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Tantra Massage Teacher Training Course

7 April – 5 May 2019

Our Tantra Massage Teacher Training Course (TMTTC) is created to provide a unique opportunity for spiritually oriented students to become highly skilled in the transformative knowledge of Tantra Massage as conceived by Somananda, the founder and head teacher of Somananda Tantra School.

  • Receive a formal certificate and spiritual empowerment to teach Tantra Massage
  • Benefit from a comprehensive and down-to-earth understanding of energy work
  • Obtain knowledge and skills to conduct Tantra Massage courses with confidence and spiritual integrity

This intensive 28-day program will prepare you to present the relevant lectures as well as the theoretical and practical presentations needed to successfully lead Tantra Massage courses or retreats anywhere in the world.

Upon the successful completion of the exam, a Tantra Massage Teacher’s Certificate will be issued to graduates by the Somananda Tantra School.

NOTE: To join this teacher training you will have to have completed our 10-day Tantra Massage Therapist Training (TMT) with a certificate. Read more about prerequisites below.

The TMTTC is led by Somananda and Liisa Maimon and is supported by other team members. The TMTTC will be limited to 28 participants.

You will:

  • Gain essential knowledge regarding the mysterious potential of the sexual and pranic energy used in Somananda Tantra Massage
  • Learn the practical skills and mental understanding related to the principles governing energy
  • Reach a proficient level of Tantra Massage practice
  • Acquire the ability to guide your students to move energy and heal with touch
  • Understand the fundamentals of energy orgasms and how to remove blockages that impede such orgasmic states
  • Realize the essential laws of karma and energetic purity needed to teach Tantra Massage safely and successfully
  • Gain practical experience in sharing your Tantra Massage skills and training with confidence, wisdom, and maturity
  • Become an accomplished Tantra Massage teacher able to lead groups with various dynamics and to guide individuals to a deep understanding and capable level of Tantra Massage practice.

Curriculum of Study

How to perform tantra massage

Module 1: How to Perform Tantra Massage

  • Learning all aspects of how to receive and give Tantra Massage correctly
  • Basic elements of the energy system, use of sexual energy and vital energy secrets revealed
  • Samyama – the way of connecting on a higher level in Tantra Massage
  • Basics of Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Massage
  • The law of karma, karmic effects of healing, and protection from karmic influences
  • Transfiguration as a tantric tool in massage
  • The marma points system and its use in Tantra Massage
  • Genital massage theory and practice
Learning to Teach Practical Tantra Massage and Energy Massage

Module 2: How to Teach Tantra Massage

  • Understanding all elements of Tantra Massage: physical, energetic, and spiritual
  • Learning to teach the practical part of Tantra Massage – a step-by-step guide in leading students to achieve skills and energetic power in Tantra Massage
  • Learning to teach energy work on all levels
  • Challenges you will encounter as a Tantra Massage teacher and how to overcome them
  • The different tantric orgasms, their healing effects, and how to teach others to achieve them
  • Skills for mastering energy

Module 3: Becoming a Teacher

  • Learning to give selected lectures to students on various Tantra Massage topics
  • Learning how to identify different kinds of impurities, blockages, and aura deficiencies, plus understanding how to help students overcome them
  • Understanding the principles behind creating an energy flow to bring about an orgasmic healing effect and how to teach this skill
  • How to teach spirituality and share spiritual knowledge and energy
  • How to hold the space for a group and teach groups with various dynamics and sizes

Becoming a Tantra Massage teacher gives you the tools to truly change people’s lives and have a spiritual impact on the world. In our modern environment, where most people struggle with health problems, sexual blockages, and psychosomatic problems and limitations, a Tantra Massage teacher can bring light, healing, and love into people’s lives.

Join us to transform your life’s purpose and destiny!

Course Venues

The first week of the TMTTC (7-13 April 2019) will be held in a countryside location, one hour drive from Tallinn, at Adila Retreat Centre. It is a quiet and serene location in the middle of calm and beautiful nature. We have a newly built large practice hall at our disposal, spacious lakeside sauna and various wooden houses for accommodation.

You will be placed in shared occupancy with 2 to 3 people per room. Higher quality rooms will be allocated to the first subscribers. Couples will have their own private room. All rooms have shared bathrooms (no en suite).

In Tallinn, during the last three weeks of the program, our group will enjoy the facilities of the Tao Center right in the heart of the city. We will have two practice halls at our disposal, as well as a reception area, changing rooms, showers, and a sauna. This is a modern venue created in a harmonious balance of yin and yang.

Course Fee

Early-early bird fee: €3270, available if full payment is completed by 7 February 2019
Early bird fee: €3470, available if full payment is completed by 7 March 2019
Regular fee: €3670, in effect from 8 March 2019 onwards or until the course is full

See more about course fees and payment below!

Course Prerequisites

Our Tantra Massage TTC is a more advanced level course and requires that the applicants have gained specific fundamental knowledge and experience prior to enrolling for this teacher training.

