant receives something different which is perfectly designed for and catered to his or her own karma and unique path.

Will there be a daily schedule?

This retreat is meant to be a personally crafted experience based on the spiritual aspiration, aptitude, and motivation of each individual participant. Certain daily schedule is suggested and can be followed, however it is not compulsory.

While this schedule forms an elective framework of support, each day is yours to determine how you would like to spend it and to which degree you wish to focus on your own spiritual practice and evolution. 

Ultimately this retreat experience has been created with independence and autonomy in mind. You will have the rare opportunity to withdraw from everyday life and dedicate ample time in a remote, spiritual location for deep contemplation and the gift of meditating in the company of a competent and spiritually accomplished teacher.

What can I expect to receive in this retreat?

It is recommended to come to this retreat with an open mind, a fundamentally humble attitude, no expectations, and an inner mood of devotion and gratitude.

These attributes create fertile soil for divine grace and miracles to take root. We can offer no guarantees as to the effects or results of this Shaktipat Retreat as these outcomes are very much dependent upon individual factors and karma, as well as – most of all – on the will and grace of the Divine itself.

Is this retreat fitting for a beginner practitioner?

Yes, it is. This retreat is designed with both beginner and advanced practitioners alike. If you do not yet have a personal spiritual practice and/or are not familiar with authentic techniques, then you may attend introductory teachings at the beginning of the retreat and learn from the guided group yoga and meditation sessions. Regardless of your level you will feel comfortable and supported at all times.

Who is this retreat for?

This retreat is for anyone – beginners and advanced practitioners alike – who wish to partake in an intensive spiritual retreat experience in the presence and under the guidance of an advanced teacher. Each attendee will have the possibility and opportunity to benefit from shaktipat – a transmission of divine energy through the conduit of a spiritual teacher. A disciple’s elevated consciousness and deepened level of spirituality are the intended effects.

Does Somananda need to be my guru to join this retreat?
No, this is not necessary. For some students they find it beneficial to align themselves with a specific guru and/or spiritual lineage. Doing so can help elevate their faith, devotion and spiritual practice to the next level. However, this is something that is voluntary and a process that should take place organically over time and with spiritual maturity. It should not be forced nor occur at the level of the mind or ego, but rather from the heart.

We welcome all to join this retreat and there are no expectations or demands for any participant to align themselves to the STS lineage or our teachers, nor is this a requirement in order to benefit from the transmission of spiritual energy that has the potential to take root in this retreat. As mentioned in the retreat description this transmission is not left to the discretion of our teachers but strictly imparted according to the will of the Divine.

More about this unique offering

The spiritual transmission of shaktipat is considered an act of grace on the part of the guru, and ultimately it is a revelation from the Divine. It cannot be forced or manipulated.

The energy or light which you receive in shaktipat acts in its own way according to the will of the Divine and through the universal law of karma, and not according to the discernment of the teacher or the expectations or hopes of the disciple.

A certain divine contact may be transmitted, which can enter the disciple, initiating a thrust forward along the authentic spiritual path, catapulting a student to the next stage of evolution.

Shaktipat cleans the dust and dirt from the mirror of your soul so that you can reflect the light more and more. Each individual participant receives something different, perfectly designed and applicable for him or her.

Join us!

This course is coming up in the following locations:

Rishikesh, India

29 November – 13 December 2020