Meditation Teacher Training Course

Meditation Teacher Training Course

Become a spiritual pillar

Our Meditation Teacher Training Course (MTTC) is designed first and foremost for the spiritually oriented student who is keen to uncover the mysteries of his or her own mind. This course was personally crafted by our school’s founder, Somananda, a self-realized yogi and advanced teacher of meditation, Yoga, and Tantra. His spiritual achievements are a testament to the successes our MTTC can bring to the individual.

The MTTC provides an extraordinary opportunity to discover the hidden potential of rare meditation techniques whose origins date back thousands of years and are derived from ancient and verified traditions such as Kashmiri Shaivism, Raja Yoga, and Tantra.

  • Receive a formal certificate to teach meditation
  • Gain experience and knowledge that allows you to lead groups and retreats of meditation
  • Benefit from a spiritual empowerment initiation given by Somananda that brings unprecedented power to your spiritual capabilities and influence as a meditation teacher

Since theory is known by mastery in practice, in this 28-day intensive retreat you will experience a personal transformation within yourself by accessing higher states of consciousness and learning how to create a special field of energy in a group setting that fosters deep transformation in others and a stepping stone for evolution.

The Meditation Teacher Training Course will take place over a period of four weeks and will open with a compulsory 10-day silent Trika Meditation Retreat. The MTTC curriculum will prepare you to deliver relevant lectures as well as to teach the meditation techniques needed to successfully lead Somananda Meditation courses worldwide.

Personal skills you gain:

  • Obtain verifiable improved control over your state of awareness
  • Increase the duration of your own mental concentration and develop various mental powers
  • Learn techniques for surpassing the mind and its limits to reach states of higher consciousness
  • Cleanse your mental landscape of fluctuations and impurities
  • Become the commander and controller of your mind at will
  • My mind has never been so focused, clean and powerful . This is what several weeks of meditating with Somananda has given me. Priceless!

  • I am so happy I picked this tantric school for my meditation training. An accomplished guru can take you sooooo far...

  • I experienced an expansion of the mind which I will never be able to describe in words. This is the ultimate push to continue with my practice.

  • Here I have learned that the "busy monkey mind" is not natural at all. I was a slave to it. Now I am knowledgeable and free.

  • What can I say... Simply incredible! Mentally rejuvenating beyond belief.


Practical skills you gain:

  • One who completes the MTTC will be able to create spiritual effects within yourself and also facilitate the experience within others
  • Gain essential and practical knowledge regarding meditation, varying levels of consciousness and enlightenment, and the structure and laws that govern the mind
  • Understand what mental prana is, how to access it, and how to emit your own mental prana to induce group awareness
  • Transmit a special energetic field that supports the advancement of the group you are leading
  • Develop a dynamic and engaging teaching persona that can share the skills you have learned and train with confidence, wisdom, and maturity
  • Ample opportunities to practice and advance your newly acquired skills among your peers and trusted teachers
  • Become an accomplished Meditation Teacher able to lead groups with various dynamics and to guide individuals to a deep understanding and capable level of practice

Curriculum of Study

meditation teacher training course

Module 1: Trika Meditation Retreat

  • Mental, physical, and emotional preparation for the MTTC component of the course
  • Purification of the mind
  • Learned tools to create a state of absolute centeredness and inner focus at will
  • Methods for controlled expansion of the mind and perception of the higher, true self – Atman
  • Awareness and control of mental fluctuations and emotions
  • Enlightenment explained
  • The study and practice of various techniques from Tantra Yoga and the tantric manual for enlightenment
  • Examination of Raja Yoga techniques including mind deconstruction, concentration, expansion, and samyama (yogic identification)
  • Meditations for opening and augmenting the third eye, ajna chakra

Module 2: Learning to teach meditation

  • Understanding the principles of meditation
  • Mental prana explained
  • How to lead a guided meditation
  • Study and presentation of 5 foundational lectures for meditation courses
  • Proficiency in meditation techniques from three lineages: Raja Yoga, Tantra Yoga, and Kashmiri Shaivism
    • Raja Yoga: What is the mind, how can a person work with his or her own mind, contraction and expansion of the mind, levels of consciousness, levels of enlightenment
    • Tantra Yoga: The world as energy, astral dimensions, initiations explained
    • Kashmiri Shaivism: Meditation techniques designed to take you to deeper states of consciousness
  • Mastering mind control
  • The importance of consecration when teaching
  • Generating an energetic force field in meditation courses – why is it important and how to do it
  • Challenges you will face as a meditation teacher and how to overcome them
meditation teacher training course

