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Tantra Yoga: The Yoga of Energy

Arouse the reservoir of your inner power!


16 – 17 November 2019
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

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Tantra Yoga is the most powerful form of authentic, energy-based yoga on the planet, and yet, rarely accessible to most. In this introductory course you will be deeply immersed in the mastery and mystery that Tantra Yoga affords you.

Far surpassing the mere instruction of physical postures of modern yoga, Tantra Yoga will arouse a deep reservoir of energetic potential that lies inside you.

Through specific techniques and by cultivating a unique state of mind in this course you will be introduced to and familiarized with your own innate energetic structure and learn how to tap into an often times forsaken and forgotten force. This is the most practical and functional form of yoga you will ever be introduced to!

You will learn and practice the following

Theoretical Teachings

  • Authentic Tantra defined
  • What is Tantra Yoga
  • The spiritual meaning and purpose behind asanas
  • Tantra Yoga as a path for evolution
  • The 7 Chakras
  • What is meditation, really
  • The 8 stages of yoga according to Patanjali
  • Uddiyana Bandha – a powerful technique for sublimation
  • Final relaxation as a vital component of Tantra Yoga

Awaken to a whole new dimension of spirituality and a revolutionary and deeper understanding of the true meaning and purpose of yoga – the way the great spiritual masters intended it millennia ago.

This course is taught by our head teacher Somananda and assisted by Tiffany Tanner. The teaching language is English.

Practical experiences

  • Two guided Tantra Yoga sessions per day
  • Initiation into 2 meditation techniques from the tantric tradition
  • Learning 6 warming up exercises as energetic preparation for the asana practice
  • Introduction and practice of 10 asanas and 1 bandha from the Tantra Yoga tradition
  • A galvanizing and dynamic activation of manipura chakra (the navel chakra) in a powerful group exercise
  • A group ritual for arousing and activating anahata chakra, the heart chakra

Note: This workshop is a basic introduction to our comprehensive Tantra Yoga levels and program. It does not replace the necessary Tantra Yoga Level 1 retreat, nor does it give you the authority to teach Tantra Yoga upon completion, regardless of previous experience or teaching certifications.


Whom is this course for?

This course is meant to blow your mind – to show you what you have been missing and what amazing power you can attain. It serves as a compelling introduction to our comprehensive Tantra Yoga teachings and path of evolution.

The course fits you regardless of your age, physical ability, or previous experience with yoga. Both the beginner and advanced practitioner will benefit greatly.

If you are brand new to yoga you will be able to follow the teachings and yoga practice easily, while those individuals who already have a yoga practice will find ample opportunities and possibilities to deepen their understanding and expand their spiritual repertoire.

How will I benefit from this course?

This weekend intensive will bring a new dimension to your understanding of authentic yoga, spirituality and evolution. You will benefit greatly from the unique and special energy initiations and from the conveyance of knowledge. You will enjoy greatly the practice of energy based meditative Yoga.

Will this course count towards my CEU credits?

Somananda Tantra School is not a registered affiliate of any organizations or institutions for yoga continuing education credits. However, in some cases past students have applied for credit independently by providing a copy of the curriculum and were able to receive CEU credits.

How is this course different from the Tantra Yoga Level 1 retreat?

Oh, in many ways! This course is an introduction to our Tantra Yoga teachings and does not replace the 3-week intensive retreat, nor the Yoga TTC. It simply offers individuals who may be undecided about joining longer duration courses a chance to sample the Tantra Yoga teachings.

This course will also greatly benefit current students who wish to keep their spiritual aspiration alive and enjoy the spiritual group atmosphere and energy.

Can I teach Tantra Yoga upon completion of this course if I am already a certified yoga teacher?

No. Tantra Yoga is a unique branch of yoga that does not abide by nor follow the same decrees and formulas of modern yoga. Teaching Tantra Yoga requires a particular set of attributes and a specific persona, all of which is cultivated and learned in our Yoga Teacher Training Course. If you are not properly trained, prepared and initiated teaching this branch of yoga it can prove to be dangerous to both yourself and your students.

Course fee

Early bird fee: 245€ (approx. $270 USD), available until 1 November 2019
Regular fee: 295€ (approx. $325 USD), this fee is starting from 2 November 2019

Note: Payment can be made using a U.S. credit card. Additional fees may apply for foreign currency charges and are subject to your bank. Please note the above approximate amounts can fluctuate mildly based on daily market values and rates.

Course fee includes all teachings and activities during the course, drinks and snacks. The fee does not include lunch or accommodation.


Day 1: 9.00-19:00 with a designated lunch break
Day 2: 9.00-19:00 with a designated lunch break


Phoenix, AZ
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Phoenix, AZ United States
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