The Highest Tantra: Kashmiri Shaivism Retreat

The yoga of enlightenment

kashmiri shaivism

Kashmiri Shaivism represents the most advanced teachings and pinnacle of practice within Tantra. This meditation system is perfect and complete, meant as a practical and incredibly efficient system of practice for reaching nothing less than enlightenment. 

The aim of the Kashmiri Shaivims Retreat – while rooted in sublime ancient tantric texts such as the Vijñāna Bhairava TantraShiva SutrasTantralokaPratyabhijñā Śāstra, and others – is to bring the practitioner into the realm of spiritual realization and a special state of pratyabhijñā – recognition of the Supreme Self, the ultimate in spiritual aspirations.  Read more


6 to 12 days with full silence (mauna)

Despite being mostly unknown in modern times, the tradition of Kashmiri Shaivism is a rare and authentic spiritual gem. This practice is derived from the most powerful of all metaphysical tantric teachings on the planet and provides a true guide for those who seek to climb the ladder of evolution from self-development to eventual spiritual success.

We pay tribute to Somananda’s guru Swami Vivekananda Saraswati who, through spiritual inspiration and blessing, has initiated Somananda into the profound teachings of Kashmiri Shaivism.

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Benefits and practices of the retreat

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from: €860 – €1060

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Retreat rules of conduct

The retreat is held in complete silence or mauna.

Exceptions include, of course, the days of arrival and departure. Silence also here encompasses interpersonal communications such as gestures, silently mouthing words, writing notes, etc. Notes will be allowed only for daily Q&A and administrative emergencies. The retreat leader will announce the beginning and end of mauna.

Nonresidential retreats may not require full mauna. Please see the details for each particular retreat.

No electronic devices of any kind may be used during residential retreats.

This includes tablets, phones, laptops, mp3 players, etc. Exceptions may be made upon personal request and such exceptions need to be requested personally from the retreat leader before the beginning of mauna.

Although there may be a temptation to keep your phone with you for emergencies, we will provide a contact number which may be called by your family or business associates in such cases, thereby allowing you to relax fully into the retreat experience knowing that retreat administration will alert you if necessary to any issue needing your urgent attention.

We ask you to keep full celibacy during the retreat.

Couples joining a residential retreat together will be placed in separate rooms for a more internalized and deeper retreat experience. During non-residential retreats, we ask you to not engage in any sexual activity during the retreat period.

Please do not resort to any distractions for the mind during the retreat.

In addition to the use of electronic devices, this includes books, magazines, and the like. To support your retreat experience, we will offer to collect any of these belongings and hold them in a bag for you during the retreat. However, it would be best to leave them at home if possible. Let this be an opportunity to completely unplug yourself and turn your focus inward.

Please hide any device that tells the time, including watches.

In a residential retreat you will be awakened by a gong and every new session of the day will be signaled by the gong. The gong will be struck repeatedly to make sure everyone has heard it.

Complete ban on toxic substances of any kind.

No smoking of any kind, consumption of any alcohol, or use of recreational drugs is allowed during the retreat.


I am a beginner/experienced in meditation. Is this retreat right for me?

You can join this retreat if you have previously completed The Highest Tantra: Kashmiri Shaivism Workshop. Meditation retreats are primarily internal, experiential events and you will gain knowledge in potent meditation techniques.

The emphasis of the retreat is foremost on your personal practice and inner experience, which applies to any level of proficiency. Beginners and more advanced meditators will therefore easily practice together during the same retreat.

In Yoga and Tantra, meditation is a lifelong practice; it is a way of being. You will definitely gain a lot if you have not yet reached the highest spiritual goals of a human being.

I have never been in a silent retreat. Is it challenging?

Usually it is only during the first days of the retreat that keeping mauna seems challenging. As the retreat progresses, silence becomes a natural part of it. We definitely recommend joining without fear – your experience will be very transformative.

The retreat staff will be on hand to support you if you feel you cannot resolve your inner tension. However, we would encourage you to challenge yourself to a new level of accomplishment. The temporary breaking of mauna is acceptable only in cases of emergency.

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Have a question about this teaching?
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