Chakra Meditation – A Profound Duo

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Chakra Meditation – A Profound Duo

The terms “Chakra” and “Meditation” are two words that bear deep and profound esoteric knowledge and yet that profundity is very rarely conveyed in modern times. Common misconceptions of each can lead a motivated spiritual seeker down a superficial path towards superficial evolution. Together – when understanding the authentic laws and rules that govern them – chakra and meditation can be an extremely potent and powerful duo to an individual if employed properly. Let’s begin by understanding some key factors that characterize the true natures of Chakra and Meditation.


3 Myths and Truths About the Chakras

Chakras carry with them many modern falsities. Do not fall prey to the following misconceptions.

Myth #1: Our chakras are located within our body and spin clockwise or counterclockwise.

Truth: These 7 main energy centers lie 2-3 centimeters outside of our physical body inside our energetic body and although they are organized in a particular way according to the general chakra meditationTantric tradition, they do not in fact spin.

Myth #2: Our chakras are organized according to the spectrum of a rainbow and if one concentrates on a specific color the corresponding Chakra can be activated.

Truth: The modern chakra color scheme is unfounded in ancient Indian and Tibetan texts and traditions. There are certain colors that are associated with the chakras, however, they are not rainbow colors.

Myth #3: Our higher chakras (i.e. Heart chakra, Throat chakra, The Third Eye and Crown chakra) are easily activated and accessible at will.

Truth: For an average modern person, the so called higher chakras are actually very blocked according to the yogic knowledge. Brief meditations and other practices may give a short and temporary opening to those levels of consciousness, but a true and solid access requires normally many years of dedicated and diligent practice. Ancient and verifiable techniques must be employed in order to harmoniously activate the higher chakras. The approach is very systematic as defined by Tantra Yoga.


Meditation in Brief

Meditation is first and foremost the controlled expansion of your mind. It involves concentration of the mind using specific techniques from the yogic tradition. To reach a meditation state alone takes sometimes many months or even years of practice. To reach a deep state of meditation takes even more practice. Listening to calm and soothing music and feeling relaxed has little to do with true mediation. In order to truly understand and benefit from meditation, one should learn it properly. Meditation and progress in your meditation are not vague. Success in your meditation practice can be measured and understood if you know what to look for.


Chakra Meditationchakra meditation

Meditating on a chakra is a very powerful and deep-going practice in the yogic path, especially in Tantra Yoga. The chakras are like direct links or doorways to various energies in our environment. Meditation, combined with proper mental concentration, is a method to access those energies and to benefit from them spiritually. Therefore, chakra meditation is a potent tool for extraordinary advancement in the spiritual realm. It can give you fruits you did not even dare to imagine possible…


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Liisa Maimon
Liisa Maimon
Liisa is an experienced Tantra and Yoga teacher of Somananda Tantra School. She is inspired by the life changing power of these spiritual teachings and passes them on with great enthusiasm and love.
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