Module 3: Becoming a teacher

  • Acquiring teaching skills
  • Ample practice of teaching in practicums whereby TTC students lead the group in Sun Salutation practice, lectures, and meditation sessions
  • Presenting selected lectures to students on various meditation topics
  • Facilitating concentration for a group
  • How to increase the capacity of your mind and become a mental conduit
  • How to elevate the level of the collective consciousness in a course or group setting
  • Adeptness on how to adapt course teachings to varying levels of proficiency in students and group sizes
  • Guiding and executing meditation classes and courses of 1 to 7 days in duration
  • How to teach spirituality and share spiritual knowledge and energy
  • Personal preparations before teaching
  • Learning how to help students activate essential energies in their physical bodies that are necessary for successful meditation
  • Receive an empowerment initiation from Somananda

Becoming a meditation teacher will have a great spiritual impact on your own life, with the potential to transform you both personally and professionally. Upon completion of the Somananda Tantra School MTTC you will be prepared to not only lead a meditation course that results in the verifiable spiritual advancement and evolution of your students but you will be backed by the empowerment of a guru that allows you to do so. This is what makes the MTTC revolutionary and unique… the transmission of the spiritual force from guru to disciple.

Through your mind alone you can have a spiritual impact on the world and humanity! Unleash your mental ripple….

Course Structure

The MTTC involves more than 200 hours of intense theoretical and practical studies and training. It is conducted over a period of four weeks and culminates with a theoretical and practical exam.

Upon successful completion and passing of the exam, a Meditation Teacher’s Certificate will be issued to graduates by the Somananda Tantra School.

The entire retreat will be held at a beautiful and serene family-owned retreat center in the Himalayan Mountains, just 3km from Rishikesh’s Laxman Jhula area. Accommodation and meals will be provided for the full duration of the course.

Module 1 of the MTTC begins with the 10-day Trika Meditation Retreat and is open to MTTC students as well as the public. Participation in the Trika Meditation Retreat is compulsory for MTTC students and will prime you for this intensive training by gradually withdrawing you from the sensory world, purifying your physical body and mind, initiating a higher spiritual resonance, and creating a fertile landscape for the higher teachings that will follow in Modules 2 and 3.

Modules 2 and 3 will be exclusively for MTTC students and will include practicum training sessions during which all participants will teach basic Hatha Yoga classes, give lectures, and lead meditation sessions for their peers and MTTC teachers. These practicums will be followed by feedback and comments on the student-teacher’s performance

meditation teacher training
meditation teacher training course


For whom is the MTTC?

The MTTC is open to all individuals, beginners and advanced alike, who are spiritually inclined and have a curiosity toward the mysteries of the mind. If you wish to examine and expand your own mind and have a genuine and humble attitude toward sharing this exceptional knowledge with others you are an excellent candidate for becoming a teacher of Somananda Meditation.

Do I need to be practicing meditation to enroll in this course?

No, this is not a prerequisite for joining our MTTC. Our unique curriculum caters to all levels of students, novice to advanced, and in fact will help you to develop an authentic spiritual practice of your own if this is not an established part of your life already.

What meditation techniques will I learn in this course?

Meditation principles and various techniques will be derived from three ancient lineages: Raja Yoga, Tantra Yoga, and Kashmiri Shaivism.

Will I be required to teach among my peers?

Yes, Module III of this course will be dedicated to teaching practicums which aid in the assimilation of the knowledge and techniques you have learned as well as the development of your teaching persona. You will be required to lead a basic Yoga class, give lectures, and lead a meditation session for your peers and trusted teachers. We find this practice portion of the program essential in the preparation and molding of you as a teacher.

Why is the first part of the MTTC course in silence?

