Satsangs and Events

Satsangs and Events

A satsang is a spiritually focused gathering at which an enlightened or spiritually aware teacher either gives a talk on a particular subject followed by questions and answers, or holds a longer session of Q&A. Satsang – which means “the sharing of truth” or even “being with truth” in Sanskrit – may also refer more simply to a spiritual discourse.

Satsangs provide us with an opportunity to keep ourselves engaged in divine, centered thoughts and actions. Satsangs can generate powerful and purifying thought vibrations which uplift those who participate and sanctify the place where they are organized.

On a deeper level, satsangs keep us associated with the inner quality truthfulness and purity. You can expect to feel inspired and to understand something from a new perspective.

The art Of Dying, Tantra, Scotland

Support for one’s spiritual life

Satsangs tend to bring together a spiritual community of people – or a sangha as it is known in Buddhist terminology – which is a great support for one’s spiritual life and aspiration. In addition, and even more importantly, they give participants the opportunity to receive guidance from a master, which helps them to become liberated from ignorance, to expand into devotion, and to sustain a pure lifestyle of spiritual focus.

From time to time our teachers give satsangs or other events in different countries and cities and anyone is welcome to join these spiritual evenings and to be inspired.

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