To apply for the Tantra Massage TTC you will need to:

  • Have completed our 10-day Tantra Massage Therapist Training (TMT) with a certificate.
  • Have very good spoken English language to give 30-minute lectures and guide practicums with ease. Please be sure that your language proficiency is at the necessary level before you apply for the course.
  • Confirm online that you accept the Tantra Massage Teacher Code of Conduct and that you are willing to sign this document also physically upon arrival to the course (you will not be accepted to join the course without these steps).
  • Have a mandatory video interview with our head teacher Somananda.

Additionally, it is strongly recommended that you have also completed our Tantra Yoga Level 1 course or our 260-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course. However, this is not a requirement for applying to the Tantra Massage TTC.

After the above steps are completed, you will be notified of your acceptance or non-acceptance to the TMTTC. In case of non-acceptance all payments submitted by you will be fully refunded.

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Course Schedule

The TMTTC involves a total of 200 hours of intense theoretical studies and practical training. The course is conducted over a period of four weeks, and culminates with a theoretical and practical exam.

Module 1 at a residential venue (7-13 April 2019)

Module 1 of the TMTTC is conducted as a retreat at a countryside residential venue, and includes accommodation and meals (see venue info below). Such arrangements will allow participants to get to know each other better and to develop a harmonious and intimate group atmosphere.

Sunday (7 April 2019): Bus departure from Tallinn at 16.00. Arrival to the venue between 17.00-18.00, welcome dinner and introduction at 19.00. Chartered group transportation from Tallinn to the venue of the first week will be provided. Please be ready to leave Tallinn at 14:00. Further details will be provided closer to our departure.

Monday to Friday (8-12 April 2019): Teachings and practice of Tantra Massage for approximately eight hours daily with additional satsangs after dinner. Our regular teaching day starts at 8:00 and runs until 20:00 with several breaks. In terms of rhythm, more intense sessions will follow more relaxed sessions, such that participants do not need to sustain their energy maximally and have intervals to revitalize.

  • 08:00 Morning Yoga
  • 09:00 Breakfast
  • 10:00 Teaching and practice session
  • 14:00 Lunch and break
  • 16:30 Teaching and practice session
  • 20:00 Dinner
  • 21:00 Satsang and/or sauna

Saturday (13 April 2019): Day of departure back to Tallinn. Group transportation will be provided. Exact details will be provided to TTC participants.

Sunday (14 April 2019): Day off

Modules 2 and 3 in Tallinn (15 April – 5 May 2019)

These modules are conducted as a non-residential instructional program in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. For this period of time participants will need to book their own accommodation (starting from 14 April); our team will send recommendations to participants.

The teaching venue in Tallinn is located downtown (see venue info below). Weeks 3 to 4 include practicum training sessions, during which all participants will give lectures and lead practical sessions for their peers and TTC teachers, to be followed by feedback and comments on their performance.

Monday to Saturday (15 April – 4 May 2019): Teachings and practice of the TTC curriculum for approximately eight hours daily.

  • 09:30 Morning session and/or practicums
  • 13:30 Lunch
  • 15:00 Evening session and/or practicums
  • 19:00 Conclusion of the day

Sundays are days off.

The course exam is planned to take place on Saturday, 4 May. That same evening we will also hold our final group event, with details to be given later.

Sunday, the final day (5 May 2019): We will begin at 9.30 with final remarks, our graduation ceremony, and a course-ending celebration. Our last day will conclude by 15:00. Please do not plan your departure (i.e. flights) earlier than 17:00 on this day.

Final Exam & Certification

In order to receive the Somananda Tantra Massage Teacher’s Certificate a participant must successfully pass both the theoretical and practical elements of the exam and be present in 95% of the teaching sessions.

The theoretical element includes multiple-choice questions. The practical element includes a general cumulative assessment of all practicums led by the participant during the TMTTC plus additional practical assignments given by the lead teachers. A student’s final exam grade must meet or exceed 80 percent in order to receive the certification.

Please note that participation in this TTC alone DOES NOT guarantee certification. You will need to acquire and display all the necessary skills to be eligible for a certificate. Final decision will be done by the TMTTC head teacher Somananda. Not passing your practicums and/or theoretical exam at the required level means that you can apply for a certificate at a later time, after more personal practice and preparation has been achieved. Please be aware of this before you make your payment. 

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For whom is the Tantra Massage Teacher Training Course intended?

The TMTTC aims to reach open-minded individuals who would like to embark on a tantric journey with an authentic spiritual focus. If you feel a genuine wish to learn about the mystical properties of energy as taught by Tantra and their use and benefits for personal and spiritual evolution and you have a respectful, humble attitude toward passing this knowledge on to others, you are a good candidate for becoming a Somananda Tantra Massage teacher.

What courses will I be certified to teach upon completion of the TMTTC?

This intensive 28-day program will prepare you to present relevant lectures as well as the theoretical and practical presentations needed to successfully lead upto five-day Tantra Massage courses and retreats.

The TMTTC does not give any license to teach our 10-day Tantra Massage Therapist Trainings (TMT) nor the TMTTC itself.

