Who Is a Teacher?

Who Is a Teacher?

Our modern era has brought change into almost all areas of our daily lives. Even the word “teacher” has not escaped distortion in today’s world. In fact, it sometimes seems that the meaning of this particular word has become corrupted.

Diluted meaning due to self-titling and loss of spiritual validity

Nowadays anyone can declare himself or herself a master or expert in a particular field of knowledge, yet qualifications may be conspicuously absent and potential students may not even ask: “Who made you a teacher?” Commonly, many people assume that a certificate, license, or degree of sorts makes a person a teacher. This couldn’t be further from the truth, especially with regard to authentic spirituality. yoga TTC

In ancient Indian traditions a spiritual teacher was termed a guru and, indeed, it held a special significance. A guru was respected for his or her spiritual abilities, deep practical knowledge of the spiritual teachings, as well as his or her virtues, truthfulness and the ability to position him- or herself above the ego and the desires. For a disciple the guru was the ultimate guide to God. A true guru practiced renunciation in word and deed and remained wise and detached throughout life. Without gurus, sacred esoteric knowledge as well as ancient traditions would be lost forever. Gurus were revered by their disciples and students, who were instructed to treat them with the utmost in respect, loyalty, and love – an attitude very rare in today’s individualistic, “I-know-it-all” culture.

Granted, times have changed drastically over the centuries. But the essence of a true and authentic teacher has not. To become a teacher is to learn to become a higher spiritual being yourself, first and foremost. Subsequently, theory is known by its mastery in practice. Once this has been achieved, the teacher then learns how to bring others to an upgraded resonance through knowledge and spiritual practice.

The responsibility of teaching

It’s very easy to teach people how to technically pass on information to others and, therefore, to call themselves teachers, but it does not make it so, according to tradition – it does not make one a guru. The one passing on information, no matter how passionately, is still just a presenter. Teaching is something else. It is a responsibility and great privilege which should be approached with deep humbleness. tantra TTC

Any teacher, regardless of what he or she teaches – whether it be massage, how to build a birdhouse, or algebra – has the capacity to transform human beings. Some might say, “Oh I just teach – what’s the big deal?” This is actually one sign of an unfit attitude. If teachers would approach their teaching with an attitude of responsibility and high regard for their role, it would have a huge impact on the world and humanity at large.

To teach spirituality means to be almost like a saint. It means you are able to graft and modify people’s structures energetically, emotionally, and spiritually. Teachers are responsible for destinies. As an act, teaching is enormously important, so it is misguided to consider it minor. If teachers are serious and committed, trained properly, and have the right frame of mind, they are sure to change lives. This is exactly why a great sense of responsibility is needed and why so many self-proclaimed “teachers” today do not meet the qualifications.

Renowned Tantra Massage teaching

Our attitude of responsibility and authentic approach distinguish our Teacher Training Courses from any other course offered worldwide. We are creating teachers in the truest sense of the word. Yes, from a practical standpoint you will learn how to lead retreats of varying lengths and deliver spiritual knowledge in a organized and influential way. But this is not the main thing; it is much more than that! This course is designed to transform individuals into authentic teachers. You will develop internally, emotionally, spiritually, and in terms of character as well. You will be able to project something magical. The purpose of these courses includes bringing participants closer to the Divine and guiding them to become a channel for the highest-level transmission of these life-changing teachings.


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Somananda is the founder and head teacher of Somananda Tantra School - a spiritual school of Meditation, Yoga and Tantra. He has been practicing and teaching these ancient treasures across the globe for two decades.
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