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Metaphysics Workshop

Most meaningful questions are answered here


13 – 16 August 2020
Tallinn, Estonia

Have you wondered whether there is a special meaning to your existence? And if so, where would you find the knowledge and the methods to answer the following questions:

  • Who am I?
  • Where am I coming from?
  • What will become of me after I die?
  • Why should I do spiritual practice?

The Metaphysics workshop is created to bring logical and serious answers to all such fundamental questions. Metaphysics is the physics of the Beyond – it is a study of the foundational pillars of the whole existence.

In this course we will dive into the centuries old knowledge stemming from the great spiritual masters and saints, Tibetan Buddhism, Indian Tantric Yoga, Gnostic Christianity and other traditions with the purpose of having real answers.

Metaphysics is a spiritual eye-opener that is meant to cultivate aspiration and give a meaning to and ground for true spiritual practice.


Topics covered:

  • What are the fundamental existential questions
  • Esoteric vs exoteric traditions and their impact
  • Various paths for reaching the supreme
  • The Law of Karma – a much deeper insight
  • The process of evolution of the soul
  • Parallel realities and the astral world
  • The science of the yugas
  • What is Shambala and how to meditate with it
  • Different states of Samadhi (super-consciousness)
  • Excerpts from traditional texts

Note, that in this course teachings are shared predominantly in lecture format followed by Q&A sessions. Occasionally you will also be practicing music meditation, void meditation from Tibetan Buddhism, Kriya Yoga meditation of Yogananda and Hatha Yoga.


Teacher and Language

This course is led by our senior teacher Dharmananda. The course language is English.


I have participated in many STS courses. Is there anything new for me in this course?

Yes, absolutely there is. The ratio of new curriculum content for a seasoned STS student is about 70-80%.

In this workshop we will present for the first time information, which is essential and crucial for understanding better an individual’s process of evolution and the different levels of spiritual enlightenment.

We will also present an elaborate analysis of different spiritual traditions, talk about the physical, astral and causal worlds and teach techniques, which you can utilize to boost your spiritual evolution and states of ecstasy and bliss.

I do not have much experience with spirituality. What can I expect from this course?

This course gives foundational teachings and defines what spirituality actually is, therefore it serves as an excellent starting point.

You will learn how to gain better control over your mind in order to have emotional stability, and to achieve inner peace, happiness and liberation.

In this course we give detailed description of all the different spiritual paths and roads to self-realization available throughout history till this day. Such knowledge will prepare you to take the right decision according to your temperament and preference.

Should I bring anything with me to this course?

Pen and paper for taking notes, for sure. A detailed email on what to bring with you and how to prepare for the course will be sent to all participants 1-2 weeks before the course begins.


Course fee

Early-Early bird fee: 420€, available until 13 June 2020
Early bird fee: 470€, available until 13 July 2020
Regular fee: 520€, starting from 14 July 2020

Course fee includes: All course teachings, snacks and drinks during the day, usage of yoga mats, pillows and blankets throughout the course.

Course fee does not include: Flights and transport to Tallinn, accommodation or meals during the day.

Course Schedule

This course is offered over duration of 4 days and the schedule is same on all days.

09:30 Session I – Introduction and/or Yoga practice
11:00 Session II – First teaching and Q&A
13:30 Lunch Break
15:00 Session III
17:00 Session IV
19:00 Conclusion of the day


TAO Center
Rotermanni 2
Tallinn, 10111 Estonia
+ Google Map
[email protected]


Unlimited available
Early-Early-Bird Ticket (Metaphysics Workshop 13-16 August 2020, Tallinn, Estonia)420.00Available if full payment is made by 13 June 2020 (later €470).
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