What is the difference between the TMTTC and TMT courses?

The TMTTC is a 28-day course that prepares the participant to teach Somananda Tantra Massage to others either in group courses or individual format. This training is geared toward acquiring the practical skills and credentials necessary to teach Tantra Massage. The TMTTC does not give any license to teach our 10-day Tantra Massage Therapist Trainings (TMT) nor the TMTTC itself.

The 10-day TMT (Tantra Massage Therapist Training) provides the needed training to offer Tantra Massage sessions personally or professionally for your partner, friends, or clients. The TMT does not license you to teach Tantra Massage on any occasion, either in group courses or individually.

Will I learn how to give full-body energy orgasms in this TMTTC?

Tantric science is all about energy and in the Tantra Massage teachings we will focus a lot on learning to master energy in a way that brings about whole-body blissful and orgasmic experiences. We will also focus on this knowledge in the TMTTC.

However, although our Tantra Massage courses provide valuable life-changing experiences and teachings in tantric energy and spiritual knowledge, it is important to clarify that we cannot guarantee feeling energy, having energy-based experiences, or experiencing orgasms during the TTC’s duration.

These experiences depend on individual levels of purity, whether or not blockages exist, and karma, among other things – and therefore cannot be guaranteed. In some cases more time and individual practice may be needed. Please consider this before applying for the TMTTC.

Do I need to join as part of a couple?

Both singles and couples can join this course, but all participants will be practicing (i.e. giving and receiving massages) with many partners throughout the course duration. We strive for gender balance in the course numbers.

Will I learn both yoni and lingam massage and if so, how?

In this training the practical exercises will be conducted mainly with men and women in pairs. Women will have the opportunity to receive yoni massage and to practice giving lingam massage to men and additionally to practice giving yoni massage to women.

Men will have the opportunity to receive lingam massage from women and to practice giving yoni massage to women. Additionally men will practice guiding lingam massage without physical touch.

Does this course involve nudity?

This course includes nudity and personal intimate touch with various partners of the opposite sex, so it is essential that those wishing to join be ready to open up and approach this subject with maturity and an open mind. Please realistically evaluate yourself before applying to join, and by your application agree that you assure us you are fully prepared to join. A respectful atmosphere is kept at all times.

Will I receive a certificate upon completion of the TMTTC?

Upon your successful completion of the course and final exam, a Tantra Massage Teacher’s Certificate will be issued to you by the Somananda Tantra School.

What happens if I do not pass the final exam?

In the unlikely event that you do not pass the exam, you may take it again at a later date. Until that time, a certificate will not be issued to you.

Important Note

All of our Tantra Massage courses provide valuable life-changing experiences and teachings about tantric energy and spiritual knowledge. Although many participants experience energy-based orgasmic sensations during the course, it is important to clarify that our massage courses cannot guarantee feeling energy, having energy-based experiences, or experiencing orgasms of any kind during the course period itself.

These experiences depend on individual levels of purity, whether or not blockages exist, and karma, among other things – and therefore cannot be guaranteed. In some cases more time and individual practice are needed. Please keep this in mind before you register for any of our Tantra Massage courses.

More on Course Fees

Early-early bird fee: €3270, available if full payment is completed by 7 February 2019
Early bird fee: €3470, available if full payment is completed by 7 March 2019
Regular fee: €3670, in effect from 8 March 2019 onwards or until the course is full

The fee includes: All course teachings and supplies (except personal supplies which each participant must provide individually), course materials, snacks and drinks, accommodation and meals for the first week of the course at a countryside venue, and transportation from Tallinn to the countryside venue and back.

The course fee does not include: Flights and other transportation to Tallinn, the cost of personal supplies for each participant (e.g., Yoga mat and other items – a list will be sent prior to the course start date), and accommodation and meals during the last three weeks of the course in Tallinn (from 13 April to 5 May 2019).

To apply for the course a deposit of minimum €650 (Payment 1) is required in order for your application to be reviewed, this amount is included in the prices listed above. After you receive confirmation of your acceptance to the course, you can make the remaining tuition payment (Payment 2).

If you choose to cancel your participation after applying, the deposit payment is non-refundable.

Please read and affirm that you fully understand our Terms of Service and Liability Waiver and Course Participation Agreement before making your payments as other payment and cancellation policies may apply.


For the purpose of creating a balanced and harmonious group, this course can be joined by application only. Once you have completed your deposit payment online you will receive a link to a short application form by email. Upon completing the form your application will be processed and an answer will be given within five working days. If an applicant is not approved to join the TMTTC, the full deposit payment will be refunded.

This course includes nudity and intimate personal touch. It is essential that those wishing to join are ready to open up and approach this subject with maturity, sincerity, and respect. Please realistically evaluate yourself before applying. There is no explicit sexuality in this training and no explicit sexual activity is part of the curriculum. The course does require that every participant is open to practicing massage with all participants of the opposite gender. Again, please evaluate your readiness for this.



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