The first 10 days of the program include participation in our Trika Meditation Retreat. It is beneficial for all participants to begin with the silent retreat to disconnect from the sensory world and prepare the mind and physical body for the higher teachings of Modules II and III. For complete retreat rules regarding the silent portion of this retreat please click here and scroll down to FAQ.

What courses will I be certified to teach upon completion of the MTTC?

This intensive 28-day program will prepare you to deliver the relevant lectures as well as teach the meditation techniques needed to successfully lead Somananda Meditation classes and retreats of up to 10 days in duration.

What is the difference between the Trika Meditation Retreat and the MTTC?

The MTTC is a 28-day course that prepares the participant to teach the Somananda Meditation method to others either in group courses or on an individual basis. This training is geared toward acquiring the practical and experiential skills and credentials necessary to teach Somananda Meditation. The MTTC does not give any license to teach our Trika Meditation Retreat nor the MTTC itself.

The 10-day Trika Meditation Retreat is designed for individuals who seek a comprehensive system with structured and measurable mental self-development techniques that lead directly to self-realization.

Is it really possible to learn meditation well enough in one month to teach it?

Yes. MTTC will give you the necessary knowledge and skills to teach authentic meditation to others. This course will set you off towards the right goals. However, your own meditation skill will of course continue to improve over time as you continue with your personal practice after the MTTC.

Will I become self-realized or enlightened as a result of joining the MTTC?

Self-realization is an achievable phenomenon normally reached after many years of diligent and dedicated practice and experience and cannot be attained overnight. If self-realization is your goal this course is an excellent impetus for propelling you forward in your spiritual evolution, and it ensures that you follow an authentic path backed by science, tradition, and lineage.

Will I receive a certificate upon completion of the MTTC?

Upon successful completion of the course and passing of the exam, a Somananda Meditation Teacher’s Certificate will be issued to you by the Somananda Tantra School.

What happens if I do not pass the exam?

In the unlikely event that you do not pass the exam you may take it again at a later date. Until that time a certificate will not be issued to you.

How should I plan my trip and flights?

Our team will send you suggestions and guidelines prior to the course regarding how to plan your arrival and departure from the course venue. With regard to TTCs held in India, we suggest arriving to the country at least two days before the TTC begins and planning your departing flights also earliest two days after the course ends.

What should I bring with me to this course?

There are indeed some items we recommend bringing with you and the exact list will be sent to all participants a couple of weeks prior to the beginning of the retreat. One of the needed items is a Yoga mat that can be used outdoors.

What kind of clothing should I bring with me?

We recommend you bring only very comfortable clothing made of natural materials. Your clothing should allow you a full range of movement during Yoga practice and when sitting in any meditation position. Clothing suggestions depend on the local climate, so please reference that online to understand what you will consider most appropriate for your own needs. For courses and retreats in Rishikesh, as it is a holy and very religious city, modest and non-revealing clothing is required, especially for women – for example, long pants, long skirts or dresses, covered shoulders, and no deep cleavage. More details will be sent in an email to all participants before the retreat.

Final Exam & Certification

In order to receive the Meditation Teacher’s Certificate a participant must successfully pass both the theoretical and practical elements of the exam and be present in 95% of the teaching sessions.

The theoretical element includes multiple-choice questions. The practical element includes a general cumulative assessment of all practicums led by the participant during the MTTC plus additional practical assignments given by the lead teachers. A student’s final exam grade must meet or exceed 80 percent in order to receive the certification.

Please note that participation alone DOES NOT guarantee certification. You will need to acquire and display all the necessary skills to be eligible for a certificate. Final decision will be done by the MTTC head teacher Somananda. Not passing your practicums and/or theoretical exam at the required level means that you can apply for a certificate at a later time, after more personal practice and preparation. Please be aware of this before you make your payment. 


For the purpose of creating a balanced and harmonious group, this course can be joined by application only. Once you have completed your deposit payment online you will receive a link to a short application form by email. Upon completing the form your application will be processed and a reply including news of your approval will be given within five working days. If an applicant is not approved to join the MTTC, the deposit payment will be immediately refunded in full.

Language Requirements

Our MTTC is conducted in the English language. During practicums students will need to give lectures and conduct practical sessions in English. Please be sure that your language proficiency is at the necessary level before you apply for the course.

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